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I figure I should write up a proper entry about the game since it’s the only RPG that I’m playing right now.

I mentioned I picked up the Japanese version back in August … but stopped playing it a bit after that. I think I was mid-way through Chapter 1 too. The English version came out without me realizing it until about a week after its release. I’ve since invested some time in it. :3

I’m not sure it’s safe to say that it beats the despicable KRPG grindfests cuz I’m using a specifically modified file that allows the user to have 1 each of the EXP multiplier and Crystal multiplier items — the Sub Rosa Skills and Crystal Tickets, respectively. They are in-app purchases only, I believe, but it might be a good idea to invest in a Sub Rosa Skill now and then as it can sure speed up levelling like crazy.

When I began the game, I used the item named “15 Sub Rosa Skills” which allowed me to enjoy 10 times the experience gained for 15 battles. Within minutes, I was at level 10. :3 Likewise, the Crystal Ticket 15 gave me 10 times the Crystal Points in 15 fights so I just splurged on all the abilities that I could get at the time.

Drakerider - At some point in Chapter 2
I wonder how many hours it actually takes to get to this level if played normally?

From what I could remember in my Japanese run, levelling and CP farming isn’t bad at all. For CP, you have the multiplier that comes naturally from Invocation. As long as you don’t break a chain of Invokes, the multiplier will keep increasing. I’m currently at a 75 combo on Chapter 2 and can manage at least 100 CP per fight. You might actually be fighting more to grind for experience though but I believe there isn’t terrible balance issues in Drakerider.

I DO wonder about some of the Chapter 2 bosses though. Since I’m fast-tracking, I’m already at level 35 but I have no idea if that’s the average level at this point in the game. The bosses aren’t insanely tough per se but they can pack a punch with their stronger attacks and they can also take a beating. It’s a good thing that I got Healing II and Amelioration already. (Enemies begin to spew status ailments from this chapter onward so it’s a good idea to learn the latter.)

Drakerider - Abilities Menu
There’s no way I could have gotten some of these “so soon” without using Dragon’s Acumen.

……… Oh yeah, I forgot you have to MASTER abilities too in order to learn some other ones so maybe the grinding CAN get a little on the annoying side after a while. 😡 I mean, given that there’s an IAP item that’ll allow you to instantly master a skill, I would think that the game is designed in such a way that will cause some players to eventually snap.

You know, Square Enix should have given 1 each of these IAP items to users that were within the first 100,000 to download the game or something. Let them get a taste of the fast-tracking and it’ll hook ’em. 😀

In terms of story, I don’t expect anything spectacular. The localization is quite good, IMO, although listening to the Japanese dialogue and reading Westernized names seems kind of odd. For example, the dragon is known as Murasame in the Japanese version. In English, it’s Eckhardt. Similarly, the female character that shows up at the end of Chapter 1 was originally called Mina but has been localized as Gale. :V

I’ll leave it as this for now. ^^

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Gaming fun~!

Just a quick post about some games I’ve been playing lately.



So. Much. Grinding. But the game is pretty fun since I love these matching tiles games. Currently at Adventurer or whatever rank. Having a hell of a time trying to move beyond that since I can’t complete most of the quests/missions or whatever. ^^ I think this is honestly one of my fave iOS games of the year so far.

Symphony of Eternity


Haven’t played this in ages but decided to pick it up again since I always found that it was a pain to keep up the stock on recovery items and mastering tablets was insanely annoying due to the low amounts of TP given by enemies. It follows the old RPG staple of grinding but I found a way to get around that. Muhuhu. I’m still fighting every enemy I encounter. Hell, I deliberately run into them sometimes but I no longer do it for money or TP which makes the game more fun for me~!



A.k.a. 星葬ドラグニル The only thing that’s interesting about this is the battle system — It has you controlling a dragon and the actions you take in battle are determined by where you move the reins/chains that are found at the bottom of the screen. (You slide them left or right.) There’s a command bar thing (never did bother checking on its actual name XD) at the top and a little arrow that indicates what action will occur. If the arrow ends up in the red zone on the right-most side of the command bar thing , you lose control of the dragon and it turns on you. 😦 Other than that, reviews state that it’s a pretty standard RPG fare … except for the freemium aspect.  The Prologue/1st chapter is free but subsequent chapters require in-app purchases.  You can also obtain all chapters for the wonderful price of 1800 yen. (I’m being sarcastic about the wonderful. It’s Square Enix, after all. :E) There’s also some items you can purchase that help battles in some way or something.

BTW, about the girl, Quel (クウェル), why does she dress the way she does? She doesn’t have enough of a chest to justify that outfit! (See first screenshot:

Weird, just noticed that the kanji in the title/URL has pinyin. I suppose it’s supposed to be pronounced in Mandarin? :0



Of course, being a Kairosoft fan, I wouldn’t miss the release of the localized version of 星になったカイロくん. :3 It’s one of my fave Kairosoft games after all (even though it IS a bit repetitive and shallow for a Kairosoft game). I’m putt-putting along in it since I’m trying to find unlock conditions for missions. I’ve actually been slacking with it since I’ve been playing the games above. ^^ Check out AdeptGamer for a quick primer and link to the data lists~!

Puzzle & Dragons


Not really spending any time with this but I’m mentioning it because there’s currently a Taiko no Tatsujin promotion going on! ^O^ There’s a special Taiko dungeon~! You can even get Taiko-based monsters. ^o^! It’ll be on for the next 12 days. I’ll probably play a little. I actually maxed out a monster and I’m ready to evolve it but I’m missing one fusion monster. :V

Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

I should get around to completing this soon since The Last Story will be on the way. Maybe. Assuming it doesn’t get bumped again. Nintendo Canada tried to tell me that it’s out in a newsletter but Amazon shows that it won’t be released until the 21st. 😛 Anyway, I’m still putt-putting around in The Grid (Riku side). The Tron world from KH2 rubbed me the wrong way so I’m not having much fun in this one right now. .___. I kind of wish Riku’s link with the Dream Eaters didn’t result in Birth by Sleep command styles only. :/ I like Sora’s more.