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Mobius Final Fantasy and FFXV Judgment Disc demo

I’d like to apologize to everyone coming to my blog looking for advice or information about Mobius FF jobs, ability cards and/or deck configurations. I don’t provide them because I’m not the type that analyzes their worth and I’m definitely not someone that can come up with “a good deck” for any occasion. ^^

My gameplay style is conservative & defensive and I always play to survive rather than for quick and efficient killing.

You can try web sites like the Mobius Final Fantasy wiki at Gamepedia or Reddit. There are lots of informed players, threads, and articles that give great advice. ^^~

Incidentally, I won’t be doing a write up of the JP content for December. Here’s a summary of the Japanese Square Enix Presents stream from a few days ago on Altema instead:

I still think the writer erroneously refers to the Cloud skin as a job. It will not have its own stats. Instead, you apply it to a Warrior job and you end up getting a Wol that looks like Cloud + an Ultimate that’s exclusive to the skin.

Anyway, here’s the meat of the post 😀

Things that happened over the past 2 weeks:

  • I got me a PS4 Pro. 😀
    PS4 Pro~
    Early Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, and Happy Chinese New Year to me~

    I’ve had over $100 in Toys R Us credit for about 2 years (or more, I think ^^) so I figure this would be a good time to use it. ^^

  • Finally finished Hunter Island in Mobius FF English and magically completed the Collective Limit Break event in far less time than I anticipated. I was thinking it would take me the entire event period to finish it since, for a while, I was burned out from dealing with locks. 😛
  • On the whole issue of the Ace Striker/Tidus job: Everyone expected Square Enix to give all players a fair shot at obtaining the job and wasn’t expecting a premium price wall. In that sense, players — especially free to play users that stocked up on Magicite and Summon Tickets in anticipation — have a right to be frustrated. Some are angry at the $75 US price tag while others, like me, see it as a precedent that all Legend Jobs will be treated the same way which effectively puts this sort of event content out of reach for anyone unable to fork over the money. Then there are those that already spent a lot of money in the month of November and are livid to discover that they have to spend even MORE to get the job.
    As someone that buys Magicite every now and then in Mobius FF English, the cost of Ace Striker is out of reach when it comes to my monthly budget mainly because I spent money on the FF Type-0 cards like a chump. .__.~ I figured that because I couldn’t get Machina & Rem in JP, I’d try for it this time. That did not go well at all. In fact, I just got a bunch of 3+ rarity cards. 😛
    Similarly, I didn’t get Tidus in JP. I was hoping to get a chance at drawing the job card but I can’t. :s I’m disappointed that Square Enix used the approach they did, but I’m not going to uninstall the game in protest of their business decision. I wonder if they’ll make changes to the way they make Legend Jobs available after this though because the outrage is pretty intense.
  • Cleared Chapter 6 Part 2 of Mobius FF Japanese. I still think the designer of this story chapter needs to be punched in the face. While there were no idiotic lock missions, this new section of the map with the Adrammelech boss battles featured TWO mazes. Some folks reported they got through them without needing to redo areas but I didn’t even bother to try and went straight to the Altema for the solutions. I didn’t want to chance wasting stamina on the stupid* shit* like that.
    Even more stupid is that after you clear the region, you have to redo the mazes in reverse order to get the remaining map treasures. 9__9
    *I am fine with brain teasers and mazes being in games. I’m just not fine with them being in freemium games where you need to expend stamina to progress through them.
  • After watching the cutscenes in Chapter 6 Part 2, I found that I really wished I could understand the story. Meia has such a tragic past. 😦 Here are my thoughts about what I think went on: Highlight for (possibly inaccurate) SPOILERS~~~~ Meia was in a relationship with a past Blank who was on the path of becoming the Warrior of Light. (I’m just going to refer to him as the Warrior. ^^) But the Warrior was to marry Princess Sarah as dictated by the prophecy. Meia was labelled as a witch who was tempting the Blank to veer off the path. :/ As the love between the two was not a part of a Warrior of Light’s destiny, Vox sent other Blanks to kill them both.
    For reasons I don’t understand, Meia, still alive, washed up ashore on a Palamecian coast just like how Wol did at the start of the game. Maybe it was out of punishment for defying the Palamecian Rules? After all, she’s now labelled as a heretic and is constantly hounded by the Sicari. Also, despite the voice being different, that Warrior from the past looks a lot like Garland. He’s also known as a heretic in present day. However, never once in the flashbacks are you given his name.
    Yeah, so, I don’t think Wol and Meia will ever become a couple. 😦 I do hope that they’ll join forces to deal with the villain of this story though who I still think is Vox. I mean, FF games that involve Kitase and Nojima always have the going against fate theme. 😛 Heck, I keep expecting a plot twist where Wol ends up being a heretic. Actually, that would be one way of keeping the game going on — just keep bringing in a new player character (re: new Blank). 😛
    Spoiler screenshots are found at the bottom of this post.
  • I finally got a summoned Meia job card last night! *___* This was just in time for the multiplayer battles against Zeus from Puzzle & Dragons. XD He has Light affinity. :3
  • Time for my FFXV babbles! Oh wait. I want to say that a lot of PS4 themes are mediocre. 😦 I really miss the option of installing custom themes like the PS3 ones. What still drives me nuts is that hardly any of the store pages provide screenshots or videos of the themes. Even worse is the fact that most of these themes are just wallpapers. 9__9
    The best theme to me is the Toro one! XD

