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Search Terms Round-up!

Edit on November 10th, 2012: Removed all links to Kairospot. Here’s why: Substituted some with links to AdeptGamer though~


I’m going to do something everyone hates about search engine results; include a bunch of search terms~!  However, unlike completely useless pages that do shit like that, I’m going to direct people to where they can get the info! 😛


The latest breakthrough we have for VT is the discovery of getting the unique characters to move in. It’s very likely the unlock conditions on the spreadsheet are correct.

Bah. Kairospot seems to be having server issues lately so here’s the link to a super duper useful spreadsheet for game data:


“epic astro story cheat”? How terrible! There’s no real need to cheat in the game! In fact, if you have a lot of money and research points, it’ll get boring rather quickly. :/

Seems like everyone wants to know about the Bottomless Chasm and whaddaya know? We have a thread just for that! ^O^ The thing actually goes on for a very … very long time but I would figure most people would give up eventually due to expenses and all.  (I suppose the BC would be the only reason to do a money cheat. :P) I think the last recorded reward of sorts that was obtainable from the Chasm was the Fast Button (from floor 18, I think).  Everything else is covered in the armor and weapons lists.


Not as useful as the forums but this is a spreadsheet for information on facilities:


Search terms from the past 7 days:

Why doesn’t Tap Tap Revenge 4 work on the Galaxy Tab 10.1? I have no idea. But there are quite a few games that seem to not work on tablets in general. You folks are better off waiting for Tap Sonic when the international release comes out anyway.  Of course, I have no idea if it’ll work on a tablet either. XD

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Epic Astro Story data lists

Edit on Oct 31, 2012: This information is no longer available at Kairospot. However, there is a work in progress over at AdeptGamer. We welcome any additional information you can provide.


I managed to get all the info that the Japanese wiki didn’t have available like the tech names, products, materials, skills, etc.! There are even maps that pinpoint all the cave and chasm locations as well as where you can find all the alien representatives! Come check it out at (Link is defunct now. Don’t bother.)

Unfortunately, you’ll need to register before you can have access to this section. We (the Kairospot community) have been hit by certain passerbys that steal information. :/ Although registering isn’t going to prevent thieving by any means, it’ll at least cut down the chances.

I also won’t post them here at my blog since I made the lists (which are graphics) especially for Kairospot.

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Epic Astro Story Info/Guide

Edit on November 10, 2012: None of my posts are available at Kairospot any longer. Wanna know why? Click here.


Like the Venture Towns post, this is a cached copy of my post at Kairospot.  I’m mirroring it here since the forums are down at the moment.

Anyway, the write-up below is for the Japanese version of the game but I’m pretty sure people playing the English one will still find it useful.  The graphics look crappy since it’s on a tablet and I can’t zoom out without the game freezing and then force closing. (*whinebitchcomplain* Kairosoft, Google — SOMEONE fix the bloody problem already! *whinebitchcomplain*) I also have to leave the performance option on since things will go in slow motion if I chose the game to optimize graphics. 9__9

Again, if you’re looking to repost the info, please follow the Creative Commons license.  To anyone spotting anything below on another site without proper credit (re: nunuu/koukoupuffs/this page, etc.), give me a shout so I can get the stolen stuff taken down.  Thanks.

The How to Play section is slightly unreadable on my tablet since all the text on the right-hand side is cut-off. As a result, I’m gonna dish out a nunuu explanation of gameplay. Please note that some of this could be incorrect since it’s based on my interpretation and memory. ^^



To create the most attractive and wealthy planet in the galaxy within 15 years~! (The game ends in March of the 16th year.)

In order to achieve this, you must explore and uncover every region of the planet, create products to export (like chocolate cakes, mountain bikes, and sports cars ^^) , as well as attract foreign visitors (re: aliens) from neighbouring planets. At first, the aliens are not very receptive of your world and will only send one ship or so per visit. However, as their representatives visit your facilities and hotels, they’ll grow to like your planet and eventually, more of their kind will come. Each alien world seems to send a total of 4 ships once they reach “Friendly” (親密) status.

