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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – Default Key Mapping in Steam Version

You can change any of the following by selecting the hotkey. The button on the bottom of the screen is to reset all changes.

Q Confirm (OK)/In battle: Attack
E Cancel/In multiplayer: Action Cancel
W Up
S Down
D Right
A Left
Z Card Menu/In battle: Ability 1/Full Auto: Defense Mode
X Social Menu/In battle: Ability 1/Full Auto: Attack Mode
C Shop Menu/In battle: Ability 3/Full Auto: Enable or disable Ultimate Usage
V ETC Menu/In battle: Ability 4/Full Auto: Enable or disable Job Change
B Home Menu/In battle: Ability 5/Full Auto: Enable or disable Prioritize using cards that have Extra Skills to unlock
Ctrl+Z Element Drive element 1
Ctrl+X Element Drive element 2
Ctrl+C Element Drive element 3
Ctrl+V Element Drive recovery element
Ctrl+B Use Ultimate
Shift+Z In battle: Special Command 1 (applies to Special Events only)
Shift+X In battle: Special Command 2 (applies to Special Events only)
Shift+C In battle: Special Command 3 (applies to Special Events only)
F In battle: Enable or disable Full Auto/Region map: Teleport Mode
R In battle: Change Target/Region map: Position reset
Ctrl+R In battle: Enable or disable double speed
G In multiplayer: Stamp menu
Ctrl+Q In multiplayer: Action Lock
Shift+B In battle: Job Change
T In battle: Help menu

11 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy JP – Default Key Mapping in Steam Version

  1. Hi !

    I have a question about the new event FF7, in the gacha, the real Cloud is not avaible yet, right ? In the picture we can see only the Job Cloud, and I already got him. If the real Cloud is avaible I need to pull xD.

    1. SOLDIER 1st (Wol in SOLDIER 1st uniform) and the Ultimate Hero (Cloud skin) are both in the draw. However, the latter isn’t guaranteed after 8 draws.

  2. Hello, I have questions regarding the FF7 Remake Collab event. Do you have any recommendations of deck build to finish (as in beat all circle) the maps? Because I’m ABSOLUTELY LOVING the umbrella and I need to upgrade it 😦 And how long do 1st SOLDIER and Cloud Strife (Skin) stays in the gacha? I’ve heard that the skin is in there for good, is this true? Thanks koukoupuffs for the most awesome updates on Mobius! P.S.: I just started playing the Steam JP version because of your post! It looks and sounds like heavens and less of a hassle to set up than it’s mobile counterpart! (this also means that my deck setup is currently just an utter garbage of random gacha-ness haha)

    1. For future reference, you can check what’s in the summon pool by tapping on the button next to a banner. Example:

      Of course it’ll be in Japanese but you can run the URL through Google Translate. :3 The news on the official site is also really useful~! (The same information can be accessed from the game’s info menu … unless it doesn’t show up. ^^;)

      The SOLDIER 1st job is no longer in the draw but the Ultimate Job Card/Cloud Strife is. I think all Ultimate ability cards and job cards will always be in summon pool unless Square Enix mentions otherwise.

      As for your decks, it really depends on your job and what ability cards you have. Play on Normal if you aren’t doing so already. I know the final few areas of Midgar as well as the infinite/mobius reactor map can be difficult.

      Unless you can put together a strong offensive deck to quickly destroy mobs, Hellgate ( can really help in terms of keeping Wol alive. The Undying ( has Drain and Haste as well as Snipe.

      1. Thank you for the fast reply! I just barely passed SYNTHESIS with my new Nekomimi Meia and the truckload of Meia Synced cards that came with her.

        The gacha bit kind of sucks I guess 😦 but I was enticed by 1st SOLDIER’s page on because the translation seems to state that the job can be acquired from the [FF7 REMAKE] map, so I was hoping that the job will come automatically after clearing the event maps, is this not the case? also states that [Asura Team] is a droppable card from the event area but I can’t seem to find Asura Team anywhere. Are information on not credible? I’m sorry if I bothered you with too many questions but being a non-Japanese speaker prevented me from browsing Reddit efficiently…

        1. Yeah, Google Translate’s gotten a bit cruddier since they implemented the new algorithm. -_- It’s not the FFVII Remake map that you can get the job from. 😦 SOLDIER 1st was a part of the summon draw campaign back when it came out last year, and it was brought back again recently at the beginning of this month.

          Ashura was a drop from the previous FFVII Remake event. .__.; This time around, the fodder cards you get are for the new mage class cards (i.e. the ones with Meia Synchro as an Extra Skill).

          This is the up-to-date/revised version of the event info:

  3. Hello! I found myself in need of an opinion regarding the December Gacha.
    There seems to be a streak of legend jobs reprint these past few days. I’ve seen Mystic Sage, Ninja Something, Knight Something, Judgemaster, Ace Striker, Soldier 1st, Balaam’s Mercenary, Tonberry Costume, Thief of Tantalus, and Moogle Costume. Would you say that the 4 FFXIII job will be the next to appear in the reprint gacha? I am considering if I should save my tickets for Leader of Hope or burn it right now on Moogle Costume. Thank you for your response!

      1. Whoa, thanks for the fast response! Does Mobius have a board of English speaking players? Your blog has awesome coverage but I fear asking a specific topic here all the time can get rather unwieldly…. Also, do you play the global version? They seems to be heading to the wrong direction since I last saw them putting up a paywall on Ace Striker and Mystic Sage. The Gigantuar Map looks like it has gone trough some nerfbatting too with the multipliers and skillseed chests. What are your thoughts on this? Though all those shouldn’t warrant my retirement seeing as later update with custom skills looks like it might alleviate some problems. If they managed to put a paywall on that too then I think I’m legit quitting :/

        1. Aside from Reddit, there are a few English forums out there, I think. I don’t go to any of them though. ^^

          The multiplier for the Gigantuar map is following the original one as is the battle score multiplier in general. JP didn’t get the higher one until June this year, I think. Same with the skillseeds in the chest. They upped card drop rate on story and exploration maps as well, I believe.

          It sucks but it seems like global is waiting a year to implement the rebalancing too. =____= I read that they reduced the number of Skillseeds from 5-star cards to keep things in balance or something. I’m guessing too many players are hitting super high scores thanks to the FFRK cards.

          SE dug a hole for themselves on that one and is still trying to do damage control. I also believe it’s a reason they no longer bow to fan pressure to change things. 😛

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