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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – Chapter 6 Part 1 Completed

Mobius Final Fantasy - Chapter 6 Part 1 Complete
This is what shows up once you finish the entire map. I’m not sure what やりこみ means though. Google Translate says it’s “Crowded” so it’s Crowded Dungeon?? Seems weird. .__. Also, I wonder if the text was actually meant for Part 2. ^^;

Whew, I’m finally done with this infernal lock-infested map. While locks are certainly nothing new in the world of Mobius Final Fantasy, Chapter 6 Part 1 is patterned after the Hall of Fame where specific objectives are found on each one so you’ll encounter them along almost every single path.

However, unlike the Hall of Fame, all attempts are counted toward the target goal so if you don’t meet the conditions the first time, you can replay the same area again until you do. The only exception is the node before the final battle with a Sicarius. The task for that lock is to score a single hit against the boss that reaches 300,000 or higher in damage.

I wrote about the joys of attempting to accomplish that with Ifrit in my initial post about Chapter 6.

One thing I didn’t mention in that post was that Chapter 6 Part 1 was to be released in 2 separate segments. The top half of the map, which featured Shiva and Ifrit, came out on October 8th while the bottom half with Hamshal and Famfrit started a few days ago on October 22nd.

This map update had some pretty stupid objectives that forced you to waste stamina to play through the same area more than once. Let me show you two examples:

Mobius Final Fantasy - Mission: Defeat 40 enemies with Wind abilities
Mission: Defeat 40 enemies with Wind abilities

…. A single run only yielded 32 enemies in total. After a second run, my total came to 64 so obviously, the quantity of monsters was fixed. I didn’t verify if this was also the case on Hard difficulty but I doubt there would be an extra 8 added in.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Mission: Defeat the Chimera with its weakness 3 times
Mission: Defeat the Chimera with its weakness 3 times

THERE WAS ONLY ONE FUCKING CHIMERA. I even played it on both Normal and Hard to check if maybe the latter would give more Chimeras but it doesn’t.

Thankfully, this crap didn’t occur often. I don’t know what the designer was thinking. Is there anyone out there that wants to redo areas against their will?

Anyway, this is the full map with all 95 areas completed:

Mobius Final Fantasy - Chapter 6 Part 1 Map
Completed map.

And here are two videos with Meia fighting Hashmal and then Famfrit. 😀

For Hashmal, I had to do 300,000+ damage in one hit to remove the lock to the following area.

The lock for the Famfrit battle required defeating it in 3 turns or less. Both were played on Normal difficulty but notice how tough the water boss is. 😐

The player actually receives the “Chapter Clear” notice in the same spot as this Famfrit fight. However, when the final area appeared, a lock showed up along the path which meant the current area had to be redone. :\

Oddly, the Famfrit that shows up in the last node is a push over compared to the one in the video. ^^

Regarding the weapon Meia is using: It’s called the Femme Fatale and it can only be obtained through Moggy’s Shop in the multiplayer map.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Meia and the Femme Fatale
Meia and the Femme Fatale

If you’re stuck with the basic Meia job like me, I highly recommend replacing the default weapon as soon as possible.

While the difference in stats isn’t dramatic, the extra speed and auto-abilities make things easier.

Mobius Final Fantasy - True Femme Fatale versus the True Arc Mirage
Meia’s stats with a level 296 deck. The parameters on the left belong to the Femme Fatale.

Like all regular 4-star weapons in Moggy’s Shop, the fully evolved version of the Femme Fatale requires a few runs in 4-star dual boss battles or 5-star battles as the required rare, limited time materials are only available in those fights.

The 5-star battle proved to be too brutal to use an AI team with so I stuck with the Belias and Famfrit fights. No character died at all in the 4 runs I did. And luckily, the material (Famfrit’s Water Jug) dropped every time. :3

Here’s the team I used. Incidentally, that Water Ranger card is 100% useless against Belias, but that could be because water isn’t the Orion’s strength:

Mobius Final Fantasy - Decks for 4-star Belias and Famfrit battles
A somewhat defensive setup. I never outfit my roles for fast clears in 4-star battles. Survival is more important to me. ^^~ No character died but battles did take around 10 – 11 minutes, if I remember correctly.
Mobius Final Fantasy - Obtaining the True Femme Fatale
8 pieces of the limited time material from 4-star Famfrit is needed to get the maxed version of this weapon.

Tidbit: Initially, the 4-star Femme Fatale could only be exchanged with 8 Famfrit Souls. Souls were only dropped in 5-star difficulty. -___- Later, Square Enix stated that it was a bug and changed the material requirements to either 4 Souls or 8 Water Jugs.

I did manage to grab 4 Famfrit Souls but that was after a multitude of resurrections on the 3 AI-manned roles and my own. 😛

Mobius Final Fantasy - Adrammelech
Adrammelech appearing in Chapter 6 Part 1. It’s also the upcoming boss in the Ring of Braves

Incidentally, along with the Sicarius, Adrammelech, a new weapon will be coming to the Ring of Braves on November 11th. It’s known as the Lumineuse (りュミヌーズ
) and contains the same auto-abilities as this: For more details, please refer to

3 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy JP – Chapter 6 Part 1 Completed

  1. Hey there, based on the info you are writing I guess you completed that chapter with Meia :). I am somehow stuck with all the task since I cannot understand what I should do for each lock. I really wanna complete this chapter as well. Can you translate the tasks an publish it as a walk through or mail me? This would be awesome if you can help.

    Many thanks!


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