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Mobius Final Fantasy JP and Global Square Enix Presents – November Updates/Calendars

Edit on November 1st @ 11:30 EDT:
Calendar links added!
Updated Global summary to include mention of FFX cards and Ace Striker (Tidus) job.
Event map name added.
Battle Tower event name changed.

Edit on November 1st:
Added the start and end date for the battle tower.
Corrected “Break Resistance Down” to “Break Defense Down” and also removed “early acquisition” from the last point of the Global Servers summary.

Edit on Oct 31st: Post has been modified to reflect information from the global/Chinese stream.

Added link to Altema summary of the Japanese live stream as well as translated the points.

As always, corrections are welcome.

Global Servers


Keep in mind that new content is usually added at 19:00 UTC-8 (server time). However, the dates vary so not everything will occur on November 1st or the first Thursday of the month. Relevant links found below lead to Japanese sites. Use Google Translate or your favourite translation site on them.

Mobius Final Fantasy Global - Breakdown of November content
What’s in store for November~
  • From November 1st until November 13th, special login bonuses will be available in addition to the regular ones. Also within this period, all players will be given 1 free summon draw a day for 1 ability card.

    Mobius Final Fantasy Global - Special Login Bonuses for 8,888,888 registered users celebration
    Special login bonuses to celebrate 8,888,888 registered users!
  • Facebook campaign for sharing an event-corresponding post 888 times. When the goal is met, everyone will receive 88 Ability Tickets.
  • Third exploration map ( and second set of Skill Panels (panels 5 – 8) will be implemented on November 8th.
  • FF Type-0 summon cards campaign from November 8th – 23rd. See details at
  • Hashmal and 3-star battles will be added in multiplayer on November 10th. The suggested jobs and decks aren’t really relevant to global though.
  • New event running from November 17 until December 14: Collective Limit Break!
    The map is divided into 3 regions; each one grants a boost in deck level for one specific class. However, you can still use another class, such as a Warrior in a Ranger region, but the Warrior won’t receive the bonus boost. In the Japanese version, unlocking one of the locks at the top of the map was determined by the number of players using a certain job class, I believe. You can see more details here:
  • Battle Tower: Karma Season! This runs from November 24 until December 2nd.
    Mobius Final Fantasy - Tonberry King

    Clip of a tonberry flailing 😦

  • FFX cards and Ace Striker (Tidus) job will be around from November 24th to December 2nd.
  • New Echo costumes along with Chef/Cook Tonberry and FF Type-0 Class Second Moogle in the Spirit Grove. Class Zero and Class Third Moogles can also be obtained. The former is from the event map and the other one … Well, in JP, players had to collect 10 of each key item from Colossus enemies to receive it. Since there’s been changes in global events already, I’m not sure this method will still be the case. :\
    Mobius Final Fantasy Global - New Echo costumes
    Echo, Echo, and Echo. I believe the Pirate Echo is gained from completing the third exploration area though.

    Mobius Final Fantasy - Global November 2016 Spirits
    Screencap from Japanese version. The flan is already in global. (I’m sure it was added before the FF Type-0 collaboration but I ignored it so it’s still showing new.)
  • On November 24th, AOE (area of effect) + Break Defense Down cards along with other currently unnamed ones will be added. Former summon draw-only cards, Carbuncle, Alexander, and Doomtrain, will appear in the Ability Shop from this point on as well.


Incidentally, there’s a Chinese Youtube channel that’s catalogued all the videos so far at I’m not certain it’s official though.

Japanese server information follows.

Japanese Server

Summary source:

  • Chapter 6 Part 2 will be added at some time in November.
  • New job:  Super Monk. In multiplayer, you can use it as an Attacker and Breaker. Element set is Earth, Light, and Dark. Its Ultimate is AOE, element shifts the element stock gauge to the element set the job uses, and will bestow Faith, Trance, Brave and Boost onto Wal. Sample gameplay: The small button that’s pressed before battle is the new Ether item which will max out the Ultimate gauge.
  • New Spirits: Artist Moogle Twins, cactuar in a guitar costume holding onto tambourines (Kanatender. Not sure what “kana” is in this case), and Painter Echo.
  • New Job Quests: Thief and Samurai
  • 8,888,888 registered users celebration campaign: It’s the same as global with the special login bonuses (except, in place of the 3 Spirit Tickets global is getting, Japan will get 88 Ability Tickets) and the 1 free draw a day until November 13th Japan Time.
  • Lots of minor UI changes such as:
    • landscape mode
    • job sorting
    • the ability to select Boost Fusion without going back one screen to check the box at the bottom
    • selecting which audio data to erase to save on memory
    • auto-selling new cards when received after battle. (This is an option under the Config menu.)
    • selecting up to 20 cards to sell
    • lock multiple cards at once
    • ability cards automatically moving to the card storage if the card box is full. (This is an option under the Config menu.)
    • the game will remember if you last started a battle with a sub deck so you don’t need to manually select it for the next battle
  • New features such as Auto Growth and the Ether item. Auto Growth allows you to set a few ability cards for automatic ability and Skillseed levelling. There are various criteria you can select. The use of an Ether was mentioned in the second point above.
  • There’s also a new button next to the auto job change one in battle that forces the AI to prioritize ability cards with Expand Skills that have yet to be unlocked.
  • A Magicite farming cap of 20K Magicite a month will be implemented.
  • Magicite may also be received as spoils from multiplayer battles.

Square Enix Presents video for November content:

There’s also a NicoDouga stream:

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