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Recovering Account for Pocket Knights (A Bank of Innovation/GCREST Game)

This is a record regarding my account recovery experience for Pocket Knights (ポケットナイツ). It also serves as a warning as I am certain this is roughly the same process for any games developed or published by GCREST, G-Games, and Bank of Innovation. If you play CocoPPa Play, Pocket Land, or any of their avatar/selfie games, this could be important information for you. Continue reading Recovering Account for Pocket Knights (A Bank of Innovation/GCREST Game)

ポケットナイツ Mini Guide

Note: This mini guide is still in progress and hasn’t been completely proofread yet. I’ll be updating it from time to time.

Disclaimer! I am not fluent in Japanese but I know enough to get by in most games! I feel the need to mention this because there could be translation errors! If you see something is off, please don’t hesitate to correct me in the comments section below. Thanks~! ^-^

Official site: http://www.pocketknights.jp (It hasn’t been updated since 2013 but the game still receives regular updates! ^^)  Oh, about the Android version — it’s region locked to Japan. While you can obtain it through VPN (virtual private networks), I don’t recommend it unless it’s a VPN you can always access since updates come at a fairly frequent rate. Yes, Pocket Knights is one of those games where you can’t play if you’re using an older version of it.

I’ve wanted to write about this for a while but haven’t since I am super lazy. XD There’s also an English guide so I thought that it wasn’t necessary even though it’s out of date. You can find it here: http://sns.atgames.jp/communityTopic/821880?page=1

However, since I need some topic to blog about, I figure an updated look at the game wasn’t a shabby idea to work with. 😀 I’m still pretty lazy though so I’ll only highlight the vital and noteworthy sections. ^^ While that’s probably every menu, I don’t deem things like the ポケナイ掲示板 (Pocket Knights Message Board) necessary to explain.

I’m sorry I skimped on screenshots but I included the Japanese words so matching those with what you see on the screen in-game shouldn’t be that difficult … right? XD


Pocket Knights, published by Bank of Innovation and developed by GCREST, is a Japanese-only mobile game which features familiar assets from titles like TinierMe, CocoPPa Play, Pocketland, among many other “selfie” games. Its main focus is collecting equipment to dress up your avatar with by way of battling monsters in a painfully simplistic manner; you just tap on the screen as they appear. 9__9 There are also special boss fights and guild battles where you engage in a more traditional roleplaying style of turn-based fights via a selection of available attack commands. If you’ve played Knights of Excalibur, which I dub the English version of Pocket Knights (as it’s also published by Bank of Innovation), then you have an idea of how this title plays.

I won’t be going through the steps of the in-game tutorial that all players go through upon a fresh install of the game. Instead, I’ll just highlight the menus and explain what each of them contain.

Pro tip: Every button with a blue background is an action (such as changing a category) or confirmation while the red background is cancel. BUT! If you see 売却 or any variation with the 売 character in it, it means you are selling!

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