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SCARESOUL – Special Rewards List (Incomplete) + Other Info & Tips

UPDATE on March 1st~!

Hrrrrngh. Stupid Shade.  Why did they have to go and change things around? Chaos Conductor β is now needed for level 3 and up and level 5 now needs Chaos Conductor γ. Wow. Talk about being a greedy dev. (Chaos Conductor γ is an in-app purchase only … unless they made it into a Special Reward as well?) Not sure they switched up the daily rewards but there IS a Chaos Conductor γ within the last 15 days of login bonuses. Sigh.

Anyway, I changed Rare and Uncommon to Rare and Super Rare as they’re now called as of update version 1.0.3.


I mainly did this for myself since I was going nuts looking for more Chaos Conductor α so I can refine the stacks of weapons I had. I started grinding on the first stage once I realized its Uncommon reward was the refinement material. Then I started making notes of the other stages … until I got the bright idea to just Google the information. 😛

I was too lazy to search English sites so I went to instead. I’m unsure of the accuracy of this information but I think it’s mostly, if not all, correct.

In the list below, there are some missing titles for stages and untranslated weapons & items since I’ve yet to unlock them. :/ One important thing to note is that this list is incomplete and will probably never be completed since there are certain weapons I don’t care about. Also, I don’t love the game enough to devote tons of time to thoroughly check every stage.

But since I’m playing certain ones over and over to try and get their weapons whenever the Special Reward notice pops up, I’ll be marking down all the rewards I get on those in addition to whatever the Japanese player had marked on his(?) tables.

And yes, I realize the daily areas have specials as well but you can check the link above for the list. :3

You know, after playing many stages multiple times, I’m almost convinced they all give Chaos Conductor α, and/or Chaos Conductor β. Blooming Star IV seems to show up a lot too.

Scared Town – EvilBane Appears

Stage 1. Path to Salvation

Super Rare N/A
Rare Chaos Conductor α

Stage 2. A Sword Has No Compassion

Super Rare N/A
Rare Blooming Star II

Stage 3. In the Belly of Midnight

Super Rare Black Stake +
Rare Black Stake, Blooming Star

Stage 4. The Shrieks of Impalement

Super Rare Shrieker +
Rare Shrieker, Chaos Conductor α

Stage 5. Towards Purification

Super Rare Nightmare +, Chaos Conductor β
Rare Nightmare

Misty Forest – Uncontroled Brute

Stage 1. Silent Breathing

Super Rare Chaos Conductor β
Rare Shrieker +

Stage 2. Bloody Smell

Super Rare Carbuncle +
Rare Carbuncle, Chaos Conductor α, Blooming Star III

Stage 3. Lick Their Lips

Super Rare Shrieker ++, Blooming Star IV, Chaos Conductor α, Chaos Conductor β
Rare Wild Orchestra, Chaos Conductor α

Stage 4. Don’t hesitant

Super Rare Carbuncle ++, Blooming Star IV, Chaos Conductor α, Chaos Conductor β
Rare Carbuncle +, Blooming Star IV

Stage 5. Gaze at the Throat

Super Rare Wild Orchestra +, Blooming Star IV, Chaos Conductor β
Rare Wild Orchestra, Blooming Star III

Stage 6. Predator’s Fervor

Super Rare Fury Stag +
Rare Fury Stag

Misty Forest – Call of the Deep Green

Stage 1. Trails to the Depths

Super Rare Lovely Banshee, Blooming Star IV, Chaos Conductor α
Rare Wild Orchestra, Blooming Star III

Stage 2. A Cry in the Dark

Super Rare Beast Paw, Chaos Conductor α
Rare Fury Stag, Blooming Star III

Stage 3. Revolting Stink

Super Rare Wild Orchestra, Chaos Conductor α
Rare Wild Orchestra +, Blooming Star IV, Chaos Conductor β

Stage 4. Melee

Super Rare Fury Stag ++, Chaos Conductor β
Rare Fury Stag +, Blooming Star IV

Stage 5. Melee, Continued

Super Rare Wild Orchestra ++, Chaos Conductor β
Rare Lovely Banshee, Blooming Star IV

Stage 6. Screaming Into the Green

Super Rare Fury Stag ++, Blooming Star IV
Rare Beast Paw, Chaos Conductor α, Chaos Conductor β

