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財閥タウンズV Info and Guide

Come join us at Kairospot to discuss the new iOS game or simply read up on it! I’m currently translating the game’s How to Play section~!

There’s lots to read and see! 😀

I’m sorry to say that Cruise Line Story isn’t getting the same amount of love and attention. That would change if the bloody game would run without freezing on my Galaxy Tab 10.1. 9__9

games · iOS · Kairosoft

My Sad Edo town

This is my town in the Kairosoft game, Edo Towns (大江戸タウンズ). ‘Twas taken about 41 years in. Yeah, I know there are 3 different seasons going on. 😛

Click on image to see full size (1600 x 830).

My Sad Edo Town

Please don’t use this as a guideline as it’s not a good layout by any means! ^^