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Tappity Mobile Gaming Fun!

I’ve been meaning to post about it but never got around to it since the thought of needing to get screenshots of the games seemed like such a chore. I did manage to locate some of them by going through my Instagram and Twitter accounts though. ^^

Anyway, it seems like “clicker” and incremental type games are all the rage these days. The idea is that you rapidly tap on the screen of your device to increase the amount of currency or points or whatever you’re supposed to be getting to unlock a myriad of things that’ll up the rate of growth of the currency or points which continually accumulates automatically. Eventually, it’ll get to a point where the game will play itself and manual intervention is only required to purchase more unlockables.

Why are they so popular if the gameplay is so simplistic? Honestly, I think that’s part of the appeal. The other part of it probably has to do with the fact that the players want to get and max out everything in the game. As for me, I mostly like to watch the numbers grow really big. ^^

I’m going to highlight a few that I enjoyed or still enjoy. 😀 All of them are 100% free (with ads) and in Japanese! They’re very easy to play though!

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