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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – An Example of a Customized Hunter

The Japanese version allows players to add additional auto-abilities and elemental enhancements by using Custom Skill Cards. However, there’s a region known as the Hall of Fame which greatly strengthens the jobs that were released during and not long after the game’s debut by rewarding players with skill cards specific to those few jobs.

For the Hunter, it gets the following:

  • Base stats +50%
  • Break Power +300
  • Fast Break +20%
  • Fire Enhance +200%

With those cards applied, all its stats, except Magic Power and Critical, exceed the Last Hunter’s (a.k.a the Noel job) which is considered an S-rank job at the Altema wiki.

You can see the difference in the radar graphs and tables at their respective pages:

Last Hunter:
Hunter (look at the first graph and table. The second one shows its original, non-customized stats):

Here’s a video of my Orion (the Hunter’s second job) ripping through three bosses at the 60 stamina area on the water island at the Pleiades Lagoon. 😀 Old and new players on the Japanese server will know how rough these monsters are with jobs and cards that aren’t nearly maxed out.

Oh, if full screen isn’t available from this embedded version and you want to be able to see/read all the text, please watch it at YouTube. The link is

The video has no audio since I don’t have any software or hardware that could record sound and crisp quality video at the same time.

I keep forgetting I can capture gameplay in-game via Lobi though. >_>

I regret not recording gameplay of the Orion before I applied all the custom job skills so players could get a better sense of the job’s strength. I could remove them all but that’d be a waste of a lot of Skillseeds and Crystals. (They’re needed to slot the cards.)

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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – General Method of Getting High Scores

I finally got the hang of what every high rank player is doing on the Japanese server. I mentioned it in brief in another post but have made some changes since — namely using another job and not breaking mobs. I’m not getting their scores though because I don’t have the cards they’re using and I don’t have the Hope job either. 😦

What I write under the cut works outside of the FFXIII event maps but don’t expect to hit 1 billion in score. :3 Hitting over 10 million should be a breeze for any job with a strong Ultimate though.

Update on September 7th: I made some corrections since I just realized I wrongly identified the Fire Support card as the Legendary Golem when it was another card with another ability. >_>;
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Mobius Final Fantasy EN – September Links

The September calendar is out! Please see for information~!

Here are some useful links for upcoming additions and events. :3 (I don’t use Google Translate links because it’s easier to see where the links are leading to this way.)

Exploration Region 1: Silent Ruins:


Dahaka Assault:

Ring of Braves (Multiplayer area):

FF Record Keeper event cards:

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Mobius Final Fantasy Global – Multiplayer Announced

Mobius Final Fantasy - Multiplayer announcement via Chinese Square Enix Presents live stream
Multiplayer is coming on September 8th Taiwan Time!

(This was written with the assumption that the English version will get it around the same time as well.)

I don’t have much to say on this other than being a little irked that this is coming out before Chapter 3 and the exploration maps. Farming Skillseeds is like pulling teeth right now. I’m finally getting the x9 bonus multiplier through auto-battle on the PuPu event but I really wish they would have decided to implement the maps that give the daily seed bonuses to ease the grind for everyone especially free-to-play users.

I wonder if they’ll change some of the items that can be exchanged from the multiplayer shop though. In the Japanese version, there’s a lot of multiplayer shop-exclusive items like ability cards and weapons; they can be equipped outside of the multiplayer area, however. But there’s every possibility they’ll expand the line-up to include more things. Can’t really think of what though because everything that comes to mind are items that can be purchased with Magicite and I doubt Square Enix will want to make it easier to get those. 😛

Oh, I do suggest everyone read this primer on multiplayer gameplay. It’s vitally important that players understand the job roles. I don’t think SE would modify the fundamentals: Please excuse the author’s grammatical and spelling mistakes as English is not his first language. However, he is a very experienced player on the Japanese server.

I also wrote about my initial impressions of multiplayer in the Japanese version where I had no idea what the roles were about because I was a goofball and didn’t read up on them first. .__.~

As always, I invite everyone to join us at the Mobius Final Fantasy – (English Community) & Other games Etc~! Lots of discussion for English and Japanese versions of Mobius FF!! 😀


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Mobius Final Fantasy JP & EN – Those HD Graphics

For everyone complaining that the high definition graphics aren’t the same in the English or global versions when comparing them to the Japanese one, it’s most likely due to limitations on the graphics rendering from your device. High setting on an iPad mini 2 is identical between both versions and look pretty damn good.