Barren Cemetery – Wicked Crops

Stage 1. The Stench in Sacred Hill

Super Rare Nightmare ++, Chaos Conductor β, Blooming Star IV
Rare Nightmare +, Chaos Conductor β

Stage 2. Disturbing the Tombs

Super Rare Land Chopper +, Chaos Conductor β
Rare Land Chopper

Stage 3. Unholy Cross

Super Rare Nightmare ++, Blooming Star IV
Rare Eastern Rites, Chaos Conductor α

Stage 4. Signs of Dark Contracts

Super Rare Land Chopper ++
Rare Land Chopper +, Blooming Star IV, Chaos Conductor α, Chaos Conductor β

Stage 5. Digging too Deep

Super Rare Eastern Rites +
Rare Eastern Rites

Stage 6. Requiem

Super Rare Fault Smite +
Rare Fault Smite, Blooming Star III

Barren Cemetery – Engine of Eternal Plague

Stage 1. Dirges at Twilight

Super Rare Bloody Grace, Chaos Conductor α
Rare Eastern Rites

Stage 2. Ominous Groan

Super Rare Lava Avalanche
Rare Fault Smite

Stage 3. Prisoners of the Puppetmaster

Super Rare Eastern Rites ++
Rare Eastern Rites +, Chaos Conductor α, Chaos Conductor β

Stage 4. Carrion Rush

Super Rare Fault Smite ++
Rare Fault Smite +

Stage 5. Furious Crescendo

Super Rare Eastern Rites ++
Rare Bloody Grace, Blooming Star IV, Chaos Conductor α

Stage 6. Awakening to the Cry of Cremation

Super Rare Fault Smite ++
Rare Lava Avalanche, Blooming Star IV, Chaos Conductor α, Chaos Conductor β

Moonveil Castle – Luxury Decays to Evil

Stage 1. Heroes who sought Peace

Super Rare Black Stake ++, Chaos Conductor β, Blooming Star IV
Rare Black Stake +

Stage 2. Rescued by Prayers

Super Rare Strength Up +, Splash Soul
Rare Strength Up, Hold Soul, Splash Soul, Vitality Up

Stage 3. Bound by their Swords

Super Rare Black Stake ++, Chaos Conductor α, Chaos Conductor β
Rare Death Candle, Blooming Star III

Stage 4. But Now..

Super Rare Bashing Resistance +, Cutting Resistance +
Rare Cutting Resistance, Penetration

Stage 5. The Taming of Grief

Super Rare Death Candle +, Chaos Conductor β
Rare Death Candle, Chaos Conductor α

Stage 6. Chivalry is Dead

Super Rare Soul Feast +, Treasure Hunter+, Fatal Chance
Rare Soul Feast, Treasure Hunter, Fatal Chance

Moonveil Castle – Chivalry Against the Order

Stage 1. The Duty & Ruins

Super Rare Blooming Star IV
Rare Death Candle

Stage 2. Bright as the Full Moon

Super Rare N/A
Rare Strength Up +, Vitality Up +

Stage 3. Vile Ambush

Super Rare Death Candle ++(?), Blooming Star IV, Chaos Conductor β
Rare Death Candle +, Blooming Star IV, Chaos Conductor α

Stage 4. The Deathly Army’s Caress

Super Rare Cutting Resistance ++
Rare Cutting Resistance +, Penetration

Stage 5. The Crossing Warrior’s Heart

Super Rare Death Candle ++
Rare Kris Amulet, Chaos Conductor α, Chaos Conductor β

Stage 6. Remember the Cries of Battle

Super Rare Soul Feast +, Treasure Hunter+
Rare Soul Feast +

Scared Town – Doomsnight

Stage 1. Renewed Assault

Super Rare Kris Amulet ++, Blooming Star IV, Chaos Conductor α
Rare Kris Amulet, Chaos Conductor α

Stage 2. A Faithless Ruler

Super Rare Lovely Banshee ++, Chaos Conductor α, Chaos Conductor β
Rare Lovely Banshee, Chaos Conductor α

