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My iOS games

This is one of my most useless and spontaneous posts. I just took screenshots of the folders on my games home screen for the heck of things as an excuse to update this blog.

Here they are.

Honestly, I could probably uninstall literally 70% of them since I only play a handful. ^^ Oh, before I forget to mention, my iPad mini is jailbroken which is why I can cram so many more icons into a single folder than normal. 😛 For what it’s worth, I’m using FolderEnhancer to achieve that.

Actually, let’s add some substance! I’ll list and write about the ones that I actually load up and spend quality time with these days. Sadly, not all of them are really considered worthwhile. XD

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[Defender of Texel] Behold My Reflections About the Rite of Sacrifice (and Other Things)!

Like all freemium games on social networks, I downloaded Defender of Texel (D.O.T.)  out of curiosity. Usually, I stick with these types of titles for about 3 days at most. For some reason, it’s almost been a month since I started playing D.O.T. and I’ve been playing it everyday. In fact, I’m STILL having tons of fun. Heck, I even threw some money at it.

What makes this game different for me is that I can easily upgrade and evolve my units without worry about grinding for any in-game currency. Of course, you still need the building materials to get a unit first but they’re such common drops in almost every battle you win that it’s rare you’ll NOT have any. Building a unit is totally random, however; you don’t know what character you’ll get. So far, the game’s been handing out Kullaas non-stop to me to the point that I was able to evolve it into its Rare form. Hmm, according to the Wikia entry about this monster, it has no Epic form. Oh well. At least I may be able to max out its Rare variant in a few weeks.

Lately, all I’ve been doing are special events. I’ve already participated in 3 and currently doing the Natural Born event. Kind of hate today’s dungeon since the focus is on Gurus; those that excel in Wisdom and Agility. I tend to not bother with upgrading any characters that are weak in Attack or Defense so I’m kind of wandering around dungeons with a near-Edgeless crew. (Having an Edge simply means that specific units or types of units have increased stats during a special event. Stat boosts can be from 120% – 1000%.)  In fact, the guardians in Mission 1 of the 3-star dungeon are picking off my Epic class characters because they’re not exactly suited for the battles here. >_>

One thing I learned from the event that just ended last night (Rite of Sacrifice) is that throwing real money at the game can make a massive difference. ^^ I was really curious about what characters I could get out of the Paragon build system and ended up with some spiffy ones that allowed me to last through all 3 rounds of an level 80 boss fight. There are 2 characters that were also able to withstand the skills from a level 100 boss too. I almost regret not going spending money at the start of the event since I would have been able to get more points and help out the team by joining in on more boss fights. At least I managed to come in at rank #6,000-something. ^^ Not sure it would have been possible had it not been for the money-built characters.

Just for fun, here’s a screenshot of my party before money was spent:

These were all from random builds or mob wins.
These were all from random builds, mob wins, or reaching leaderboard points milestones.

Here it is after money was used:

This was the team after I spent money. ^^
Got 2 Epic characters & other ones with Edge. I got some others but their levels and stats were too low to be swapped in.

I don’t think I’ll be spending anything for this event though since I don’t care about my leaderboard position in this one. All I want are relics to self-fuse so I can beef them up~! You get to keep these relics after the event so why not gather as many of them as I can? 😀

About the Rite of Sacrifice~~ I was placed in mobs that lost more than ones that won. Other than the annoying random nature of what team you’ll end up in, it really sucked that it was mostly dependent on high level players that could murder boss after boss after boss for massive points (as well as spamming the hell out of the later missions in the 3-star dungeon). I’m sure some of them did it mostly for themselves to secure high ranked positions on the leaderboard though. Still, the mobs I was with could have benefited from these obsessive players.

I was saddened to see someone post that he/she hated raid events on the message board for our mob yesterday. I guess the player was discouraged by the facts I mentioned in the previous paragraph. I mean, yeah, it’s not exactly fun to find yourself on the losing side most of the time and these kinds of players were probably also discouraged by the inability to take on the tougher bosses. I did learn some things about those particular fights though:

  • Losing boss fights can still get you valuable points and Ikuppis. Since Nux Bits aren’t used for anything else BUT the boss battles, it’s sad that more people DIDN’T fight them. Once I realized the amount of points I was able to get from the bosses that were worth 15000 and 10000 points, I hurled my party at them even though it would lose without fail. For my recklessness, I received 1200 and 800 points respectively & fodder material every single time. I shared this info on the mob message boards a few times in hopes of rallying folks into doing the fights but I’m not sure anyone really cared or even looked at the boards. 😛
  • Fighting bosses weren’t just about getting points though. There was a system in place where you can build up the attack power for your mob as long as you fought a few minutes after the last individual did. The highest I saw the Salvo go up to was 555 or something. I never saw it go above 20 last night. =__= I guess everyone was tired from school or work to bother playing. Or they didn’t have enough Nux or Nux Bits to go on. Technically, you can fight a boss every 1.5 hours as all 3 Nux Bits would be full by then. You’ll get an extra turn right after a level up too.

General things I learned from playing D.O.T. regularly:

  • If you’re short in unit inventory(?) space, just select 2 – 3 Common units to focus on and self-fuse the hell out of them whenever you can. (Usually, you’ll notice the game will keep giving you certain characters whenever you do a Pixite build.) Feed everything else to the characters you want to strengthen.
  • Evolution-based achievements are retroactive. This means that the units you’ve evolved several days or weeks before will count and you’ll still receive a Voxite for them. Of course, this only applies to Regular Achievements and not the Limited ones.
  • Every Lucky Find in a dungeon seems to be Duct Tape. D:
  • Texel chickens don’t look like chicken at all.

    That's a chicken?
    That’s a chicken?
  • Seems like lots of money is needed to get through all the missions in the Mark II & III special dungeons. :/ (Re: Bitters to constantly refill the Energy bar.)