I’m not certain it’s necessary to build 1 Spaceport (スペースポート) per ship since the ships are rather patient and will wait until the ship currently sitting on a port to leave. Still, if you want a better turn-over rate, it may be a good idea to do a 1:1 ratio. However, there’s a bit of a problem with this in that you’re initially quite limited on real estate.

Unlike other Kairosoft games released on smart devices to date, you can upgrade the Remove icon once you unlock the option to research the “add-ons”. At first, you can only destroy structures and tiles but later, you’ll be able to remove trees, large boulders, and hills. As far as I know, swamps (沼) and lakes (湖) cannot be removed and you can’t build over them either.



Just a note: There may be some minor differences regarding “your character” since this was based on the start of a second playthrough. I noticed that in the Lite version, you can’t create a character and the one that goes exploring in the cave is armed with a club. I can’t recall if this is the same during a fresh playthrough of the full version. ^^;

Another note: My interpretation of the amount of money you get from the Export Facilities is probably off. I had a Factory next to one that produced Sandwiches and in my mind, I should have gotten 172万 for a quantity of 4 Sandwiches (as they sell for 43万 each) but the game gave me 102万 or 103万 instead. I’m guessing that it actually only gives you 40% of the actual total. :/ I know it makes no sense right now but you’ll get a better idea once you come across the whole bit about creating goods to export. ^^;


Astro Expedition begins with a small map that has two colonists, a field (畑), and an export facility (輸出装置). Your character will be standing around and complaining he/she has nowhere to live so the first thing to do is to build a home (住宅). (You will be doing this for every new resident that you bring back to the colony.)

  1. [IMG]
    The main menu at the beginning consists of Build, Residents, Research, Info, and System. You want the Build menu right now.
  2. [IMG]
    The icon the cursor is highlighting is the one to choose~! The icon below it is for building paths so if necessary, once you put the house down, select the orange tile to connect it to the main path. See next image.
  3. [IMG]
    A vacant home is now available~! (The text below is just asking where you want to place a path tile as I was putting down a path.)

Once the house is complete, the resident will run to it and promptly go to sleep. It’s important to note that residents will sleep after working and also after returning from an expedition since their sleeping can and will interrupt how quickly you obtain money. It seems that they will rest for 1 week but I’m uncertain if every resident sleeps the same length of time.

Shortly afterward, a distress call will be seen from a nearby cave (re: giant crater). To enter it, move the cursor over the hole and it will turn into the icon of a hand holding onto a magnifying glass. (Every unexplored area will have this icon if you place the cursor on them.)

Select the option on the bottom.

  1. [IMG]
    There’s an SOS coming from that giant crater! Let’s explore it~!
  2. [IMG]
    The information screen displays the percentage of area discovered and the difficulty level. Select the highlighted option to continue.

Your character will brave the underground cavern alone and at the first exploration point, s/he will encounter a battle. You won’t have any weapons at the moment so the enemy will just be getting a taste of your character’s fist. Once the monster is defeated, you’ll get some money.

(During battle, the button on the right-hand side is the option to flee a fight. You will actually forfeit the remainder of an expedition if you use it so make sure you really want to run away.)

At the second point, a new character will be discovered/rescued~! Third point should be a discovery of a weapon (ナイフ – a knife). Fourth point will be another battle but this time, the guy you rescued will join in. More punching ensues. Last point should be yet another new character.

Incidentally, you can arm someone with the Knife by going into the Residents (住民) menu and selecting Status (ステータス). However, since you can get by with bare hands, I’ll leave the instructions for the next part.

After returning to the surface, the new residents will stand around and whine about needing a home. After putting in the new houses, an unexplored area will suddenly reveal itself.

  1. [IMG]
    Give your new residents a place to live.
  2. [IMG]
    Go on an expedition to the new unexplored area of the planet~!

