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Final Fantasy XIII-2 impressions so far (just a bit of Ch 1. No spoilers.)

I’m at the end of the Bodhum area (chapter 1?) and 2 things kind of tick me off about the game so far:

  1. The dialogue choices can be ridiculous. What sane person thinks up the questions that Serah does? I believe this is a result of stupid writing. At least they’re not as demented as the black and white choices from inFAMOUS. Thank God the sequel was much better for those. 😛
  2. The side mission/quest involving the medical kit. (Check YouTube for a walkthrough vid or IGN’s walkthrough/wiki guidefor a screen of its location). Why the fuck would you let the player obtain a quest where the item is not available until later? I know there are some games that do this as well but those typically tell you the vicinity of the item and by the time you get there/have access to it, you will find it.NOT SO WITH THE MEDICAL KIT.IIRC, you already passed the area when you went to the crash site the first time.However, the damnable medkit won’t appear until a bit later. 9_9

I suspect this won’t be the last time I will encounter this idiocy.

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Current hate list

Mirrored from my Tumblr.

  1. Hatsune Miku’s voice. (I like the character design only.)
  2. Falcom, specifically their Kiseki series.
  3. Religion in politics. Actually, make that religion in anything that’s not related to religion.
  4. Kairosoft’s lazy translations, lack of quality control, and shrugging off expanding their Android games to be compatible with more devices.
  5. Region locking. Someone has got to think up a better economic/licensing/whatever-the-hell-is-keeping-region-locking-alive model.

I’ll keep it like this for now. :3

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DownloadAtoZ are a bunch of thieves

This is a mirror of a post I made at Kairospot.

I know that, by posting this, it’ll promote their site but people have to know about their work ethics.

Basically, the tutorial/guides section for their games are simply compilations of works they have stolen from various sources. All the Mega Mall Story, Oh! Edo Towns, and Venture Towns information they have on their site has been either taken from posts made at this forum or from the Google Docs spreadsheets.

They also have a habit of creating Facebook pages for the titles and posting links to various topics related to them.

Considering they’re a free site with ads all over the place, it’s obvious they do this to lure traffic to them so they can make money.

If you have ever written guide/walkhrough-like material on other forums, Wikia, or just anywhere on the Net, please take a look and see if the game you provided information for is there.

I am all for sharing but it simply drives me up the wall when people do not credit their sources. I’ve got them to put up some “Related sources” link on some of the VT pages but I still have to work on getting them to do it for OET.

Technically, “Related sources” is wrong. Let me see if I can get them to change that too.

Ideally, I’d like a deadbeat site like this to be taken down, or at least for them to get rid of their guides and shit. It’s a wonder why it’s so damn hard for their editors to acknowledge where they got their information from.

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The War of Eustrath: How Annoying Can You Be?

It’s a wonder that I’m sticking with this strategy RPG since one of the main female leads, Tiana, is BEYOND ANNOYING. She is vain, tactless, and just doesn’t know when to shut up. Her entire existence in the game is to a) heckle the hell out of fellow comrade-in-arms Sarah, b) remind the player that she is a country-girl with no formal training to pilot a giant mecha but just has some damn natural talent to do so, and c) just make you want to punch her in the face a few times.

I honestly don’t mind the fact that the characters fit certain archetypes to the letter and that some of the dialogue and exposition is silly but the writer(s) just went overkill with Tiana.

To better explain the issue: From THE moment she “joins” the team, you

  • GET the point that she likes the main character
  • GET the point that she thinks of Sarah as a rival
  • GET the point that she’s a prodigy of sorts
  • GET the point that she’s a conceited bitch

But Christ, the writer(s) constantly REMIND YOU of these points through her incredibly grating and arrogant dialogue. I wish I had examples of her stupidity but I wasn’t really thinking about writing up an entry to complain about her so I don’t have any available. 😛

Sarah’s actually not much better since she acts like a complete child when she bickers with Tiana. I do feel some sympathy toward her though because even though she’s immature, everyone on the team makes her feel bad about herself. There are a lot of other ways to point out someone’s errors other than being condescending but apparently, no one realizes this.

The most normal and likeable of the group to me is Harvein. He fits the archetype of the upbeat, jolly, kind, easy-going guy who seems kind of unlucky with his lovelife. Actually, I can’t really describe him very much since I’m not really certain what his role is other than agreeing/siding with people in arguments. >_>

At any rate, the game itself isn’t that bad which is why I’m still playing it despite the sheer aggravation I’m suffering due to Tiana. It reminds me of a cross between the early Fire Emblem games (as I’ve never tried any beyond IV) and The War of Genesis III Part 2. One gameplay beef is that I wish I could fast forward through enemy turns since while it’s great to see where they move to, it feels long when you have over 15 enemy units on the map.

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Impressions of Android Honeycomb 3.1 & the Galaxy Tab 10.1

(Crossposted from my LiveJournal.)

I’ve been using the tablet on and off for the past few days so I just thought I’ll throw together some thoughts about them! 😀

Not sure if I sorted some of the things correctly since I’m not entirely sure which things were installed by Samsung and which are available as default in Honeycomb.


