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Mobius Final Fantasy – First Anniversary Collections (art book)

I love the artwork from the game so I pre-ordered the book from Amazon Japan not long after it was announced by Square Enix. The shipping confirmation was received this Monday and it was delivered last night. *_* So fast~!

Anyway, I took some photos of some of the illustrations. Pardon the quality since I don’t have any professional tools or equipment to take incredible photos. ^^

Case in point:


The photos~

There’s also commentary from Toshiyuki Itahana (character designer), Toshitaka Matsuda (art designer), and an interview with both Yoshinori Kitase and Naoki Hamaguchi, the producer and project leader of Mobius Final Fantasy respectively.

Please don’t request for certain illustrations. This is all I’m planning on sharing. If you like what you see, please purchase the book! For overseas customers, it costs 2593 yen. Along with shipping and import fees, the total ended up as 3773 yen. I haven’t checked what other retailers carry it aside from the Square Enix Japan e-Store and Amazon Japan though so there may be cheaper options. (The SE Japan store doesn’t ship internationally.)

Incidentally, some of the illustrators have posted their Mobius FF works online. Please refer to this post for links to many of them: Note: All links were working at the time I wrote that post, but there’s a possibility that some may be broken now. ^^

Before anyone asks, Square Enix has yet to mention if they will release an English version of the art book.

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More random photos from my LG Xenon!

Unrelated: I got an ASUS MeMO Pad 8 yesterday! Loving it so far! 😀 It may be an entry level, no frills sort of tablet but it’s still great and totally does the job for me! Besides, I already have an iPad mini with Retina after all so I don’t need another premium tablet; even if it’s with a different and a much more customizable OS. :3 I’ll probably babble about it a bit later!

Now onto the crappy quality pictures! XD

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Random Photos from my LG Xenon (GR500)

Yes, I use an ancient phone. I have no need for a smart phone since I hardly go out and have Android and iOS devices at home that I use via wifi.

Seriously, these photos are random. I take photos of things that interest, amuse, or disgust me. ^^ I decided to post them for the heck of things (or more like it’s an excuse to make a new post). 😀

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My DJMax Collection (plus thoughts on Technika Tune)

Just had my DJMax Technika Tune LE delivered today. Paid an arm and a leg for it, no thanks to the UPS Brokerage and their INSANE fees. I used to constantly blame the Canadian customs and government for the additional import cost but it turns out the culprit for the excessive charges comes from the broker. Anyway~ Here are some photos of the set. :3 They’re all kind of blurry here because WordPress resizes them to fit the blog’s theme/style. You can click on them for larger, crispier, & clearer versions (except the one with the open game case).

DJMax Technika Tune LE slipcase
DJMax Technika Tune LE slipcase
DJMax Technika Tune slipcase + box
DJMax Technika Tune slipcase + box
Clockwise, from top left: artbook, wrist strap + screen cleaner, game + card case, soundtrack, Vita slipcase
Clockwise, from top left: artbook, wrist strap + screen cleaner, game + card case, soundtrack, Vita slipcase
No manual. Not a surprise though.
No manual. Not a surprise though.

As a bonus, here’s my current DJMax collection. XD There were a few that I didn’t buy since they were either way too expensive and/or hard to find (like the Portable and Portable 2 ones), or just had stuff that I didn’t care about. I think DJMax Trilogy LE came with a mug or something goofy like that. Oh yeah, these are all pre-orders too so I got them all at retail price. :3

Haha. I didn't realize that DJMax Trilogy was upside down until I was cropping the photo. XD
Haha. I didn’t realize that DJMax Trilogy was upside down until I was cropping the photo. XD

I have an unopened copy of Fever in The Crew Edition LE because I bought the game first before PM Studios decided to sell the limited edition. The shiny silver thing between the Technika Tune LE and Trilogy is the DJMax Technika Exclusive Collection soundtrack. Bought it on a whim even though I never played the arcade game before. In fact, Technika Tune is the first time I played a game in the Technika series.

DJMax Portable Black Square: Quattra Edition has tape on its cover because either Play Asia or the people putting together the thing slashed it. I know for certain that it wasn’t me since the box itself was no where near the opening flaps of the shipping box that it came in.

Man, between all the limited and special editions here, I have 3 or 4 Platinum Crew cards. ^^ I’ve never used them before either. :3

DJMax Hot Tunes LE. I decided to open up the box again since I had the game on my shelf for the longest time. I forgot how extravagant and over-the-top this design was.
DJMax Hot Tunes LE. I decided to open up the box again since I had the game on my shelf for the longest time and wanted to put it away. I forgot how extravagant and over-the-top this design was.

Hot Tunes had one of the best looking DJMax limited editions, IMO.

Now about Technika Tune itself~~ it’s pretty fun! Only played about 4 songs in Freestyle (on Easy XD) though. I’m gonna need a lot more practice with this game since I’m bombing here and there on 2 – 3-star stages and might not move out of Easy difficulty for a while. ^^; (Bombing = breaking quite a bit. My lowest rating has been a C but I mostly get  B’s and A’s)

I just switched it to Normal to see how different it will be in terms of judgement and if note patterns change. I have a feeling I’ll be putting it back onto Easy though.