Stage 3. What Was Once Revenge

Super Rare Bloody Grace ++, Chaos Conductor α
Rare Bloody Grace

Stage 4. From Revenge to Cleansing

Super Rare Beast Paw ++
Rare Beast Paw, Blooming Star IV, Chaos Conductor β

Stage 5. I am the Agent of Unity

Super Rare Lava Avalanche ++, Blooming Star IV, Chaos Conductor β
Rare Lava Avalanche, BloomingStar IV

Stage 6. Dawnbringer

Super Rare Hold Soul
Rare Strength Up +, Soul Feast + Treasure Hunter +, Fatal Chance


I didn’t realize until a bit later that, while some weapons share the same form, their types are different. :\ Of course, this won’t exactly help too much since there’s no real indication of what type of weapons certain enemies are weak against. All I’m going on is the strength of the weapons to take them down. ^^;  Oh yeah, I only list the base names without the + or ++ but it’s understood that the Type never changes.

Cutting Type: Black Stake, Shrieker, Nightmare, Land Chopper, Bloody Grace, Beast Paw

Bashing Type: Wild Orchestra, Eastern Rites, Carbuncle, Fury Stag, Fault Smite, Death Candle, Lovely Banshee

Astral Type: Kris Amulet, Lava Avalanche

Hierarchy of Weapons

Twin Rods: Black Stake ► Death Candle ► Kris Amulet

Shooter: Shrieker ► Wild Orchestra ► Lovely Banshee

Long Pole: Nightmare ► Eastern Rites ► Bloody Grace

Crusher: Land Chopper ► Fault Smite ► Lava Avalanche

Fists: Carbuncle ► Fury Stag ► Beast Paw

Developing Weapons

Aside from the constant grinding for Soul, weapon development and refining is the other time-consuming part of the game; you will spend a lot of time trying to raise weapon levels as well as the Smithing level. I would recommend that the Smithing level be raised as soon as possible by upgrading and refining whenever you can. The reason for this is that as your Smithing level increases, you will have access to higher grade materials. At the same time, lower grade materials will perform much more efficiently when filling up levels 1 and 2 of the weapon. For example, at Smithing Level 10, you can simply use 4 Hazy Fluorites to instantenously fill up all 5 sections of the Level 1 flame icon (or is that supposed to represent a soul?).

Ideally, you want to use the LEAST amount of materials per upgrade so that Soul can be conserved. In short, if 1 or 2 higher grade materials like a Marine Iron, Golden Jade, Blooming Star II or III can fill up the flames fast then it’s best to use them. Of course, if you only have a very limited quantity you may opt to spend more Soul to use the weaker ones instead. After all, there are various methods to obtain more Soul per stage anyway. By the way, later stages of the game hand out Golden Jade and Hardeners more frequently. You may also get Chaos Conductors too.

Speaking about Chaos Conductors, it never hurts to stock up on them since Chaos Conductor α is necessary for refining weapons through levels 1 – 2 and Chaos Conductor β is required for levels 3 and 4. Both types can be obtained as Special Rewards on the majority of stages and, as mentioned before, they may also be regular stage rewards as well. If grinding isn’t your style then you can always purchase a Chaos Conductor γ for 250 SS Gold (~$3 US) or 3 for 700 SS Gold (~$4 – 5 US). As of version 1.0.3 of the game, the Chaos Conductor γ is a necessity if you want to fully max out a 5-level weapon. I’ve yet to play through this updated version much to see if this particular Chaos Conductor can be received as a Special Reward or not but I have a feeling it won’t be.

Along with the Chaos Conductor γ, there are a variety of other materials that can be purchased through the Shop as well. Their costs range from 50 SS Gold to 2000 SS Gold. Indeed, Scaresoul is NOT a cheap game by any means. ^^;

Scaresoul - Weapon Refinement Materials
Levels 1 & 2 level require Chaos Conductor α while levels 3 & 4 levels need Chaos Conductor β. Final level can only be obtained with a Chaos Conductor γ.

