Argh! Windows 7 is unable to access a partition on a drive! But wait! Here’s a possible solution!

Here’s the scenerio: I installed VirtualBox to run Android x86 and stupidly mounted my external USB drives to the program. While one of my drives survived the dismount, the other one didn’t. When Windows tried to read the drive in question, it told me that I had to format it.

I wasn’t willing to lose 300 GBs of data so I did some Googling and came across EASEUS Partition Recovery ( which worked like a charm as it recovered all 5 partitions from the drive.

The problem now was that Windows, for some reason, couldn’t read the first partition in Windows Explorer.  It can see that it exists but just won’t list any information for it.  Instead, it kept giving me an “Access denied” error.

A reboot into XP showed me that there was nothing wrong with the data on the partition since XP could read it just fine so maybe it really had something to do with permissions?

After some more Googling, I came across this thread and decided to try what the OP tried and downloaded TakeOwn from (You’ll need to do an in-page Find/Search for it. As the programs are listed in alphabetical order, TakeOwn is toward the bottom.)  I would recommend saving the file to the root directory of your drive so you don’t need to type a bunch of folders names to access it.  (Of course, you can always copy the path from the Windows Explorer address bar and paste it into the command line for a quick directory change.)

Note that you’ll have to run the program from the command line and be logged in as the administrator.  As I have a shortcut to the command line program on my desktop, I simply did a right click over the icon and selected “Run as administrator”.  In case you need to find the command line program, it’ll be in your < whatever drive letter your Windows system is under >:\Windows\System32\ and the filename you’re looking for is cmd.exe.

Once you’re in the directory where Takeown.exe is, type takeown < drive letter of the partition you are trying to access >.

It should remove the protection from the partition and allow Windows to read it again. 😀

Please don’t ask me for troubleshooting advice if this method does not work. ^^;

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Not all apps work on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 :(

Screenshot of the Android Market from the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Screenshot of the Android Market from the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

I just bought this lovely tablet yesterday in hopes of playing some Kairosoft games on it.  Unfortunately, Pocket League Story, their newest and most recent release on the Android Marketplace is a bust on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  (Well, this is a fact with the Lite version of the game but I don’t think the full version will fare any better since, well, see next paragraph.)

I’ve yet to try their other offerings since I already have Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story on my iPod touch 4G but I’m sure that they also don’t work well as people have reported on the Kairospot forums that all Kairosoft games exhibit some sort of crash issues on some tablets.  There are games from other companies that also experience problems on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 such as Tap Tap Revenge 4, which instantly terminates upon application start, and Destinia which seems to work for a bit if you adjust the game speed to Normal.  Unfortunately, that simply delays the inevitable force close.

For what it’s worth, my tablet is not rooted and is running Honeycomb 3.1.  I even turned off the volume and wifi to see if that helps with any of the games but alas, neither helped.

So what exactly is the problem here?

I’m no programmer but I take it the issue is the application itself?  I took some screens of the crash report that I fired off to Kairosoft and Google for Pocket League Story Lite and it looks to be a Java problem. D:??

Here are the screencaps.  (I’m pretty sure I’m not disclosing any important device info or codes that will jeopardize Kairosoft, Google, or Oracle. ^^;)

Pocket League Story Lite crash feedback
Pocket League Story Lite crash feedback
Pocket League Story Lite crash feedback 2
Pocket League Story Lite crash feedback 2
Pocket League Story Lite crash feedback 3
Pocket League Story Lite crash feedback 3

I wanted to screencap some of the other logs but there were considerably longer.  Also, I can’t recall if the last 2 screencaps even contained all the lines of the log. ^^;

Here’s a tiny list of games I’ve sampled that worked for me:

  • Zenonia 2 Lite
  • Third Blade