Mobius Final Fantasy – Tips for Beginners Updates Log

Updated on August 15th:

  • Substituted “standalone” for “summoned” when referring to job cards obtained from a summon card draw.
  • Updated “Why would I want to draw jobs that I can get from the starter jobs?” with screenshots and expanded explanation.
  • Added FAQ “Where can I find a map for Blank Slate/Chapter 2/full maps of the game?”
  • Added link to another blog post regarding the job ratings at the Altema wiki.
  • Rewrote the Rental Card tip since I was thinking about the Japanese version at the time. >_>
  • Moved the Use Target View tip to General Battle Tips.
  • Added sentence about Hard difficulty providing more EXP and increase drop rate under “Play on Hard Difficulty When Things Get Too Easy”.
  • Added mention of the Mobius FF official FB page under “Stay Informed About Updates & Events”.

Updated on August 13th:
– Updated “What jobs are available right now?”
– Added screenshot to the FAQ and corrected the name of the single-target water mage card under “Where can I farm the Imperial Lich/Dyadic Lich/Miasmatic Lich in Chapter 2?”
– Updated the section “Card Summons Seem to Be an Iffy Investment in the International Version” with info about the Greater Ability Summon.
– Clarified that single card summons come with maxed Skillseeds under “Getting More Skillseeds”.
– Updated contents of Mobius Gift Box.

Updated on August 9th:
– Added warning about viewing job info at the Altema wiki.
– Reworded the “Focus and Work With What You Have” section a little and added the common suggestion to save Openers for Job Cards obtained through summon draw.
– Added Tips header.
– Added FAQ “Where can I farm the Imperial Lich/Dyadic Lich/Miasmatic Lich in Chapter 2?”

Updated on August 8th:
– Expanded Getting More Skillseeds with instructions on how to unlock all Skillseeds. Also added note about editing a deck to specifically focus on certain Skillseed elements.
– Added some basic battle tips.
– Added a sentence to A Deck DOES NOT NEED to consist of 3 Offensive-Type Ability Cards and 1 Support Card that mentions a deck can consist of one element or multiples of the same card.
– Updated Mobius Gift Box information as Square Enix has announced some changes that will be made to it.

Updated on August 7th:
– Added FAQ about the best place to farm Skillseeds.
– Added FAQ about getting more actions per turn.
– Added FAQ about the flashing warning sign on cards.
– Added section on Cactuar card rarity levels.
– Added mention about the multi-card summon being added in the future under the Card Summon section.

Updated on August 6th:
– Added FAQ about Extra Skills and also added the same links from that answer to the section about Extranger Cards below.
– Added section suggesting to read the in-game Help section.

Updated on August 5th @ 16:30 EDT:
– Added FAQ about Dark and Light Skillseeds.
– Added a section about changing to the game to Hard difficulty.
– Added a section about resetting & refreshing Rental Cards + Quickstart.
– Reworded the Card Summons section a little to clarify some things.
– Added FAQ about High graphics resolution option missing from iPhone 6 Plus.
– Added FAQ about Errors 29 to 32 that affects iOS users. (Sorry, not sure about Error 12).
– Added FAQ about when new chapters, cards, jobs, etc. will come out.

Updated on August 4th @ 15:25 EDT: I am seeing so many duplicate questions at the Facebook community I’m a member of. I assume that all other forums and such are getting swamped with them as well so I made a section of Literally Frequently Asked Questions.

Edit on August 4th:  I keep forgetting that players can obtain and use Light and Dark Skillseeds right from the beginning. Due to this silly error, I removed the original section that talked about them and changed it explain how to get more Skillseeds instead. :s

3:41 PM, August 3rd: I think I’m done with this post now. ^^~

1:50 PM, August 3rd: Finally got through the tutorial. It turns out Square Enix took a totally different, unexpected approach to providing Ability Cards in international versions. Instead of blind draws like in the Japanese one, you can now purchase all available Ability Cards through the Ability Card Shop regardless of whether or not you owned the card before.

The Magicite Distiller is a surprise! Never expected them to hand out premium currency like this.

Anyway, I’m in the process of updating these tips now to reflect the EN version. ^^~

11:14 AM, August 3rd: The English server runs on UTC-8 time. That is Alaska’s time zone. The game will be available for play in less than 1 hour.

Edit for random commentary at 2:40 AM EDT, August 3rd: It’s come to my attention that the Chinese version DOES NOT offer multi-card summons; there are only single draws. 😦

6 Summon Tickets for 1 Job Card
2 Summon Tickets for 1 3-star Card
5 Summon Tickets for 1 4-star Card

The 500 Magicite/Magic Stones per 1 draw is still the same.

Edit for correction (3:20 AM): Both types of ability cards come with maxed out abilities. Thanks to Jack Chee for the info.

Mobius Gift Box price has also increased to 3000 Magicite (it’s 1500 in JP) I hope this isn’t the case with the English version.

Some complaints have already surfaced at the official Chinese Mobius FF page.

Credit goes to Yao Wong for sharing this link at the unofficial Mobius FF English FB community:

Why the changes are a big deal: You will be essentially paying your way through the game. The JP version offers 1 Summon Ticket/500 Magic Stones for 1 card draw or 6 Summon Tickets/3000 Magic Stones for 5 Ability Cards + 1 Job Card. The options in the Chinese version are FAR more expensive overall.

Another member at the FB community, Eugene See, pointed out that Square Enix most likely did this as a means to recoup the costs used in localizing the game. That’s understandable but I think this is a bit heavy handed. 😐

Brace yourselves, North America and Europe. You may not be getting the game you’re expecting. Granted, this is just the first day. We don’t know if there is or will be anything that may offset the drastic change in the summon draws. (But seeing how making profit in the shortest amount of time is the issue here, I’m not expecting that will happen.)