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Mobius Final Fantasy JP & Global – About Job Ratings Found on the Altema Wiki

The job ratings list on the Altema wiki, or translations of it, is a popular piece of information that’s circulating around the global community. There’s one problem; players are just looking at the ratings themselves without knowing why they’ve been given such a number. In some cases, that’s understandable since the web site they’re looking at doesn’t explain or provide links to the details for each job. This post, however, will give people the full picture. :3

Launch jobs such as the Warrior, Ranger, Mage, White Mage, and Hunter currently have glowing ratings for both solo and multiplayer performance. The reason for this is what’s known as Job Skill Cards. They’re a recent addition to the Japanese version of the game and can wildly boost the stats of a job by giving it various powerful auto-abilities.

I’m going to use the Ranger as an example to explain why it has a crazy high rating.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Ranger Rating on the Altema wiki
Lots of love for the Ranger!
Japanese players have given this job a very positive 85 points (out of 100) for solo play use and a whopping 93 points for multiplayer.

Underneath the appraisal, there’s a section summarizing the strengths, weaknesses, and its worth in multiplayer. I’ve only included a snapshot of the strengths part because it’s the one that matters most.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Ranger Job Partial Evaluation
These are the reasons. They DO NOT apply to global versions at this present time.
Google Translate butchers words so here’s what it’s saying:

  • With the job’s exclusive custom skill cards obtained from job quests, the parameters will grow significantly. Basic overall stats, such as HP, Attack, Magic, and Break Power increase by 50%, wind attacks are boosted by 200%, Critical Chance is upped 20%, and a new auto-ability named Flash Break is gained. It adds 150% to Break Power.
  • With the wind strengthening skill card, the total for the auto-ability, Enhance Wind, comes to +350%.
  • Having Flash Break means you can take down a Break gauge extremely fast.

Now let’s compare the original stats of a maxed out Risk Taker (2nd Ranger evolution) to one that has the job skill cards applied:

As you can see, the differences — most notably for HP and Critical Chance — are immense. I firmly believe that these custom skill cards won’t be added to global versions any time soon so when figuring out a job’s actual worth, always look at its stats without the custom skill modifications.

In my opinion, it’s completely fine to keep developing these “early” jobs; especially if you can’t afford or don’t have the Summon Tickets to draw a new job from a Job Card Summon. Just remember that every job has strengths and weaknesses and only having a job means nothing if you don’t know how to use its strengths or give it a deck that brings out its full potential.

Basically, don’t worry about all that re-rolling. What you have is probably fine and will get you to where you need to go.

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Mobius Final Fantasy (JP) – Scoring Big in Lightning Resurrection & The Beginnings of The Hall of Fame

It’s been a while since I wrote an actual journal-like piece about the game. I’ve been so busy playing both the English and Japanese versions, writing tips, and updating the FAQ.

Here’s what’s been happening:
Continue reading “Mobius Final Fantasy (JP) – Scoring Big in Lightning Resurrection & The Beginnings of The Hall of Fame”

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Mobius Final Fantasy – Tips for Beginners

I decided to whip up a short list of advice for everyone that’s just starting out. ^^~ Some of these are covered in the FAQ too. :3

Before asking questions, take a look at the FAQ and the comments section underneath it first since the answer is most likely in there somewhere. Thanks~!

Updated on November 16th:

  • Removed the tip about a targeted enemy taking the most damage from cone and AOE attacks. That only applies to main target focused ability cards from General Battle Tips.
  • Added a screenshot example of a deck for Fire Skillseed farming to the Getting More Skillseeds.
  • Changed the answer to What jobs are available right now?
  • Removed Where can I farm the Imperial Lich/Dyadic Lich/Miasmatic Lich in Chapter 2? since the 2nd Exploration map has been added. (The Liches appear there but it takes a few battles for them to show up again after the players defeat them.)

Older update info can be found here:

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Mobius Final Fantasy – Lightning Resurrection Babbles

I know I’m late to write about it considering the event started weeks ago. ^^; I just cleared part 2 of the event yesterday and working on the area that opens up in the bottom left of the map as well as completing the Crystarium.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Lightning Resurrection done!
Woo! Trying for Complete now.

Not much to talk about in terms of story since I didn’t even bother reading the dialogue. (And it’s not like I’d fully comprehend it anyway.)

