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[Tiny Farm] The Tiny Egg Quest

Hopefully, you weren’t as rash as me and checked Alfredo’s farm almost immediately after the quest became available. 😛  I was there before Com2uS had the tiny eggs and ended up combing the place for the thing and mistakenly groomed something in the process. 9___9 So now, I have to wait until tomorrow evening to try again.

Anyway, you’re looking for the small, cream-coloured egg with pink heart-shaped polka-dots. (You should also notice that there’s a Talking Striped Bear added in now. :3)

Tiny Eggs!
Those Tiny Eggs. I think the gold and silver ones are for the subsequent quests?

I’ll update this post as needed later.

Update on Feb 21: Second quest is “Give love to Silver Tiny Egg in Alfredo’s farm once.”

Update on Feb 22: Third quest is “Give love to Golden Tiny Egg in Alfredo’s farm once.”

Oh my. When the Tiny Egg I got from the second quest hatched, I got a Silver Tiny Egg! Does that mean a Golden Tiny Egg will come from a Silver one? It’s an Eggception; an egg within an egg within another egg! X__x

Update on Feb 23: Fourth quest is “Find a friend who has a Jewelry Tiny Egg and give love to your friend’s Jewelry Tiny Egg once.” …… I have no idea what it looks like because Alfredo supposedly doesn’t have one either. :/ Oh, and yes, the Tiny Egg does hatch a Silver Tiny Egg which then can hatch a Golden one. ^^

Update on the Feb 24th~!:

Ungroomed/Unloved Jewelry Tiny Eggs sure are hard to find! I spotted one but it was already taken. Here’s what it looks like though! Apparently, you can get one from a Golden Tiny Egg.

Tiny Farm - The Jewelry Tiny Egg
Shouldn’t it be “Tiny Jewel Egg”?

This quest is the last one, BTW. I recommend checking the Tiny Farm Hub wall for users that have the egg. I got lucky with xiu15. Unfortunately, the Tiny Egg I got as a reward got me a sea turtle right away. >_>