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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – October Update Summary

Updated October 4th: Corrected information regarding the Job Card Reboot, Celestriad (the Three Stars item) and Ultimate Card.

I’m still unsure about the ability card level limit though so take it with a grain of salt. The example on the official site and the one in the stream are different. The explanation on the site isn’t that clear either.
The Square Enix Presents live stream last night revealed some new features and changes that will be added in the October 7th (Japan Time) update.

(The captions under the two images below are for anyone just looking at the page with an image and not this post. ^^)

Mobius Final Fantasy - JP October 2016 Update
Bullet points on what’s included with the October update. See corresponding post for translation.
Mobius Final Fantasy - JP October 2016 Update
Bullet points on what’s included with the October update. See corresponding post for translation.

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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – 2★ Odin Battle (All Attacker)

My initial intention was to attempt the battle using an Attacker with lowered stats* since I wanted to see how a job with just 4 skill panel pages would fare against the boss. I have since discovered that this wasn’t possible as the game automatically restores the stats to maximum once you exit the deck menu. >_<

While I do have jobs that don’t have all 8 skill panel pages completed, they’re also ones that don’t have strong single target Earth cards. =__= This is what happens when you focus on developing ones that destroy regular mobs instead of bosses.

At any rate, this should give global players an idea of the amount of HP the boss has. ^^; The two Earth cards used will most likely not be available any time soon unless Square Enix decides to hold the FFXIII event earlier.

*Every job has a corresponding Medal that can be purchased from the Item Shop. The item allows a job to keep its maximum stats when the player selects any of its previous evolutions.

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Mobius Final Fantasy Global – Upcoming October Updates (Updated Oct 1)

Updated October 1st for adding a link to the official Facebook page with the October calendar info.

Updated September 22nd for correction on Mobius Day info and adding of the dates for Shiva and Odin’s addition in multiplayer.

Square Enix has posted the October calendar for global now:

Original post:

A Chinese-Japanese Square Enix Presents live stream happened earlier today detailing all the additions coming in next month’s update. It’s a big one this time!


  1. Chapter 3 Part 1
  2. New jobs: Dragoon/Dragon Knight, Dancer, and Scholar
  3. Shiva and Odin will be added to multiplayer. Shiva will appear starting October 6 and Odin will show up on October 13. As usual, these will be at 19:00 UTC-8.
  4. Mobius Day
  5. New legendary limited cards (Pictlogica FF cards)
  6. 2nd Exploration Region
  7. Infinite Arena
  8. New battle tower event.

Now, about the Mobius Day~!

On the Japanese server, the 8th of every month is known as Mini Mobius Day.  (August 8th is the super special Mobius Day with bigger bonuses and more gifts.) While it’s noted as being singular, the “Day” usually goes on for 3 days. ^^;

For versions outside of Japan, Square Enix is doing something different! Instead of simply one or three consecutive days per month, every 8th in a month will be a Mobius Day.

Here’s what Square Enix has planned for October:

  1. Double stamina when using an Elixir to recover it
  2. Fusion success rate will increase by x1.2
  3. Extra Skills will be easier to unlock
  4. Every player will receive a Phoenix Down
  5. Every player will receive an Elixir
  6. 5000 Skillseeds per element being handed out on certain days in October. On the 8th day, 5000 Fire and Water seeds will be given out. On day 18, 5000 Wind and Earth seeds, and on day 28th, 5000 Light and Dark seeds.
  7. All Skillseed bonuses will be upped to x2 for exploration regions.

Thanks to Stb Shen and Christopher Chung from the Mobius Final Fantasy – (Jpn & Global Community) & Other games etc. Facebook page, and Alfred Chow in the comments below for assisting with the translations and corrections. (I didn’t know I initially mistyped Arena as Area. ^^; I’d like to see what Infinite Area would be though.)

Links and more information under the cut.

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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – Tokyo Game Show 2016 Square Enix Presents Stream Summary

I’m only going to make quick summaries of all the game-relevant information because the first half hour consisted of chatting with the voice actress, M・A・O, who plays Meia a.k.a the Azure Witch.

Check out the exciting details under the cut! 😀 (There’s info about a new playable character and a new system!)

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Mobius Final Fantasy Global – Chocobocalypse & Dahaka Assault Event Info and Mini Tips

Chocobos invade Mobius Final Fantasy Global tonight at 19:00 UTC-8! The Battle Tower event with Dahaka is due next Thursday (September 22nd) and will probably open at 19:00 UTC-8 as well.

Please check the in-game clock for server time or check for current UTC-8 time.

Updated September 16: Global chocobo cards don’t need to be augmented like in the Japanese version. o_o Square Enix keeps making all these changes. :V Anyway, I’ve revised the information.

Updated September 23: Updated information about Dahaka and added screencaps of my deck setups.

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Mobius Final Fantasy JP & English/Global – Multiplayer Gameplay Videos

A 3★ Ifrit Multiplayer AI Battle from the Japanese server using only Attackers.

A 1★ Tyro Multiplayer AI Battle from the English server with 2 Attackers and 2 Breakers.

For both vids, please check the video description for more information.