Throughout the game, there will be two types of areas to explore — one will be these large 9-square sections with the words 未探索 which essentially means “pending exploration”, and the second will be unmarked holes in the grounds or obvious large mounds. The difference is that you can bring more people to the unexplored multi-square areas (max of 12) than the smaller nondescript dungeons (max of 6). Enemy groups are generally larger for the former as well. But take note that just because you don’t bring a party of 12 doesn’t mean the game won’t throw 40+ enemies at you in a battle. In my first playthrough, I typically only had a party of 6 – 8 people for any expedition.

And no, aliens can’t join your party. They’re really just tourists of the planet. 😦

Anyway, I suppose it’s obvious but I should mention it anyhow — you can’t build anything in or remove environmental objects from unexplored regions.

Back to the walkthrough~ Before you click on the area that you need to check out, go into the menu and select the second menu opton “Residents” (住民). Choose the first sub-menu “Status” (ステータス) and choose a character you want to equip the knife with.

(The column on the right lists their special battle skill. Every character has ONE skill that can level up at some point as you level the character. There are items that can change skills but they are rare. Also, you have no control over when the character uses his or her skill.)

When you select a character, you will be shown the profile screen that lists the stats. The cursor should be on the first dotted line which is for Weapon (武器). Select it and you’ll be given the Weapon inventory window which lists the name of the weapon, its attack strength, and the quantity in inventory.

  1. [IMG]
    The highlighted line is for Weapon. Oh yeah, my character is at level 3 since this was screencapped from a second playthrough. ^^
  2. [IMG]
    Weapon window as mentioned above. Click on the weapon to equip it.

The bottom of the window states its range type and your character’s attack power when the weapon is equipped.

Incidentally, the last guy you rescued (the one without any headwear) is already equipped with a Knife.

For the time being, there is no armor for your residents so you can exit back to the map once the Knife has been given to someone.

Now select the mysterious land to the north. Like the cave, you will be given an information window indicating percentage explored and the level of difficulty (I think … Actually, I believe this is related to how fast your party can move — that is, based on the size of the area, type of terrain such as plains, marshes, etc.). Select the option at the bottom and the next that you will see is a screen that will tell you the type of terrain, the number of days the expedition will take, and the amount of money needed to fund it.

  1. [IMG]
    0% explored and 1-star difficulty.

  2. [IMG]
    Select a party.
  3. [IMG]
    Click on a resident to add them to the expedition party. Choosing all 4 residents will reduce the amount of time needed to explore at the expense of the funds needed. Later on, the levels of your characters will play a factor in the cost as well.
  4. [IMG]
    It’s time to move out! (Select Yes (はい) for the next window that will pop up.)

There should be a battle at the first note and this time, you have to option to level up and change equipment and also the placement of your characters.

To move someone, you can simply touch and drag them to another spot or click on the character and click on the empty spot. The clicking method seems to only work if you enable the wheel interface.

The button on the left is for auto-arrangement and the button on the right is to see enemy data and battle positions.

Once you’re done, choose Begin Battle (戦闘開始) and select Yes (はい).

  1. [IMG]
    The guy at the top and bottom are unarmed. While they may be able to punch the monsters to death, let’s leave the fighting to the two with knives.
  2. [IMG]
    Click on a character and then an empty spot to rearrange his position.
  3. [IMG]
    Your foes. D: To see enemy details and positions, you need to click on the right button (“
    ” which means Reconnaisance) from the party set-up screen.

Unfortunately, this battle is just as automated as the ones from the cave. In fact, they’re all like this. Still, it’s kind of fun to see your party duke it out with weird creatures and farm animals.

You will notice that as the enemy lines dwindle, your characters will automatically form a single line behind the character that’s fighting the remaining monsters. You can use this to your advantage when positioning your party members prior to a fight. (I’ve never paid attention to the pattern of how the line is formed since I’ve usually just let the game decide for me where everyone should stand.)

  1. [IMG]
    Your party members will reposition themselves as each enemy line is defeated. If the front-most character is bounced off the screen (re: defeated), the next one will move up to take his or her place. You will lose the battle if all your party members are defeated.

I believe Battle Clothes (戦闘服) will be discovered in the next exploration point. You can equip it via the Residents menu or during battle which should happen in the following question mark box.

Hurray! Now you have the ability to build a Spaceport and Hotel (the round white and blue structure) so throw in a Spaceport (or else nothing new will happen).

Upon placing it, you’ll get a greeting from the emperor of the jelly-fish like race known as Madako. Two red ships should arrive and land at the ports and two pairs of Madako will come out and immediately start visiting the hotel and any crop fields you’ve placed nearby.

  1. [IMG]
    Select the third tab in the Build menu to construct a Spaceport. Note that the emperor may not immediately contact you. Just be patient though and the game will progress. :3 If it doesn’t, throw in a new hotel too. (It’s that white and blue building that’s right of the Spaceport.) However, be aware of the maintenance fees …

  2. [IMG]
    The alien emperor sends you greetings.
  3. [IMG]
    The visitors have arrived. *___*

Notice the little green progress bar above the portrait of the alien whenever it enters a hotel? When it becomes full, the level of friendship the tourists have with you goes up.

  • [IMG]
    The Madako have grown warmer to your planet~!

  • [IMG]
    I’m not 100% certain but I believe the number of points displayed next to 観光度 (literally “sight-seeing times”) is related to the rate the bar fills up. You can boost the points by placing other hotels nearby as well as planting flower beds.

Please note that building more hotels and spaceports WILL NOT entice more visits. An increase in tourists will gradually happen depending on how they feel about your world. At the moment, the menu option isn’t available yet but once you discover the Space Center, you will be able to see a meter which is a visual indicator of their relationship with the colony and other information about your alien visitors.

  • [IMG]
    Those Mechabots sure are indifferent (疎遠) to your world. :/ And with the “friendship meter” at 24, it’s going to take a loooong time before they’ll like it. (These aliens are among the final ones you’ll encounter. And don’t worry — if you play the game well, it won’t take you over 20 years to find them. :B)
  • [IMG]
    Conversely, the Madako’s meter maxes out at 50 meaning they’ll be “Friendly” (親密) in no time. 😀

The Madako Emperor will contact you again and inform you of rogues that have holed up somewhere on your planet. It will reward you if you can help it get rid of them. Go to the new unexplored area to take care of the bandits. I should note that you don’t need to create paths that connect directly to areas pending exploration since your party will magically go over terrain that have no roads.

In this new area, you will:

  • Fight Madako bandits
  • Rescue Momoyama Momoko (桃山モモコ) who is equipped with a wimpy rock (石). It’s a ranged weapon so you can keep her on that if you wish. I believe that if you change her weapon, the rock will simply disappear from the Weapon menu. :/
  • Discover the ability to research new weapons as well as create them.
  • Beat up some more rogues and also discover the Flower Bed (花壇). As mentioned in the hotel screenshot above, flower beds can raise the 観光度 which is probably vital to speeding up the appeal of your planet to tourists.

At the end, the Madako Emperor will provide you with the research for the Astro Scope (アスロスコープ), I think. (It may just mention it.) However, the option to research it won’t appear until a bit later.

Upon returning to the surface, you will unlock the Factory (工場), research points, as well as some other menu options. See the CREATING PRODUCTS FOR EXPORT section below for specific details about the Factory. I will briefly talk about this after introducing the new menus.

Now let’s take a look at third menu, Engineering (技術). This is the place to go to uncover more weapons, armor, products, and upgrades to certain structures as well as the Remove option. Research points are always required to level up any category. All you will have at the moment is Weapon (武器) and levelling up takes 10 research points. You can do so if you wish although I can’t recall when you’ll find the first building that will allow tourists to find research points for you which means you may be out of points to use until then. (You may still be able to discover some during expeditions.)

The fourth menu, Development/Craft (開発), is where you’ll actually research and create things. The first submenu is Special (特殊) and currently has the Flower Bed and later, Astro Scope, as items you can research. All future products, once developed from Engineering, can be researched here as well.

Second submenu is Weapon. Weapons can be created here. Use the Engineering menu to unlock more weapons to create.

The final submenu is Armor (アーマー). It’s greyed out since, like weapons, you first have to discover the ability to develop and create armor.

So now, you can build a Factory. Please place it in a square next to the Export Facility or at least within walking range of the tourists because if you don’t, the Factory will max out in production and stay maxed out since it can’t export or sell off any units.

At the moment, the Factory is set to produce the food product, Bread Roll (コッペパン). You’ll be stuck with this for the next little while but don’t worry, very soon, you’ll be able to research more products! Each quantity produced will get you 35万. Notice that your residents will pluck up blue and green blocks from fields and walk to the Factory with them. The blocks are ingredients that will allow the Factory to create the bread rolls. Each roll costs 1 unit of Food/crop to make. Again, see CREATING PRODUCTS FOR EXPORT for more information on how product creation works.

Ah, the Astro Scope is now researchable. You’ll want to do this soon so you can uncover new areas on the planet. Once it’s complete, the map will expand and you will have 5 new areas to explore! But first, let’s go to the little green mound (re: cave) to the east! Notice the level of difficulty is 2 stars. Still, your characters should be able to tackle it as they are. If not, and you have the money, level up one or two of them.

Oh, do take heed that the higher the character level, the more expensive it will be to send them on expeditions.

  • [IMG]
    Check out the cave first and then the rocket area~!

In the cave, you will:

  • Most likely find money in several spots. (I have no idea if this is random so … ^^)
  • Fight some monsters.
  • Discover the ability to develop new food products through the Cooking (調理) category. (This can be found under the Engineering menu.) Also, you have a new product to produce right off the bat!! You can now set your Factory to churn out Sandwiches (サンドイッチ)! They retail for 43万 each so switch over~! You may have noticed at some point that the party requested more money to continue with the exploration. This will be a common occurrence with every expedition so make sure you have enough funds to commit to one!

Since we have several places to choose from, I would go for the area with the rocket first. This way, you can start expanding your population! This area will most likely have a lot of money and some research points and an enemy group. When you leave, the area will be revealed to be a Space Center (宇宙センター) and a new menu option Planet (惑星) will be available.

Are you ready to check out some new worlds? Assuming that you are, select the menu option, Planet and then select the only destination available to you. At the moment, you can only take 4 people with you on the ship. It’s up to you whether or not you want to max it out. Just keep in mind that if you do that, only one person will be left on the world to work.

Here’s a secret though (and I hope I’m correct in this ^^): I believe there are no battles on this world so you can technically send one person to the Madako planet to get your new residents~! Bear in mind that the expedition will go slower! (For me, it took 58 days with one guy. ^^ With 3 guys, it went down to 47 days. It will vary for every player since the amount of time is calculated from the Exploration stat (探索) of the residents.)

Now there’s a rather annoying issue with off-world expeditions: Every time you come across someone and immediately choose Yes (はい) at window that appears, you will leave the planet with that individual. So, to prevent this from happening, simply select Back (戻る) and then Yes (はい) to the window that pops up, and the expedition will continue on its merry way to the next point.

Once you finish exploring the entire homeworld of the jelly-fish race, you will be able to select from 8 individuals to bring to your colony.

At the moment, unless you have research points to spare, you can only recruit the first 2 people you encounter. (I’m assuming the game doesn’t randomize the NPCs.) If you have 10 research points handy, you can also nab the next 2 individuals which will increase your colony’s population to 9 people. 🙂

For instructions on how to invite the off-worlders to your planet, check GETTING NEW RESIDENTS below.

While the party is exploring the Madako world, you can tweak your planet by putting in some flower beds, building some new homes for the soon-to-be residents, research and create new weapons, and/or level up some characters. Of course, you will need to pay attention to your funds and research points.

