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Mobius Final Fantasy – Game Balance Reboot

Although I already included most of the information into the FAQ, I’ll do a recap here because I said I would write up a separate post anyway in the 1st Anniversary Celebration post. ^^

The re-balancing was one of the big headliners for the 1st Anniversary update in late May. What Square Enix has done was retweaked the game quite a bit to make it more enjoyable overall!

Here’s the breakdown: Continue reading Mobius Final Fantasy – Game Balance Reboot

Mobius Final Fantasy – 1st Anniversary Celebration!

Mobius Final Fantasy - Echo celebrates the 1st anniversary of Mobius FF

The official anniversary date is June 4th but Square Enix is doing a month-long celebration~! Naturally, there’s a 1st Anniversary map, but the first week is extra special and offers a ton of benefits such as:

  • 2x Fractal cards per day until June 12th (Japan Time). The auto abilities they bestow are pre-determined. You can check the chart on the news page for the full list of abilities: http://www.finalfantasy.jp/mobius/information/2016/05/31/e187169b49b2082bb6dde38f812bc0f379575853.html?_ga=1.74505243.865679779.1458754433
  • 1x Elixir per day
  • Double stamina recovery when using Elixir or Magic Stones to refill stamina
  • 4x Skill Seed bonus in all side story/Exploration maps
  • Increased chance to obtain Expand Skills
  • 20% increased success rate for fusing cards
  • ALL areas of the Pleiades Lagoon will be open until June 12th (Japan Time)
  • A massive stamina top-off on Mobius Day (June 8th)! Instead of the usual +88, you’ll get +888!

And starting today, players will receive extra login bonuses~!

Mobius Final Fantasy - 1st Anniversary Special Login Bonuses

The Dissidia FF cards that were distributed as login bonuses during the Dissidia FF collaboration event last year makes its return for some reason. ^^ Information about this and lots more under the cut! Continue reading Mobius Final Fantasy – 1st Anniversary Celebration!