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A Small Selection of My Favourite Game Music

I made two posts in the past that showcased my fave tracks from specific games. (See List of Favourite Final Fantasy Tunes. Just because and ポケットナイツ Music Selection.) This time, it’ll be a general list. 😀 However, since I have a lot of favourites, I’ll just be highlighting a handful.

I’m always interested in meeting folks with the same taste in music so please comment if you approve of this selection. XD

Names of tracks are preceded by the composer or vocalist. The title of the game follows the track title.

Chihiro Onitsuka – Castle・imitation from Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter

dj TAKA – ABSOLUTE from beatmania IIDX 4th style and various other Bemani games

Mio Isayama – Gentsurenka/Moon Love Flower from Shadow Hearts II/Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Michael Land – The Secret of Monkey Island theme from The Secret of Monkey Island. (Apparently, the track name is Introductions according the soundtrack that came with the Special Edition?)

The Fatman (George Sanger) – Main Theme – Cloak and Dagger from Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi

Roy Glover – M.U.L.E. theme from M.U.L.E. (Commodore 64 version)

Rob Hubbard – Commando theme from Commando (Commodore 64 version)

David Watson – Stones from Ultima VI: The False Prophet (MS-DOS version)

Yasunori Mitsuda – Time’s Scar from Chrono Cross; U-TIC System from Xenosaga

Frank Klepacki – Act on Instinct, Target from Command & Conquer; Hell March from Command & Conquer: Red Alert; Hell March 3 from Command & Conquer Red Alert 3

Kazuhiko Toyama – Fulfilled Desire from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. I also love the piano loop that’s played when you select the game on the PSP. ^^

Falcom Sound Team j.d.k. – Alone in the Moonlight, An Ill Omen – Indian Version – from VM Japan; Genesis Beyond the Beginning from Ys Origin; Beat of Destruction from Ys: The Oath in Felghana

Yuki Kajiura – communication breakdown from Xenosaga II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse ~Movie Scene Soundtrack~

Bob Bergthold & Debbie Seibert – Girl in the Tower from King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

Yoshitaka Hirota – SABBATH -Devil’s Banquet-, From the New World from Shadow Hearts: From the New World


Nobuo Uematsu – J-E-N-O-V-A [FFVII AC Version] from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Yoko Shimomura – Departure, Veiled in Black, Noctis, Somnus from Final Fantasy XV

Serena – Angel Breath from Phantom Brave

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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – 2★ Odin Battle (All Attacker)

My initial intention was to attempt the battle using an Attacker with lowered stats* since I wanted to see how a job with just 4 skill panel pages would fare against the boss. I have since discovered that this wasn’t possible as the game automatically restores the stats to maximum once you exit the deck menu. >_<

While I do have jobs that don’t have all 8 skill panel pages completed, they’re also ones that don’t have strong single target Earth cards. =__= This is what happens when you focus on developing ones that destroy regular mobs instead of bosses.

At any rate, this should give global players an idea of the amount of HP the boss has. ^^; The two Earth cards used will most likely not be available any time soon unless Square Enix decides to hold the FFXIII event earlier.

*Every job has a corresponding Medal that can be purchased from the Item Shop. The item allows a job to keep its maximum stats when the player selects any of its previous evolutions.

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Mobius Final Fantasy メビウスファイナルファンタジー 激闘!アダマンタイマイ

Sorry for the terrible audio and video desynchronization. I’m a total amateur when it comes to editing. I have no idea if I even have the right tools and programs to deal with frame drops and such. :/ I’m pretty certain wonky frame rates is why the audio became way out of sync by the time the Adamantoise battle started. .__.

Consider reading my initial impressions about the game! 😀 I also have a ton of screencaps uploaded to my Instagram account. ^^

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ポケットナイツ Music Selection

ポケットナイツ (Pocket Knights), available on iOS and Android*, is a freemium title I play on a daily basis. It’s mind-numblingly simple. In fact, if you’ve played Knights of Excalibur before then you know EXACTLY how Pocket Knights plays … except PK has a superior user interface, cuter graphics, and better music. (Both games are developed by Bank of Innovation, by the way.)