  • Beautiful bright and crisp display
  • Very lightweight
  • Quick! Opening apps and menus is zippy!
  • Access to a file manager. Unsure if this is a Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Honeycomb feature or not but being able to see a lot of the files on the system is pretty useful. Unfortunately, all hidden folders like for most of the installed apps is unavailable for perusing.
  • Seemingly excellent battery life.I say seemingly since I’m not gaming on the thing like I do with my iPod touch 4G (which seems to drain within 4 hours). Well, the wifi is on too.
  • Doesn’t have any input ports
  • The bloody screen capture button is right next to the history button. I suppose this might not be an issue for most people but I treat the history log like a taskbar in Windows and tend to switch between programs that way so I use it a lot.
  • Not sure if this is a problem with the tablet but sometimes, upon re-enabling wifi after putting it in Flight mode, the system will lag like hell.
  • Not all apps in the Market work with the device. Unsure if it’s a developer problem or a problem with the OS or a combination of this.


  • Next to no learning curve. Well, this was true for me. ^^;
  • Task manager. I use this to close programs that I was too lazy to close myself. XD
  • Hitting the back arrow closes apps. This is unlike bloody iOS where apps will remain open until you close them yourself.
  • Lots of apps have widget versions of some aspect of themselves. And being on a tablet, I actually have room and WANT to use widgets for once. ^^ I generally avoid them like a plague.
  • You can do all your shopping and installing of apps from the Android Market from a Web browser. I simply adore this feature as it’s so quick and painless and doesn’t require the installation of some bloaty program.
  • Cannot put icons into folders. I guess if they included that, it’d give another reason for Apple to sue.

Oh, and another a plus is that there’s a handful of really spiffy tweaks for Android that you wouldn’t see for the iOS unless you jailbreak and visit the Cydia store. I’m talking about such apps like folder and app managers (where you can arrange a bunch of apps into folders) and skins/themes! Certainly, if you root an Android device, you’ll get a lot more freedom but even without doing so, I can see that there seems to be more freedom from Google’s mobile OS than Apple’s~! ♥

I also gotta complain about eBuddy for Android. Aside from the bloody app not being optimized for the tablet, it FORCES landscape mode on you. I already checked the settings and it really doesn’t seem like you can get it into portrait mode. 😡 I suppose it’s all fine and dandy on a phone where the screen is smaller but on a tablet, the chat window just looks plain silly.

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Setting wallpapers “without cropping” for Honeycomb tablets

Full size wallpaper image~!
Full size wallpaper image~!

Are you frustrated that you HAVE to crop an image in order to use it as a wallpaper and after it’s cropped, you get some blurry, “zoomed in” version of it?  The problem is that the image is actually too small!

If your screen is in 1280×800 resolution, then you must ensure that your image size is in 1920×1408 resolution. To make it a wallpaper for your device, do the following:

  1. Orient your tablet so that it’s in portrait mode. Upon testing this method out in landscape mode on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, I have noticed that it works as well so I don’t think there’s an absolute NEED to put your tablet into portrait mode for this.
  2. Go into the Gallery app, choose Set picture as and then either Lock Screen or Wallpaper.

  3. When you’re advised to crop the image, simply stretch the borders of the crop box to fill up the entire image.

When you’re done, you will see that your wallpaper now fills up the entire screen like it should in both landscape AND portrait mode~! ♥♥♥

Source for the info above (although everything is paraphrased):

The wallpaper you see in the images above is a modified version of a wallpaper meant for the iPad.  The original resolution was 1024×1024 but I fired up Photoshop and increased the canvas size to 1920×1408 and proceeded to expand the kraft-coloured background to fill in the rest of the canvas.  You can get the original iOS wallpaper from

Of course, there are wallpaper apps such as PicSpeed HD Wallpapers that can tweak wallpapers to fit the proper resolution size for tablets like the Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1 but if you want to use your own image, then you need to find a way to get it to the 1920×1408 size. :/

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Not all apps work on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 :(

Screenshot of the Android Market from the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Screenshot of the Android Market from the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

I just bought this lovely tablet yesterday in hopes of playing some Kairosoft games on it.  Unfortunately, Pocket League Story, their newest and most recent release on the Android Marketplace is a bust on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  (Well, this is a fact with the Lite version of the game but I don’t think the full version will fare any better since, well, see next paragraph.)

I’ve yet to try their other offerings since I already have Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story on my iPod touch 4G but I’m sure that they also don’t work well as people have reported on the Kairospot forums that all Kairosoft games exhibit some sort of crash issues on some tablets.  There are games from other companies that also experience problems on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 such as Tap Tap Revenge 4, which instantly terminates upon application start, and Destinia which seems to work for a bit if you adjust the game speed to Normal.  Unfortunately, that simply delays the inevitable force close.

For what it’s worth, my tablet is not rooted and is running Honeycomb 3.1.  I even turned off the volume and wifi to see if that helps with any of the games but alas, neither helped.

So what exactly is the problem here?

I’m no programmer but I take it the issue is the application itself?  I took some screens of the crash report that I fired off to Kairosoft and Google for Pocket League Story Lite and it looks to be a Java problem. D:??

Here are the screencaps.  (I’m pretty sure I’m not disclosing any important device info or codes that will jeopardize Kairosoft, Google, or Oracle. ^^;)

Pocket League Story Lite crash feedback
Pocket League Story Lite crash feedback
Pocket League Story Lite crash feedback 2
Pocket League Story Lite crash feedback 2
Pocket League Story Lite crash feedback 3
Pocket League Story Lite crash feedback 3

I wanted to screencap some of the other logs but there were considerably longer.  Also, I can’t recall if the last 2 screencaps even contained all the lines of the log. ^^;

Here’s a tiny list of games I’ve sampled that worked for me:

  • Zenonia 2 Lite
  • Third Blade