The next little bit is like choose your own adventure~! Ignore the dates in the screenshots. XD You can do these in any order you want. :3 Whichever 9-square area you choose to go to next, completing it will trigger the message that you have uncovered 10% of the world. The bonus you receive will be the Jizo Statue (お地蔵さま) . It will allow tourists to discover research points as well as spend some extra money. Build it near the Spaceports and hotels or else they won’t be able to reach it.

Be aware that the statue has a finite quantity. You will gain additional ones at certain points of the game.


Choose to explore the area that’s directly east of the Space Center.
There’s nothing special at this destination however …


… uncovering this area will give you access to the cave which will
unlock the Armor menu option + engineering category.


Head on over to the far west side of the map and uncover this area so you can go into its cave. Doing so will get you another facility that tourists can visit. 😀

The structure you will unlock is the Food Stand (屋台). Tourists will pay 50万 and find some research points every time they go there so it’s not a bad investment.


Send a team to the area with the suspicious silver and blue structure in the south of the Space Center. Upon completing the expedition, you’ll discover the R-Grey race. Unfortunately, until you rid their world of some pirates, they won’t visit.

This concludes the walkthrough since my year ended before my party even landed on the R-Grey homeworld. ^^; I hope I provided you with enough information about the basics. Please read the sections below for more gameplay details~!



For the remaining alien races, they will not immediately visit the colony like the Madako. You will have to go on an expedition to their home world first. (You may even need to beat the enemies on their planet as well.)

Sometimes, it can get really annoying when aliens begin consuming your raw materials. You should have noticed that the export facility periodically jettisons stuff into space in exchange for money. Unless you’ve destroyed it, the one initially on the map was next to a field. For fields, once crops reach 6 units, any export facility placed immediately next to them will automatically send them off to be sold. Money will be immediately received afterward.

However, your visitors will butt in and start purchasing the stuff. While this is nice — especially when your residents are asleep or off on expeditions — it can get troublesome when you’re trying to create major export products since a certain amount of units are required before a product can be produced. .___.;

There’s a way to prevent them from wreaking havoc on your production and such but I’ll get into that later.

  • [IMG]
    The Field information window which displays the maintenance fee (25万 per month), the Production Type (生産品) which is Food (食材), and the cost per unit (20万) as well as number of units. At the moment, there are only 3 units out of the maximum of 10.
  • [IMG]
    Noooo. Stop buying crops. ;;o;;~ I need them to make Foie Gras Steak. .__.

The visitors from neighbouring worlds will also be your prime source of research points in the game as you will be able to build facilities where they can discover points. Again, this isn’t available yet but should be soon after an expedition or two.



If I remember correctly, there may be a few more potential residents scattered throughout the first part of the map. However, the majority of folks will be coming from nearby worlds.

Once you obtain the Space Center (宇宙センター), you can blast off to new territories via the additional menu option that appears under Build (建築). The option will be 惑星 which means Planet.

On each foreign world, there can be up to 8 – 10 people (I think) to bring back. However, the process is rather costly and tedious. … Or maybe I was doing something wrong all along but from my experience, every time you come across a person and opt to take him or her back to your colony, your party will literally leave the planet with the newfound friend and ignore all the other pending points that need to explored. >____>

To prevent this from happening, just choose Back (戻る) and then Yes (はい) to the window that pops up, and the expedition will continue on its merry way to the next point.

If you fully explore a world first before leaving it, all the exploration points where you discovered people will be recorded in the planet’s summary. When you choose to visit it again, you will then have the option to select a specific starting point.

  1. [IMG]
    “To infinity … and beyond!”
    Well, not really.
  2. [IMG]
    The information for the planet, Planta. It shows their friendship level, the percentage of the planet explored, and the remaining number of humans to invite to the colony. Clicking on the number of people will bring you to a screen that’ll give you a rundown of the people and their profiles.
  3. [IMG]
    Levels and names of the folks still on Planta and the number of research points needed to recruit them.