Check out the track below. 😀

This totally reminded me of Falcom Sound Team j.d.k.’s current style. ^^ I loved this tune the moment I heard it!

I’ve recorded 3 more tracks as well. You can find them all here:

I don’t plan on posting the entire soundtrack up since the point of my music selection is highlighting pieces I like. :3

*The Android version is region locked to Japanese IP addresses meaning that unless you use a VPN from Japan, you won’t be able to get it.

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Tiny Farm: Fix your inventory, Com2uS!

Edit on September 4th, 2014: Com2uS actually revised the inventory system an update or two ago so this post is no longer relevant. However, I’m keeping it here just to show folks that infinite scrolling is a really terrible design.

Phew. It’s been a while since I wrote up an entry on Tiny Farm. I’m still playing it because I love collecting the super cute animals. I just wish animal certificates weren’t so expensive. I’ve long exhausted the ability to buy them with gold. Have to rely on Bells now. 😦

Anyway, Tiny Farm received a massive overhaul a few weeks ago. Oddly, the ONLY revision the inventory UI received was reduced icon sizes so now each page has 2 lines of items instead of a single one. While that reduces the amount of scrolling one had to endure, it still means A LOT of scrolling for someone like me that has tons of things in storage. Sure, I can sell stuff like fences and rebuy them but why would I? Why should I have to? I’d rather save the money to spend on other things like the unnecessarily expensive lottery draw events.

I recorded the video on my iPad mini with Retina to show how idiotic the inventory design is. In it, you will see that I have to scroll forever to find the freakin’ Yellow Lotus Lantern that was automatically placed in inventory after claiming it from the gift area. I know I zoom past it in the initial scroll-by but it’s just to show that it doesn’t pop up at the end like what other sadistic developers may do with new things you get. At least that would make some sort of sense. This lantern showed up on page 7 or so.

The video was originally longer to show that every single item I have in the gift area is subject to the same random treatment but I decided just showing the lantern was enough.

So what can be done to improve the damnable design? Here are my suggestions:

  • ALL new items/animals you get should appear at the BEGINNING of your inventory.
  • Additional tabs on the side to sort between plants/trees, fences, and decorations just like in the freakin’ Store page.
  • Some ability to manually input a search string to look for something.

I wonder if there’s something in the code that’ll make these additions extremely difficult to implement? There’s no reason such logical ideas haven’t found their way into the game yet. It’s been over TWO YEARS since Tiny Farm debuted. Inventories will only get larger over time. >:/

I might fire off a message to Com2uS about this. A few weeks ago, I complained about the simplicity of the Com2uS Hub to them such as the inability to easily locate one’s post and the lack of a search function (for keywords and users) so what’s another complaint? XD They can make pretty looking games but they sure can’t seem to create intuitive user interfaces. The Hub is SO backwater it’s not funny. The way it functions is like a message forum from a few decades ago. 9__9

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FFXIII-2: Chocolog #3

Did more racing today! Got the King of Cocoon, Grade-Getter, and Derby Champ titles today. 😀 Then I went around to some locations and threw Mog around for some adornments. XD  Oh, I bought some from Chocolina too!

I went back to racing afterward to get some more adornments.  Got me the Mog Figurine from the Omega Weapon Cup and then the Onion Knight’s Helm from the Undying Cup!

In fact, here’s a crappy video of the Undying Cup race. I have no idea what the fuck YouTube did to the video but the text isn’t supposed to look all blocky and mostly illegible like that.

FWIW, the audio was recorded with the Voice Memo app on my iPod touch 4G since with the setup I have on my notebook system, there’s no way DScaler can record audio from the video input adapter I use.

Since I’m not having all that much luck recording from the PS3, I’m considering doing a cam video for the next one. At least, the text will be readable in that. Well, hopefully.  The digital camera I have has a wonderful habit of constantly re-focusing while recording (even when it’s sitting on a tripod). 9___9