Depending on the bosses, I do actually use AI Defenders and Supporters too. ^^ For most of the 1 and 2-star ones on Mobius FF JP, I only need Attackers. Things start to get tricky once I move onto 3-star because it really depends on whether or not I have the ability cards or not.

For example, other than Vanille & Fang, I have no strong single target Water mage cards. :/ And the only AOE one I have is a 5-star card with Blizzaja which consumes 6 orbs. That’s a death sentence for my Attackers had I opted to use that in the Ifrit battle. .___.

I’ve yet to try my non-mage water attacker jobs, but high magic power is needed for quickly finishing battles so I don’t think I have much choice.

As for 4-star AI, I haven’t attempted it yet. In fact, I haven’t done any 4-star battles even with live players since I keep thinking I’ll be a burden to everyone. I’m just afraid of misreading their attacks which will ultimately screw things up. >_>

Examples: As a Breaker, I really need to pay attention to how many people are using abilities because if other players make the Break bar go red, then it’s completely unnecessary for me to use abilities. But sometimes, I’ll throw one or two in because I didn’t keep their actions in mind. -___-;

Similarly, if they’re attacking and sending the boss into Break then I really shouldn’t be just physically attacking the boss. 😛 The only good thing that comes out of that is generating orbs.

Edit: *___*! I finished my first 4-star battle! It was with an AI party too! No one died! 😀

I know the clear time is nothing special since I wasn’t aiming to do a speed run or anything. I just wanted to survive and complete the battles. :3

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Mobius Final Fantasy Global – Multiplayer Observations & General Tips

How’s everyone enjoying co-op play? I’d imagine there’s probably some frustration going on since I’ve had some run ins where players had ill-equipped decks or just didn’t understand their roles.

For example, someone had a Fire PuPu for an Ifrit battle and actually used the card so it’d heal the boss a little. Then there was another player, who was a Defender, that just literally passed every turn. I guess that person thought that was how he was supposed to defend.

Of course, I’m not perfect in any way. I misread some attacks from other players and thus caused the battle to go on longer than it should have; i.e. the boss recovered before I could put it into the Break phase because I used the one action that would have been enough for something else. .__. (I mainly use my Skirmisher which is a Breaker.)

Anyway, I’ve come up with some points on how to go about multiplayer. Please feel free to disagree with some of them or correct me since I’m no expert; I’m using some common sense and going with my experience.

Updated on September 15:

  • Clarified the point about Tyro under “You don’t need to bring 3 attack cards”. Meant to say that he is susceptible to all elements. ._.;
  • Added 3-star Ifrit battle gameplay video and expanded the information under “Attack Guards first”.

Updated on September 10 (at night):

  • Added some screenshots to show the multiplayer action icons and stamps.
  • Added section about stamps, a point about not spamming attack abilities when the red break bar is still up, and suggestion to let Supporters go first.

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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – An Example of a Customized Hunter

The Japanese version allows players to add additional auto-abilities and elemental enhancements by using Custom Skill Cards. However, there’s a region known as the Hall of Fame which greatly strengthens the jobs that were released during and not long after the game’s debut by rewarding players with skill cards specific to those few jobs.

For the Hunter, it gets the following:

  • Base stats +50%
  • Break Power +300
  • Fast Break +20%
  • Fire Enhance +200%

With those cards applied, all its stats, except Magic Power and Critical, exceed the Last Hunter’s (a.k.a the Noel job) which is considered an S-rank job at the Altema wiki.

You can see the difference in the radar graphs and tables at their respective pages:

Last Hunter:
Hunter (look at the first graph and table. The second one shows its original, non-customized stats):

Here’s a video of my Orion (the Hunter’s second job) ripping through three bosses at the 60 stamina area on the water island at the Pleiades Lagoon. 😀 Old and new players on the Japanese server will know how rough these monsters are with jobs and cards that aren’t nearly maxed out.

Oh, if full screen isn’t available from this embedded version and you want to be able to see/read all the text, please watch it at YouTube. The link is

The video has no audio since I don’t have any software or hardware that could record sound and crisp quality video at the same time.

I keep forgetting I can capture gameplay in-game via Lobi though. >_>

I regret not recording gameplay of the Orion before I applied all the custom job skills so players could get a better sense of the job’s strength. I could remove them all but that’d be a waste of a lot of Skillseeds and Crystals. (They’re needed to slot the cards.)

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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – General Method of Getting High Scores

I finally got the hang of what every high rank player is doing on the Japanese server. I mentioned it in brief in another post but have made some changes since — namely using another job and not breaking mobs. I’m not getting their scores though because I don’t have the cards they’re using and I don’t have the Hope job either. 😦

What I write under the cut works outside of the FFXIII event maps but don’t expect to hit 1 billion in score. :3 Hitting over 10 million should be a breeze for any job with a strong Ultimate though.

Update on September 7th: I made some corrections since I just realized I wrongly identified the Fire Support card as the Legendary Golem when it was another card with another ability. >_>;
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Mobius Final Fantasy EN – September Links

The September calendar is out! Please see for information~!

Here are some useful links for upcoming additions and events. :3 (I don’t use Google Translate links because it’s easier to see where the links are leading to this way.)

Exploration Region 1: Silent Ruins:


Dahaka Assault:

Ring of Braves (Multiplayer area):

FF Record Keeper event cards: