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Android, please get good game titles

I look at my wishlist on AppShopper (which is an iOS exclusive app) and I see 47 apps (most of which are games). I don’t think I can even come up with 5 for Android. I just did a search for the first few on the list to see if they have ‘Droid counterparts. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the answer is no. :E

Considering that there’s a pretty large population of Android users now, why haven’t a lot of devs released stuff for that system? I guess there are complications with creating applications for it but I heard that fragmentation shouldn’t be too much of a issue now with ICS and Jelly Bean so if that’s scaring them off then it shouldn’t, I don’t think.

Speaking about good game titles, Cave released Espgaluda II and DoDonPachi Resurrection on Google Play today but there are … issues with the Lite version. Other than the fact that the games are a part of a bloody social network for some reason (obviously, the partnership has some benefits for Cave), DoDonPachi R doesn’t load up on my Galaxy Tab 10.1. What’s more is that is that it’ll probably be the SD version (like  the Japanese Android release).

If I remember correctly, the Japanese version kind of worked. I think it force closes at some point before the boss battle though. Regardless, at least I can actually play a little of it. Looks hideous on the tablet though. I wonder if they’ll ever release the HD one that the iPad and iPhone have? I sure hope they do because I’d be willing to buy those, not the ones they just put out. (I already own both games on iOS.)

Square Enix seems to be slowly opening up their Android library. There are already several games on the Square Enix Market for Android devices in Japan. I know Chaos Rings is already available but we just got Final Fantasy I recently or something? Of course, all these games still come with the wonderful “Square Tax” but given their length and production values, I suppose we shouldn’t complain about the outrageous prices too much.

On the topic of Square prices, I downloaded Final Fantasy Dimensions a few hours ago and played about 30 minutes of the Prologue. It’s not bad. It certainly FEELS like an old school FF game. One gripe is that the graphics aren’t 16-bit SNES. XD I would have loved it if they looked like FFIV characters. ^o^~  Another issue is that the Chiptune OST is a whopping $10. I assume that it contains AT LEAST 20 tracks (or maybe even a minimum of 16) so the price is pretty typical of a full album price on iTunes or something, I guess? I’m actually kind of tempted to get it since the soundtrack’s not bad and I want to hear the chip music versions. ^.^

Then there’s the price of the “entire” game which comes out to $28.99. You can argue that it’s a 40+ hour game that was made from ground up for the the mobile platform but hey, at least it’s supposedly cheaper than FFIV: The After Years. I think Square just likes to treat iOS devices as another gaming system of sorts so they tend to not care much about what users expect to pay or are used to paying. Well, that and they KNOW people will throw money at them.