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ACNL – Open House & Bitching about Snow People and Pavé (Spoilers?)

Guh. Haven’t posted in forever.  Let’s start off with this then!

The official ACNL Twitter account has this open house thing going where you share screenshots of your home. Since it’s difficult to take a picture of any room in its entirety, I offer an alternative by giving y’all my dream addresses. Of course, only those with the Dream Suite can visit. ^^;

Anyway, here they are:

4900-2297-8993 for my main town

5700-2854-9141 for my town that’s stuck in the past

I put this a quote since it was originally posted on my Tumblr. Both towns have been updated today so come visit them! 😀

I have most of my dream townsanimals now between the two games along with some sweeties that I don’t want to move out like Felicity and Savannah from my main one. Eventually, I’ll have Marina, Agent S, and Graham migrate over to it though but that means I’ll have to give up some of the ones that have grown on me. 😦 Of course, I can always move them to the second town too. However, that one is eternally underdeveloped so I’d feel kind of bad. XD

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