I’m unsure what people define as “blurry graphics” though because what I see is sharp and beautiful. I suppose some things like the shadows could be “sharper”?????

Left column is from the Japanese version and right column is from the English one. Click on image to see full size.


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Mobius Final Fantasy JP & EN – Dragon Quest of the Stars & Adamanterrapin Events

It’s been a busy weekend in both Mobius FF games — The Dragon Quest of the Stars collaboration event started on the Japanese server and global versions got their very first battle tower event!

I’ll talk about the Adamanterrapin Terror event first. 😀 Please don’t ask me for advice. I’m no good at strategy. .__.

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Mobius Final Fantasy JP & Global – About Job Ratings Found on the Altema Wiki

The job ratings list on the Altema wiki, or translations of it, is a popular piece of information that’s circulating around the global community. There’s one problem; players are just looking at the ratings themselves without knowing why they’ve been given such a number. In some cases, that’s understandable since the web site they’re looking at doesn’t explain or provide links to the details for each job. This post, however, will give people the full picture. :3

Launch jobs such as the Warrior, Ranger, Mage, White Mage, and Hunter currently have glowing ratings for both solo and multiplayer performance. The reason for this is what’s known as Job Skill Cards. They’re a recent addition to the Japanese version of the game and can wildly boost the stats of a job by giving it various powerful auto-abilities.

I’m going to use the Ranger as an example to explain why it has a crazy high rating.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Ranger Rating on the Altema wiki
Lots of love for the Ranger!
Japanese players have given this job a very positive 85 points (out of 100) for solo play use and a whopping 93 points for multiplayer.

Underneath the appraisal, there’s a section summarizing the strengths, weaknesses, and its worth in multiplayer. I’ve only included a snapshot of the strengths part because it’s the one that matters most.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Ranger Job Partial Evaluation
These are the reasons. They DO NOT apply to global versions at this present time.
Google Translate butchers words so here’s what it’s saying:

  • With the job’s exclusive custom skill cards obtained from job quests, the parameters will grow significantly. Basic overall stats, such as HP, Attack, Magic, and Break Power increase by 50%, wind attacks are boosted by 200%, Critical Chance is upped 20%, and a new auto-ability named Flash Break is gained. It adds 150% to Break Power.
  • With the wind strengthening skill card, the total for the auto-ability, Enhance Wind, comes to +350%.
  • Having Flash Break means you can take down a Break gauge extremely fast.

Now let’s compare the original stats of a maxed out Risk Taker (2nd Ranger evolution) to one that has the job skill cards applied:

As you can see, the differences — most notably for HP and Critical Chance — are immense. I firmly believe that these custom skill cards won’t be added to global versions any time soon so when figuring out a job’s actual worth, always look at its stats without the custom skill modifications.

In my opinion, it’s completely fine to keep developing these “early” jobs; especially if you can’t afford or don’t have the Summon Tickets to draw a new job from a Job Card Summon. Just remember that every job has strengths and weaknesses and only having a job means nothing if you don’t know how to use its strengths or give it a deck that brings out its full potential.

Basically, don’t worry about all that re-rolling. What you have is probably fine and will get you to where you need to go.

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Mobius Final Fantasy (JP) – Scoring Big in Lightning Resurrection & The Beginnings of The Hall of Fame

It’s been a while since I wrote an actual journal-like piece about the game. I’ve been so busy playing both the English and Japanese versions, writing tips, and updating the FAQ.

Here’s what’s been happening:
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Mobius Final Fantasy – Tips for Beginners

I decided to whip up a short list of advice for everyone that’s just starting out. ^^~ Some of these are covered in the FAQ too. :3

Before asking questions, take a look at the FAQ and the comments section underneath it first since the answer is most likely in there somewhere. Thanks~!

Updated on November 16th:

  • Removed the tip about a targeted enemy taking the most damage from cone and AOE attacks. That only applies to main target focused ability cards from General Battle Tips.
  • Added a screenshot example of a deck for Fire Skillseed farming to the Getting More Skillseeds.
  • Changed the answer to What jobs are available right now?
  • Removed Where can I farm the Imperial Lich/Dyadic Lich/Miasmatic Lich in Chapter 2? since the 2nd Exploration map has been added. (The Liches appear there but it takes a few battles for them to show up again after the players defeat them.)

Older update info can be found here:

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