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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – Tokyo Game Show 2016 Square Enix Presents Stream Summary

I’m only going to make quick summaries of all the game-relevant information because the first half hour consisted of chatting with the voice actress, M・A・O, who plays Meia a.k.a the Azure Witch.

Check out the exciting details under the cut! 😀 (There’s info about a new playable character and a new system!)

A major announcement was made at the Tokyo Game Show yesterday by the game’s project leader and producer!

Mobius Final Fantasy - Meia!
Meia will take the place of Wol in Chapter 6!
Meia will be the player character for Chapter 6. The chapter is entitled “Recollection of the Witch” (追憶の魔女) and will be released in October.

Gameplay featuring Meia was shown on the live stream. Her regular attacks consist of tossing magic at enemies with her free hand and ending the turn with a slash from her weapon.

You can watch her in action from about 1 hour 10 minutes in: (I can’t seem to embed videos that start at a certain time. :/)

Mobius Final Fantasy - Meia - Tokyo Game Show 2016 Scenerio
The Mobius FF team prepared a special scenerio to show Meia in action for the Tokyo Game Show.
(Wol is in the Moogle job outfit. ^^;)
Mobius Final Fantasy - Meia - Tokyo Game Show 2016 Scenerio
Meia versus Ultros
If you move the time line back about 10 or so minutes, you can catch the Witch’s voice actress, M・A・O, and the project leader, Naoki Hamaguchi, live reading the dialogue. People kept laughing whenever the Hamaguchi finished Wol’s line. ^^

At around 1:13, the new Decoration system was revealed!

Mobius Final Fantasy - Decoration System
The Decoration system was introduced! You can enter the Decoration menu by tapping on the small necklace icon.
Also highlighted are the 20% Skillseed usage for unlocking custom job skill panels and Meia’s sub job name, Cat-earred Meia. ^^
Mobius Final Fantasy - Decoration System
The Decoration menu. Tap on the boxes below to choose head accessories or body decorations.
I put a box around the 20% Skillseed discount because I thought it was interesting to point out. I hope they do something like that for regular skill panels too. 😀 While it’s true that stocking up on seeds in the Japanese version isn’t very difficult, I think it’ll be a nice limited time gift for players. ^^

I also hope that decorations will be available for Wol too. XD Check out some of the samples for Meia:

Afterwards, another battle was shown and the job change option was used~!

Mobius Final Fantasy - Cat-earred Meia
Meia in her cat outfit/job. She’s battling Gilgamesh.
Mobius Final Fantasy - Cat-earred Meia
Another angle of the cat outfit/job.
Sadly, Hamaguchi got her killed. ^^;; But she was revived and the fight continued on Auto-battle. 😛 You can watch the battle here:

The last topic of the stream was revealing the cover of the Mobius Final Fantasy First Annivesary Illustrations Collection and also some character design illustrations for Sarah, Garland, and Echo.

The book can be ordered from various outlets such as Amazon Japan and retails for 2800 yen (tax included. Otherwise, it’s 2593 yen). If you order from the Square Enix Japan e-Store, you’ll also receive a post card featuring the cover artwork as well.

Oh, toward the beginning of the stream, the most popular jobs and spirits for 2016 (up to the Tokyo Game Show) were revealed:

Mobius Final Fantasy - Most popular jobs for 2016 at the moment
Like last year, the Mobius FF team shared the rankings of the most popular jobs year to date.
Mobius Final Fantasy - Most popular spirits for 2016 year to date
Most popular spirits so far up to September 2016.
Too many Echos. :/

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