DJMax Ray Eyecatchers

I extracted all the title images for the tunes (which were labelled as eyecatchers in the IPA).  They’re sorted by in order of music packs. Enjoy~~

Edit on November 15th, 2012: Sorry I won’t be able to provide the images to the second Music Pack combo since I’m permanently offline in the game … which means I can’t buy it. >_> Neowiz needs a QC team. Or if they already have one, they need to test out more variables on more devices. TT~

Edit on Feb 1st, 2013: I meant to write this earlier but Neowiz has decided to not even try to support jailbroken devices. They just automatically assume everyone that uses one pirates, I guess. Pretty sad.

Edit on March 17th, 2013: Putting this page back up again since I didn’t realize that updating the app gets you all the eyecatchers anyway. ^^

Edit on April 9th, 2013: Added images for DJMax Classic 5 & 6 and Sweetheart.

Edit on May 6th, 2013: Added images for Next Wave and DJMax Classic 7 & 8

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