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Mobius Final Fantasy メビウスファイナルファンタジー 激闘!アダマンタイマイ

Sorry for the terrible audio and video desynchronization. I’m a total amateur when it comes to editing. I have no idea if I even have the right tools and programs to deal with frame drops and such. :/ I’m pretty certain wonky frame rates is why the audio became way out of sync by the time the Adamantoise battle started. .__.

Consider reading my initial impressions about the game! 😀 I also have a ton of screencaps uploaded to my Instagram account. ^^


Mobius Final Fantasy Pic Dump & Overview and Impressions

Updated on August 1st~!

  • Additional info about Element Drive

Updated on June 23rd~!

  • Corrected Element Seed to Skill Seed
  • Made other minor corrections on information
Mobius Final Fantasy pre-load title
The title screen with the text indicating that the game officially starts on June 4th, 10 AM Japan Time.

Guess who’s playing Square Enix’s new freemium Final Fantasy game? XD I’ve included some information and impressions about this new title below the gallery~! Look out — it’s a wall of text! ^^

Oh, before anyone asks, this game is for both iOS and Android and is currently Japanese-only and region locked to Japan. I was able to download it because I have a Japanese iTunes account.

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