Random game tips

If you’re a veteran of Devil May Cry, Dynasty Warriors, or any sort of hack-and-slash-type action games on PC or consoles then a lot of the strategies from them work here as well. The only drawback is that you have no control when it comes to directing where the character should move so he may end up doing something stupid like dodging into a group of enemies. >_>

I am by no means an expert at Scaresoul. In fact, I am quite the terrible player since I am prone to getting hit and rely heavily on levelling and upgrading weapons to get me through every stage. As a result, some of the following tips are probably no-brainers and common sense to those already familiar with the gameplay mechanics that Scaresoul ultilizes. Still, I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learned. ^^~

  • If the Battle Style  “Heaven’s Caprice” is equipped and hasn’t triggered by the end of the battle, simply keep rotating through your weapons until the game moves onto the score breakdown screen.
  • The description for the Battle Style “Audacious Romance” is missing context, but after playing some stages with it equipped, I figured it out! “In the first xx seconds” means completing the stage within a certain amount of time. This Style should only be equipped when you know you can clear out all enemies extremely quickly.
  • Although Crusher-type weapons are annoyingly slow, they can block enemy attacks if you are already in the process of swinging the weapon forward — i.e. the weapon has to be in front of the player character. These weapons also work well with large foes in that they interrupt their attacks.
  • With melee-type weapons, it’s possible that the Liche (the towering hooded creature) can miss you. The uppercut at the end of a fist combo can also interrupt its attack.
  • Pay attention to the number of hits each weapon does and use that knowledge to your advantage.
  • Learn to attack/combo cancel. It’s insanely useful for Fists weapons since they have that multi-punch + uppercut at the end of their combo. Hitting Defense right before it begins will stop your character from continuing. Of course, he’ll dodge as well but you want that in a lot of cases or else he’ll be a sitting duck after performing an uppercut. Mashing on the Def button immediately after an uppercut will always have him move out of the way too though but it’s easier to string a series of attacks by evading right before the multi-punch begins. You can move from enemy to enemy quickly this way as the first attack in the combo lets you zip around the field.
  • Relying on a single weapon is not recommended. For example, using a Fist-type weapon is highly ideal for travelling quickly to enemies that are not near your current location so don’t waste time waiting for your character to move or charging Twin Rods to jump at them.  You may also consider switching to other weapons once enemies are downed. One strategy I use is to knock down Kobolds or Lizards with a Crusher and then switch to Long Pole, Twin Rods, or Fists to quickly get in some hits. If they don’t die from those attacks, I’d switch the Crusher back in and repeat the process. (I also use it to block their attacks.)
  • Evading with Shooter weapons always has you moving backwards. Melee weapons have you move side to side.
  • When backed into a “wall”, try to time a dodge right before the enemy attacks; you’ll leap behind it. (I think this is what a Dark Steal is?) You can also try breaking free by using a Long Pole or Crusher to knock the enemy or enemies away. It is not recommended to mash on Def while pinned to a “wall” since your character may end up rolling into it instead of an open area. 9__9
  • If you have problems timing last minute dodges when fighting something like the Dullahan (it’s the headless armor guy), consider doing charge shots with a Shooter-type weapon as it will knock it back. In fact, all enemy types are susceptible to knockback with a charge attack from a Shooter-type weapon. Of course, do this only when there’s ample distance and not when the enemy is right up close. 😛
  • Charge attacks from any weapon type can usually hit or kill off more than one enemy. They also fill the Burst Gauge faster.
  • Be aware that it is possible to miss with Burst Attacks. Also note that Fists-type weapons have a melee Burst Attack so don’t pull one off if the enemy is halfway across the screen.
  • Don’t ever neglect grinding for Chaos Conductors (either α or β) because you will always need them for refining. I would recommend that you don’t upgrade weapons that don’t have 3 empty slots and save them for synthesis instead. Well, if the weapon with 0 – 2 holes is the only one you have and you want to use it then upgrade as needed. ^^
  • The Black Stake ++ has the same stats as a Death Candle. Likewise, Shrieker ++ stats = Wild Orchestra; Nightmare ++ stats = Eastern Rites; Land Chopper ++ stats = Fault Smite; Carbuncle ++ stats = Fury Stag. The main difference is their Type.
  • All final weapons can be upgraded 5 times as opposed to the usual 3 – 4. With version 1.0.3 of the game, certain ++ weapons can now be levelled up 5 times such as Fury Stag ++.
  • Final weapons are: Bloody Grace for Long Pole, Lovely Banshee for Shooter, Beast Paw for Fists, Lava Avalanche for Crusher, and Kris Amulet for Twin Rods.
  • Final weapons only seem to have base and ++ versions?