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Ys Celceta Log #5

This log will be updated until 12 AM EDT (North America Time). Check back every now and then for possible updates! I’m typically asleep from 1 AM – 10 AM and usually don’t get to playing until the evening. ^^

This particular log reads somewhat like a really vague walkthrough. ^^

Here’s the usual map update:

Ys Celceta - 38.2% Explored
Could have gotten a few more percent in but the Eternal Burrow threw a wrench into that. (Click to enlarge)

Also, about to embark on these:

Ys Celceta - Comodo Quests
I’m always paranoid that I’ll miss a quest. :\

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Ys Celceta Log #4

This log will end at 12 AM EDT. Updates will be done throughout the day~

Ys Celceta - 32% of the map uncovered
Still got a ways to go until I reach 100% map completion. :/ (Click on image to enlarge)
  • Continuing from the previous log: Adol and Dulen were told to stay put by Asado while he and Carna go and investigate the commotion. I was tempted to choose the option to hang around the hut just to annoy Dulen but eh, I decided to head out anyway. Hmm! Possessed masked men!?
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Ys Celceta Log #3

It’s the usual spiel — updates until 12 AM EDT (North American time).

  • Pro tip: Always check the mini map and move the High-Low slider to see if there are any cut-off, darkened areas. I’m pretty certain it’s easy to miss the 0.x for 100% completion. .___.~
  • So Adol has yet another weird dream. Looks like a new memory fragment has been marked on the map. Taking a screenshot of it so people get can idea of where I am right now (in case the previous few lines in the last log wasn’t obvious enough). ^^ .

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Ys Celceta Log #2

All day updates! (Well, depending on how much I play and stuff). Cut-off time will be 12 AM EDT (North America time). Links lead to screencaps. 😀

  • The freakin’ Langriz (ラングリズ) was a level 8 monster; 3 levels above my characters. Took a while to defeat since I didn’t bother refining weapons or even checking if I could afford new ones before leaving the city. XD Just kept rolling and attacking from behind whenever it leapt forward. I’m sure good players could Flash Guard and Flash Move the hell out of the thing. :\ Anyway, that’s 2 quests down. Just gotta get more stupid ores and one more of those Honey Potions. …. Wait, why didn’t I just buy those? Reading fail. I thought the guy wanted the expensive Bitter Potions. >___>
  • *facepalm* COMPLETELY forgot that the party could heal while standing still in the plains. I suppose it doesn’t work inside dungeons? I can’t remember.
  • Here’s the map of Beast’s Party Plain so far. Not sure if the area beyond the waystone will be a part of it as well. Only 8% covered so far? Celceta, y u so big?

    Ys Celceta - Beast's Party Plain Map
    Ys Celceta – Beast’s Party Plain Map (獣宴の平原)

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Ys Celceta Log #1

Like my other gaming logs, I’ll keep adding to this until 12 AM EDT (North America).

  • The “Treasure Get!” thing on the right is for the monthly draw for Falcom goodies, not in-game stuff. To enter the draw, you fill out a survey regarding the purchase of this game and provide them with your e-mail address.

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Ys: Foliage Ocean in Celceta 25th Anniversary Edition

Yeah baby. Got Ys Celceta today! Can’t wait to play it! I’ll be logging my playthrough here so check back now and then to read about my progress! I might also do some gameplay vids but only if I feel like it. ^^

I wish I remembered to add one of the guidebooks to my order. Sigh.