    PS4 Theme: Toro's House
    I love the fact that the theme replaces some of the default sounds with Toro’s “version” of them. ^^;
  • I pre-ordered FFXV on the PS Store after playing the Judgment Disc demo but it wasn’t for the bonus theme (which looks kind of crap). I chose to get the digital version since I have no need of a physical box and disc. I don’t resell my games and all my other games just sit on my shelves to collect dust anyway.
    Here’s the Big Bang theme:

    PS4 theme: Big Bang
    This painting looked amazing when it debuted at the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event. It doesn’t look as great here. 😡
  • Quick thoughts on the Judgment Disc demo:
    * I wish my TV didn’t overscan the damn thing. I can’t find any way to get around it through the options on the PS4 or the TV. 😦

    FFXV Judgment Disc
    The screencap shows that it’s displayed all fine and dandy.
    FFXV Judgment Disc
    But in reality, the entire display area is slightly shifted to the right.

    It’s a minor annoyance and certainly not a deal breaker. I think Never Alone and the FFXV Platinum Demo behaves the same way. It seems that the World of Final Fantasy demo doesn’t have the overscan issue though.
    * The real time battle system is really fun even though it can get hectic when facing multiple enemies. I love making Noctis warp all over the place. XD I might consider Wait Mode just so I can target specific parts easier though. (Wait Mode is disabled in the demo.)
    * The Link Attacks seem more tacked on than some strategic attack system. :\ I guess they’ll become more useful later on once they’re levelled more.
    * Prompto has a habit of taking photos of people’s backs! ^^ But I did save a lot of his photos in the end. XD You can see a few at the end of this section.
    * Prompto’s voice is also annoying. Too bad he seems annoying in English too. 😐 Ignis’ Japanese voice is nice though. :3 Actually, the entire main cast seems good. (Disclaimer: I am NOT a Japanese voice over elitist. ^^ I DO like some English voice acting like those found in Koudelka, The Last Story, Dragon’s Dogma, Drakengard 3, NIER, and Final Fantasy XIII-2.)
    * It took me a while to realize I didn’t have to keep running back to the car! ^^; And the fast travelling to destinations is a great time saver. 😀 I appreciate the ability to specify specific locations to drive to as well. Can’t wait for the full game where we can hop on chocobos to explore the land. ^_^
    * I encountered the Iron Giant and Fire Bombs one night. Totally ran away. ^^; I might try to battle them now since I finished all the mob hunts and have nothing else to do other than level up skills (I only have the fishing one to do), abilities, and characters. Oh, I suppose I can try getting more stuff for car customization as well. Why must November 29th be so far away?
    * The lack of random battles was a bit jarring since it felt like running around forever with nothing to break the monotony. But it also makes sense that the player wouldn’t encounter monsters every 100 steps too as the design team was aiming for a more realistic atmosphere and environment. I’m hoping that the Enemy Whistle or whatever that’s being added with the Day 1 patch will really let us call upon enemies though. 😀
    * I found that Noctis greeting everyone individually in the morning after staying at a motel or trailer to be cute. ^^~ I ran around looking for everyone just to see it happen. XD
    * You lose the ability to drive manually once you select Auto Drive. 😦 The only time you can take the wheel again is at night. .__.~ Still, I love randomly doing abrupt braking when Ignis is at the wheel. I was expecting Prompto to fall back when he was up and chatting with Noctis but he hung on. 😦
    * Screenshots! 😀 I took more than this but I’ll spare people. ^^;

Spoiler images for Mobius FF Chapter 6 Part 2.

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