Here’s some verbal diarrhea on the event basics and my experience! Continue reading “Mobius Final Fantasy – Lightning Resurrection Babbles”

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Mobius Final Fantasy – English Gameplay Preview by TheGamersJoint

TheGamersJoint on YouTube has posted gameplay and his own impressions of the upcoming English localized version of the game! I’m so happy to spot the List View option on the menu which means we’re NOT getting the initial Japanese version.

I’ll update this post with some more opinions in a bit since I’ve yet to finish watching it. ^^


  • !!! Double-speed option looks to be available right from the start!? (It’s the little arrow above the cards on the right.)
  • Skill Seed is now one word? :/
  • It kind of bothered me that he kept pronouncing “mobius” as “MOH-bee-us”. ^^; But it seems like most dictionaries indicate there are 2 accepted pronunciations so it boils down to personal preference.
  • I found it interesting he kept referencing Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ. ^^ I’ve played the Japanese version for a while as well and it never occurred to me the combat systems were kind of similar.
  • I expect this to happen a lot in the beginning but renting an attack card you have in your own deck is pointless. (A rental card is the 5th card on the side. It’s always placed on the bottom after a player’s own cards.) The only exception is when it’s of higher rarity. On that note, I recommend that people set support/restoration/pink-bordered cards for others to rent if they have one available. Well, NOT the Yuna card since EVERYONE will have it anyway. XD
  • Disappointed that there was no information about how to trigger and use the Ultimate Skill. I wonder what the translation will be? I referred to it as Special Attack for the longest time and only changed it to Ultimate Skill (or Attack ^^) recently because the voice from the stickers used in Multiplayer refer to it as that.
  • There was nothing about Element Drives either. I really can’t recall the tutorial but I believe those were brought up within the first few battles.
  • I just noticed he showed the cactuar map while explaining how the game features a new story and how to progress through the game. ^^;
  • Looks like Full Auto isn’t going to be available until after chapter 1 is cleared. :s
  • Overall, the video does a good job giving an brief overview.
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Mobius Final Fantasy – English Launch Version Predictions and Reflections on Pre-Reg Milestone Rewards

I tweeted a storm last night with my guesses on just how “up-to-date” the English launch version of the game will be compared to the current Japanese version (which is 1.4.033). When looking back at how Mobius Final Fantasy started in June 2015, it’s easy to see that the game is much more user friendly now. I explain some of the changes in the points below~ But first, some observations about the trailer and web site:

The announcement trailer seems to be partially a translation of the original Japanese one plus tacking on Cid at the end. (Cid doesn’t show up until  Chapter 4 or 5 which probably isn’t going to be added into the localized version any time soon.)

The option to “freely switch between your characters in battle!” is mentioned on the official site as a key point but this wasn’t available in the initial version of the Japanese release. You also don’t see it in action in the trailer either since, as noted, it’s based on the existing Japanese video that was made to drum up interest before release.

Here are my guesses of what we’ll see on day 1: Continue reading “Mobius Final Fantasy – English Launch Version Predictions and Reflections on Pre-Reg Milestone Rewards”

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The English version of Mobius Final Fantasy to be released on August 3rd in NA and EU!

Official Mobius Final Fantasy English North American Website
The official English site!

Square Enix has heard their fans! Mobius FF will finally come to Western shores next month! It’s dubbed in English too! 😀 Wish Mog sounded cuter. ;_;

Incidentally, the release date itself was mentioned on the official Final Fantasy Twitter account and not the Mobius FF one:

Mobius Final Fantasy EN release date
Mobius Final Fantasy EN release date

Currently, both the NA and EU sites only house general information, the announcement trailer, and the pre-registration link. Consider signing up so you can get tons of in-game rewards! … Although why are they only giving out 1 Summon Ticket? Shouldn’t it be reversed? (re: 1x Ability Ticket and 6x Summon Tickets) so people can do a multi-card draw? Bleh. I have no recollection of what the launch bonuses were for the Japanese version. Maybe they did the same thing. The Yuna card wasn’t a part of it though since that came later on as a promo reward for Mobius FF commercials airing in Japan.

