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Mobius Final Fantasy – Gigantuar Map (ジャボテン御苑) [Updated September 4, 2016]

This post was originally published on August 9th, 2015 but there has been some new discoveries made since regarding raking in high scores and lots of Skillseeds. I’ve updated the post to reflect that information. :3

What’s New?

September 4, 2016
  • Pretty much the entire guide’s been updated with new info. I’ve also added new screenshots after the videos to show what happens when you use a job with an Ultimate that has low attack power as well as what I consider a near perfect snapshot before an Ultimate is used.
August 5, 2016
  • Switched out the second gameplay video to a more recent one showing a much bigger score. ^^
July 17, 2016
  • Re-organized the guide; it’s still wordy but there are less paragraphs overall! The Red Mage Method section mentioned below has been removed.
November 8, 2015
  • Added YuRiPa as a support card suggestion.
  • Corrected small cactuar escape information.
  • Removed the line about leaving the map to replenish the special attack gauge.
  • Expanded the How to Fight section under The Red Mage Method.
  • Added a video for the Red Mage Method.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Gigantuar Map
Look at ’em coming at you through the mountains!

Unlike the bonus region with the regular-sized cactuars (修練の霊殿), this one features enormous variants and a special x20 bonus multiplier for Skillseeds. However, some of the rules remain the same:

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