  4. [IMG]
    The expedition window. Currently, I have the location where I discovered John McLaughlin (ジョン・マクローレン) selected as the point where I will begin the exploration. Clicking on the highlighted line will allow you to choose other starting points.

  5. [IMG]
    The list of people and at what point of the planet they’re located at (represented in percentage).

You have the option of never going back for an individual too. XD However, the game DOES take into consideration the amount of residents you have by the end of 15 years in its calculation of clear points.

Since you’re limited in map space in the beginning, I think it’s important to know that not everyone on other worlds will contribute very well to the colony as there are some that have stats that will remain dismally low. However, I can’t identify who these people are and I’m unsure if the game even randomizes stats and how much they increase (if at all) upon levelling up. But since the game lets you preview the profiles of everyone on a world you visit, you can decide who to invite and when to invite them, providing you have enough research points to do so.



As I can’t translate the How to Play since I’m missing words on every single page, the following may be a little off:

体力 – Life/Hitpoints

This, along with the Defense (防御) parameter, will determine how much damage the character can take during battles.

熟練 – Dexterity

Determines how quickly your character can move on the map and fight. For battles, this just means that the higher the stat, the quicker a character will swing a sword or fire a gun. In terms of movement during an expedition, I’m not sure this stat affects it.

労働 – Labour

Determines how efficient and diligent a resident is at his or her job. The higher this stat, the quicker the person will perform job-related actions.

探索 – Exploration

Determines how fast expeditions can be completed.



The main source of income for the colony is through exporting goods.

In the beginning, you only have fields to work with. Note that any fields that aren’t next to an Export Facility will not earn you money when the crops are ready to be sold. However, if they’re near hotels or spaceports, aliens will come and purchase some. They’ll pay in the form of what each unit is worth. (Fields have a max of 10 units which are worth 20万 each.)

Once the Factory (工場), Processing Plant (材料加工所) and Mine (採掘所) are discovered, things get a bit more complex.

Here are their roles:

  • [IMG]
    The Factory is the structure that will produce the final product to be exported.
  • [IMG]
    The Plant is in charge of converting raw materials (like crop) into construction materials to be used to make a product.
  • [IMG]
    The Mine is for obtaining other raw materials such as oil, rare metal, and ore. Note that a mine can only be built over snow or sand.

It’s not complicated as long as you understand the process. In fact, it’s entirely logical. The only problem players may have at the moment is that everything is in Japanese. :3

Here’s how it works. I’ll use the Sports Car as an example:

  1. [IMG]
    The Factory information window will display the maintenance fee, the product being produced, the per unit cost it will sell for, and the number of units currently created.You are free to change the type of product you want to export by selecting on the option that’s highlighted in the screenshot.
  2. [IMG]
    This window gives you a list of available products to choose from. The bottom part of the window shows the required materials and the quantity that’s required to make a single unit. For the Sports Car, you will need 3 units of Super Alloys (超合金) and 3 units of Petroleum (石油). And this is where the Mines and Processing Plants come in.
  3. [IMG]
    The Plant works like a Factory in that you can also change what it will produce. The difference is that its sole purpose is to create materials to be used to construct products. Note that the material has a per unit cost as well.
  4. [IMG]
    This is a list of the construction materials a Processing Plant can create. Each construction material requires raw/base materials. For the Super Alloy, it needs a single unit of Ore (鉄鉱石). In order to get Ore, we need a Mine.
  5. [IMG]
    A Mine is a little different than the previous two structures in that, depending on whether it’s placed on snow or on sand, it will give you a different list of resources. I messed up my screencapping so instead of showing you the Mine with Ore, I have the Mine with Petroleum. >_>; However, the concept is the same! The only difference is that Petroleum can only be obtained from a Mine in the desert region. Ore is available in both desert and snow.Anyway, similar to a Factory and Plant, you have the option to select another resource to mine.