Pro tip: Healing cards can be hella useful early in the game when you don’t have many support cards to work with. But when you get buff cards (which restore HP too), all Cure-type cards can be thrown out. XD

My holy trinity consists of Hellgate (Wall + Barrier + Regen), Knights of the Round (Brave + Faith + Boost), and Hermes (Haste). Lately though, I’ve been substituting Hermes for The Undying (Haste + Snipe + Drain) and Knights for Trance-type cards since they boost all job stats. Of course, none of this matters until the cards are actually released in the game. I doubt The Undying and the Trance ones will be show up any time soon since they were added in the FFXII event that happened recently. :/

Mobius Final Fantasy EN pre-reg rewards
The pre-registration rewards~!

Edit: The mobile site shows a different quantity for the Ability Ticket and a mislabelled Crystal:

Mobius Final Fantasy Pre-Registration Rewards on mobile version
Someone at Square Enix didn’t proofread the images before uploading the mobile version of the website.

Anyway, check out the site~! For North America:

For Europe:

And if you use Twitter, follow the official English account:

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Mobius Final Fantasy – Squall Job Get!

It’s an excuse to do a post! XD

Mobius Final Fantasy - バラムの傭兵 - Mercenary of Balamb
I didn’t bother shrinking the size of this image. Click to see larger version! The illustration is pretty cool. 😀

I’m pretty happy and surprised I drew this job card because I have never managed to get an event-only job before. ^^ Truthfully, I wanted the creepy Tonberry more but this one is pretty awesome! It’s got high attack power, a crazy Critical rating, and is decent in every other category. Only low point I can see is the Break Power.

The Ultimate Attack is super destructive, capable of dishing out MAXIMUM damage (999,999 HP) on a single enemy !

Mobius Final Fantasy - バラムの傭兵 - Mercenary of Balamb
The stats will only get higher as the Dark card levels up too. This is just an example of what they look like with a mix of 4-star and 5-star plus a maxed out Gunblade.

Heck, you can see it in this video I recorded of a set of battles in the Gigantuar area. It turns out this job is a superb choice for the region!

Please excuse my super slow gameplay. I just have a usual habit of madly tapping on the screen when playing manually. It gets to the point that I sometimes use up an entire turn by accident that way. .__.;; Please see the video description on YouTube for more information. 😀

Not shown in the video is the Skill Seed multiplier. It’s a whopping x505! I’m sure it’ll go beyond that with a score of 20 million and above but I’ve yet to reach that. 😡

Mobius FInal Fantasy - Skill Seed Multiplier with Balamb Mercenary Job
This is a screencap from the green Gigantuar area. So many seeds!
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Mobius Final Fantasy – Game Balance Reboot

Although I already included most of the information into the FAQ, I’ll do a recap here because I said I would write up a separate post anyway in the 1st Anniversary Celebration post. ^^

The re-balancing was one of the big headliners for the 1st Anniversary update in late May. What Square Enix has done was retweaked the game quite a bit to make it more enjoyable overall!

Here’s the breakdown: Continue reading “Mobius Final Fantasy – Game Balance Reboot”

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The Artists of Mobius Final Fantasy

Before I go further into this entry, I would ask that readers respect these artists and not steal their works to claim as your own and/or to sell them. If sharing or reblogging individual art pieces, I would recommend including a link with them to their gallery and crediting the artist.

And, as a warning, some links found in this post may lead to galleries containing artwork that’s not safe for work!

With that out of the way, we can move on. 😀

I’ve been wanting an art book for the game since its release because I think many of the illustrations are simply gorgeous and need to be seen in higher resolution.

Today, I was randomly browsing Mobius FF sites and came across the illustrator for the Bard job card. As expected, the piece even looks more stunning in a much larger size. *___* Although credited as Lasashido in-game, the artist’s real name is Livia Prima and she also goes by the nickname of Dopaprime.

Along with the Bard, Dopaprime is responsible for the FFVII Shiva (Dark Ranger card), Obelisk (Dark Mage card), Brahma (Light Ranger card), and many others. You can see her beautiful artwork at her DeviantArt site:

Gallery of one of the artists of Mobius Final Fantasy

As for Lasahido, he’s the head illustrator at the company both he and Prima are a part of. However, he’s also done some work in the game as well! Heck, I even screencapped the page below. XD

Knights of the Round illustration by Lius Lasahido
Click the link in the above paragraph to view a larger version at his ArtStation site!

I looked for a few more artists whose works I like and was stunned at how easy it was to find their sites (and how many of them found their way to Pinterest. -_-). Anyway, continue reading for links to more amazing art!

Continue reading “The Artists of Mobius Final Fantasy”