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DecalGirl iPad mini with Retina skin: Ocean Rain

I received the skin yesterday and I must say that I really love the matte finish. I think I prefer it much more than the glossy look. (I have two devices with glossy skins from GelaSkins.)

Below is a gallery of photos where I show off my mini post-skinned. You’ll notice I ran into some hiccups here and there involving the right side (or left when viewed from the back of the device) where the holes in the skin just wouldn’t go over the buttons properly. There’s also that mysterious hole toward the bottom of the mini. The fold was so terrible at that spot that I ended up cutting it which is why you’ll see a gap below it. :\

Disclaimer: DecalGirl is in no way responsible for how the skin turned out for me so don’t hold them responsible for some of the less than desirable outcomes that are seen in the photos.

In a way, I wish I left the front piece off since I’m not terribly crazy about seeing the pattern there but I’m not going to take it off. ^^ I spent several minutes trying to get to sit right; I must have reapplied it around 3 times. I’m surprised how resilient it is to air bubbles and dust! This is quality adhesive, I tell you!

Overall, I’m pleased with the design I picked. But I have to say that in terms of patterns that appeal to me, I prefer the selection from GelaSkins over DecalGirl. The reason I went with the latter was due to the 25% New Years discount. XD Actually, as of this writing, they have a Valentine’s Day sale going on that ends February 7th. Check it out!

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Favourite iOS themes (for jailbroken device only)

Upgraded my iPod touch to 5.0.1 and did the untethered jailbreak.

Took a few tries but I FINALLY got it to be stable. (I had the whole task switcher issue where double clicking on the Home Button would cause the touch to respring into safe mode. I think it was rectified when I did the jailbreak in redsn0w 0.9.10b3. Either that or some miracle happened.)

Anyway, I’ve been looking at themes last night and came across a few that I really love. Unfortunately, some of them are not optimized for iOS 5. I hope that’ll change soon though because I would love to use them at some point!

Back when I was on 4.3.5 JB, I only used Limbo HD (

Right now, I have Ho][ow HD ( and I absolutely adore it. *__*  Here’s how I have it set up. 😀

Hollow HD

Listed in no particular order, here are some other beautiful themes to consider~!  (Not all are compatible with iOS 5 though. .__.)