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Angel Salvation: Puzzle & Dragons Skinned for the Western Audience

I started playing Puzzle & Dragons back in early March of this year and was addicted to it for months. I loved all the cute and colourful monsters and the match 3 (or more!) aspect of it was immensely fun. Of course, I also loved collecting monsters and even spent money to buy Magic Stones just so I could use the Rare Gacha “machine” to get better monsters for my battle roster.

Eventually, I hit a bit of a wall where higher levelled dungeons had bosses that could do in my party in one or two hits. Since I wasn’t up for grinding or spending oodles of money to purchase more Magic Stones so I could resume playing whenever I game overed, I pretty much stopped playing and only logged in to get the daily bonuses of Gold and whatever other bonuses it gave.

Then suddenly, out of the blue comes Angel Salvation, which is fresh and brand spankin’ new for the unwitting audience outside of Japan — or more accurately, those that don’t peruse the Japanese App Store. After all, you will undoubtedly see the Puzzle & Dragons icon somewhere while browsing through it. P&D struck gold not long after its release too; it reached over 1 million downloads in July and shows no signs of slowing down either since week after week, the game’s developer, Gung Ho, showers players with new special dungeons and events and there are even times when they’ll bestow gifts like Magic Stones.  (Look at the frequency of updates in the News area: Even gaming/toy/cartoon giant, Namco Bandai, made use of P&D’s fame by teaming up with Gung Ho to promote the latest iteration of their renown rhythm game series, Taiko no Tatsujin. It’s safe to say that this puzzle-RPG  pretty much prints money so it should be no surprise that someone would come along to try and cash in on a tried and true formula.

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