Adding some thoughts about the game~~

  • I do like this game quite a bit! I gotta say that it’s more fun than DJMax Portable 3. 😛
  • Mostly playing on Star Mixing mode until I get my reflexes up a bit more. I tried Pop Mixing and failed the first stage. XD Played it again and go through 3 stages. Had to set the difficulty on Easy though. .___.;
  • I find myself using one finger only. :/ Also, I’ve set it so that it’s only on touchscreen and the time line comes from the left.
  • Some tunes have distracting videos. For example, I Want You just flashes at some point and unless you’re familiar enough with the pattern, you may end up mistiming some things cuz the time line becomes hard to see.
  • The hand DOES block notes so it’s always good to glance ahead a little if possible.
  • Really wish they’d get rid of the stupid “Thanks for playing” splashscreen after completing a mixing mode. I KNOW it’s supposed to emulate arcade style gameplay but bleh. I guess that’s what Freestyle is for.
  • Fucking hell. I wish the goddamn Fever button wasn’t at the top right corner. Would worked better in the center or something.
  • Ugh. Forever is another one that suffers from the time line that blends in with the video. 9__9
  • Grr. Ghost is one of my fave songs but I can’t do well in it. .___. Same with Ruti’n.

Edit #2 (Dec 20th):

More babblings!

  • Getting better at the game now. Managed to pull off some full combos (with Anti Break 3 … but even with it equipped, it doesn’t need to kick in at times ^_^v) and some S and S+ ranks in Star Mixing and Freestyle (Star ones, of course). Currently trying to get a higher combo in Freestyle. I went back to Easy difficulty to ensure a better chance of maintaining a combo. XD

    Almost 100%. :/
    Almost 100%. :/
  • Spammed the hell out of Facebook last night to see what kind of exclusive items I can get. Turns out it’s some Fever +40% and EXP +40% consumable items. Looks like you can spam FB like 15 or so times? But because I did it like midnight – 1 AM, I won’t be able to post any more updates until tomorrow. XD

    Stocking up on consumable items via spamming Facebook status updates. XD
    Stocking up on consumable items via spamming Facebook status updates. XD
  • Pop Mixing is pretty fun! I think I like the touchscreen + touchpad gameplay. I just kind of suck at it at the moment. 😀
  • I just realized that I officially own some Kara tunes now. ^^; The only song I heard from them before was Jumping and that was from the Japanese version of Just Dance Wii. Actually, I think they may have another song or two on that but I never cared about it. I even bought the Japanese single of Jumping off iTunes JP. I like Step and Lupin now after hearing them so much in Technika Tune. ^^; I guess I’ll look for the singles to hear them in their entirety.
  • Managed this on Easy difficulty. I think I would have gotten a game over in Ghost if it were on Normal. :/

    Pop Mixing. Ghost almost did me in. :/
    Pop Mixing. Ghost almost did me in. :/
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Old School MLP XD

This package was dug up a few days ago from the basement. It brings back memories! I was a fan of MLP way back in the 1980’s and Hasbro even had an official fan club for the toys and cartoon. ^^ Thing is, I think this was the only thing that ever came out of it. XD

Click on the images to see their full size! (They’re crappy photos though. :3)

My Little Pony Fan Club Envelope
My Little Pony Fan Club Envelope

For some reason, they sent me a French-only version of the newsletter and certificate. 9__9 Also, the ponies on the certificate were coloured by me. ^^;

My Little Pony Fan Club package with other stuff
My Little Pony Fan Club package with other stuff

I’m quite certain the poster and post card were a part of some party set that that had the pink birthday pony and some other accessories. ^^ I just stored them in the envelope along with the fan club stuff.

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Hobby Link Japan and AmiAmi purchases get! ^o^

I just received my Taiko no Tatsujin 1:12 scale model kit today and the box of Tales of Friends Vol. 2 (Rubber Strap Collection).

I totally didn’t realize the Taiko one was a construction kit. ^^; This will be the first time I ever had to put a model together! Exciting! ^o^/

For the Tales box set, I’m so happy that I got all 10 characters! I seem to have luck with these blind boxes whenever I order a full box.  Volume 3 is coming out soon but I’m going to ignore that since I don’t care about most of the characters.  I also didn’t bother with volume 1 due to the same reason.  Volume 2 is the best! ^o^

Here be photos~!

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Cheapo semi-makeshift desktop 2012 Calendar

Cross-posted from my Tumblr page~

Cheapo semi-makeshift desktop 2012 Calendar
Cheapo semi-makeshift desktop 2012 Calendar

Ghetto 2012 print-out calendar. I don’t have a proper base for it and too lazy to look up how to create one so I used an existing 2008 calendar and taped the new one over it.  It’s also held together by two twist-ties. X3

The 2012 calendar was printed incorrectly as I didn’t “reverse” every other page so now every month is back-to-back so I have to turn the calendar around every other month. XD

Ive placed an order for the hardcopy since it’s free. I’m just not sure if it’s a desktop or wall calendar. ^^;