I don’t exactly have a closure for this post other than to say that I don’t think I’ll stop playing any time soon.


I started up a log over at AdeptGamer about my on-going adventures in Defender of Texel! You can view them here:

Edit: I don’t write about the game as often as I tweet about it. ^^;

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[Android] Random game picks

Yeah, usually, it’ll be Picks of the Week or Month but since I kind of download new games without a set schedule, I can’t define a period.

Anyway, I’ll discuss 3 mobile titles that have struck my fancy recently! I won’t get into much detail about each one though.

Ninja Village

Ninja Village Army
My army is ready to kick ass.

Kairosoft found a spot in the hearts of many mobile gamers when they released the video game making management simulation title, Game Dev Story, in the last quarter of 2011. Since then, they gained a fan following where almost everyone a part of it would  instantly buy their games the moment they are released. Currently, Kairosoft’s Android fanbase has been enjoying a more or less regular release schedule where localized titles come out at an almost bi-monthly rate. Factor in Japanese releases and Android gets nearly monthly doses of cute, 8-bit building and management sims.

Ninja Village is their most recent offering at the Play Store. It’s based off of the mechanics found in Epic Astro Story but has some improvements such as allowing players the option to sell raw materials directly. (If you’ve played EAS before, you know how annoying it is to have aliens wander onto fields or into mines and simply buy up everything you produce from them.) They’ve also removed the walking distance restriction found in EAS yet this brings about other problems due to the stupidity of the AI of your villagers.

Along with the changes, one main and important difference between Ninja Village and Epic Astro Story is that you can preview your enemy’s army size before committing to any battles. This is a welcome option as it’ll allow you to properly outfit your own army with the necessary units and skills to combat your opponents. Unfortunately, battles are still fully automated but at least you can dictate the actions of your Archers somewhat.

At the moment, Ninja Village is among my favourite Kairosoft games; the others being Mega Mall StoryKairobotica, and World Cruise Story.

Incidentally, I would like to point out that we have a guide for Ninja Village at AdeptGamer. :3 In fact, we have guides for most of the titles released.

Defender of Texel

Defender of Texel party
My motley crew for the Treasures of Texel Special Event Dungeons.
I’m not looking for any friends but if you want to start out with some privileges in the game, you can use my code: nKad. XD

I trash talk social mobile gaming networks like Mobage and GREE. I trash talk them a lot. It’s mainly because all their games are freemium and have some sort of pay-or-wait gimmick going on and I hate that kind of shit. I mean, why put limitations on how much play time users are allowed to have. If you want to continue as soon as possible like a normal game, you have to pay. What gives? Who started this crap?

So if I terminally rage about dumbass freemium gimmicks so much, why the heck do I have Defender of Texel (also known as. D.O.T.) among my gaming picks?

It’s because it’s fun and one of the few that I can stand. Overall, the core gameplay is reminiscent to the bajillion freemium card battle games out there for mobile devices; you create a party of characters that you will use to conquer dungeon after dungeon. These characters can also be upgraded by merging them with other characters or “self-fusing” them to develop them even further. There’s nothing really special about the dungeons in D.O.T. either since you still have to hit ye olde big single button to go through them. The difference is that once you get into a battle, you don’t just press a plain old “Attack” button over and over; there’s a grid of 9 boxes where you must select lines of 3 by swiping horizontally, vertically, and/or diagonally as a means to choose which party members go into battle and in what order.

Sadly, that’s about the only gameplay bit that’s unique to Defender of Texel that I can name off the top of my head.

It’s pretty amazing how playable D.O.T. is without spending a penny. I do anticipate reaching a wall of sorts eventually where my band of heroes won’t be able to defeat enemies after a certain level due to a myriad of reasons like characters that aren’t strong enough to last through battles or not having the right skills to quickly take out enemies. Once this happens, handing over money to participate in the lottery build in hopes of nabbing an Epic character — one that possesses stellar stats and abilities — may be the only way. Of course, I can always just build and fuse until I can upgrade my Rare characters to Epic rank. This will require a lot of grinding though. But hey, that’s how freemium games roll, right?

One gripe about D.O.T. is the energy amount you’re allotted. You only have 100 and replenish 1 energy unit every 3 minutes AND you consume 5 units per move. Dungeons get ever-longer the further into the game you progress which means getting to the end of a dungeon requires hours upon hours of waiting. Naturally, there are items that can fully restore energy or 30 units of it. For the latter, you’re limited to using 10 of those per day. If you want a full restore, you’ll have to shell out money for that item. They may also be handed out as prizes during special events though.

The Room

Screenshot from The Room
Solving a mini puzzle in Chapter 3.

At the time of this writing, The Room is only available for Android as part of The Humble Mobile Bundle. The developers, Fireproof Games, state that it will be released to Android stores soon, however. And that’s great news because this puzzle game is quite enjoyable.

I can’t describe it all that much since the only other game that I’ve played that’s similar is Myst. So if you know how Myst is — with all those vague puzzles and equally vague clues scattered throughout the game — you’ll have an idea of how The Room plays. But unlike Myst, you’re not travelling to different worlds and collecting pieces of magical paper.

The Room is set in a room (is that a surprise?) and all the puzzles are on an object you find in a safe. Heck, the safe itself is a puzzle. None of them are overly difficult but may require some abstract thinking to reach a solution. And if you ever get stuck, there’s always the handy clue button which always provides enough information to get you looking in the right direction.

My only disappointment with this game is that it’s too short. It only consists of 4 chapters and the amount of time I spent going through them all probably doesn’t even add up to 3 hours. Fireproof Games has noted that there will be free DLC in the near future and a sequel coming in the Fall. I look forward to both!