Now, to put everything in perspective, this is what will happen:

  1. Residents will mine for Ore and Petroleum at two different mines because you can only set one resource to be obtained from each mine.
  2. Residents will then move units of Ore to the Processing Plant. Oil units will go directly to the Factory since it doesn’t need additional processing.
  3. Units of Super Alloy produced from the Plant will be brought over to the Factory.
  4. When 3 units of both Super Alloy and Oil are at the Factory, a Sports Car will be produced.

In retrospect, the Sports Car probably wasn’t the best example to give since it has a few more steps than what players would have to deal with early in the game. ^^ (At the start, you’ll only have the Factory and Processing Plant and everything would rely on the fields.) Hopefully, it adequately illustrates how a product is produced.

As seen in the screenshots, just about everything that can be produced and mined has a per unit price. This means that if you place an Export Facility next to a Plant or Mine, anything they churn out will be subject to being catapulted into space for money. This also means that they will be targets for the alien tourists.

To prevent tourists from buying up your resources, construct the production facilities and fields away from hotels. For some reason, aliens will walk from one end of the planet to the next to get to their lodging facility. However, they will only shop at places near one. I’ve never bothered to count the maximum distance that they will travel from a hotel but I’m guessing anything more than 10 squares away should be safe.

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Astro Expedition Weapon & Armor Data

Hi, Internet! If you plan on reposting the information below, please learn some courtesy and credit your source. Thanks~!

Data translated from

Edit: Tuesday, Dcecember 20th — Updated armor and most weapons to official English names.



Weapon Name Attack Power Cost Unlock Condition Special Note
8 800 Weapon (武器) Lv 1
10 1200 Weapon Lv 2
Short Sword
13 1600 Weapon Lv 3
Long Sword
18 2100 Weapon Lv 4
Battle Axe
22 3700 Weapon Lv 5
26 4300 Weapon Lv 6
30 5000 Weapon Lv 7
Heat Axe
32 Planet rank Lv 6 Reward
Beam Sabre
36 5700 Weapon Lv 7 & Electronics (電子) Lv 4
40 6500 Weapon Lv 7 + Mining (採掘) Lv 3 Multi-hit up to 5 times
Golden Axe
42 Battle reward on 13F in the Bottomless Chasm. Has high attack power but speed is slow
Force Sword
44 Battle reward on 4F in the Bottomless Chasm


Weapon Name Attack Power Cost Unlock Condition Special Note
5 Cannot be researched or created
6 600 Weapon (武器) Lv 2
Throwing Knife
8 1000 Weapon Lv 3
Shock Blade
10 Planet rank Lv 2 Reward
Throwing Star
10 1500 Weapon Lv 4
Iron Boomerang
13 2200 Weapon Lv 5
16 3200 Weapon Lv 6
19 4300 Weapon Lv 7
Beam Rifle
22 5500 Weapon Lv 7 & Electronics (電子) Lv 4 Can hit all enemies in a single row
Wind Blade
24 Planet rank Lv 9 Reward; Ability to invoke Power Attack
Multiple-Launch Bazooka
25 Battle reward on 7F in the Bottomless Chasm; Can hit up to 3 times
Plasma Rifle
28 Battle reward on 10F in the Bottomless Chasm; Can hit all enemies in a single row


Name Defense Cost Unlock Condition Special note
Battle Gear
20 1000 Armor
(アーマー) Lv 1
Space Suit
30 2000 Armor Lv 2
Power Suit 1
40 3200 Armor Lv 3
Power Suit 2
50 4400 Armor Lv 4
Power Suit 3
60 5600 Armor Lv 5
Chimpan Z Suit
5 Reward for uncovering the entire planet (Exploration 100%). Allows wearer the ability to instantly kill weak enemies which then become allies/residents. Can be brought over to succeeding playthrough.
Kairo Suit
60 Reward for clearing 16F in the Bottomless Rifle. Allows wearer the ability to instantly kill any enemy (including the massive ones) which then become an ally/resident. Can be brought over to succeeding playthrough.