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Actually, It’s About the Ethics of These Mobile Game Companies

This isn’t about issues in journalism. I chose the title because it fits the subject matter of this post. The type of ethics in question, however, is work ethics. I’m mildly miffed that no one else seems to draw attention to the incompetence of Rayark, Inc. in their lack of proofreading text in Implosion – Never Lose Hope, and GCREST with their constant careless updates of CocoPPa Play. I feel strongly about these issues because it makes me wonder why I should support companies (or continue to support in Rayark’s case since I already purchased the game) that half-heartedly work on their games.

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Implosion – Giving up on Grammar

I’m posting the review I submitted to iTunes here since I have a feeling it’ll be buried under a bunch of pointless comments that have 5 stars attached to them. Bonus!!!: I’ve included screenshots in this WordPress version. XD

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