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Mobius Final Fantasy Global – Chocobocalypse & Dahaka Assault Event Info and Mini Tips

Chocobos invade Mobius Final Fantasy Global tonight at 19:00 UTC-8! The Battle Tower event with Dahaka is due next Thursday (September 22nd) and will probably open at 19:00 UTC-8 as well.

Please check the in-game clock for server time or check for current UTC-8 time.

Updated September 16: Global chocobo cards don’t need to be augmented like in the Japanese version. o_o Square Enix keeps making all these changes. :V Anyway, I’ve revised the information.

Updated September 23: Updated information about Dahaka and added screencaps of my deck setups.


I updated my tags to include the English name of the event. :3 You can read my posts about it here:

Need to knows:

  • A chocobo may run  after sustaining damage. Use the same element it’s using to heal it.
  • Chocobos buff and heal themselves.
  • Collect Gold Chocobo cards for their Barrier ability! It’ll be useful in the Battle Tower since the Enhanced Boon Extra Skill unlocks at level 3. For the Fat Chocobo card which has the same ability, that skill doesn’t unlock until ability level 5.
    The 4-star Fat Chocobo card has an advantage over the Gold Chocobo one, however, in that it possesses the Zero Cost Extra Skill.
    I’ll explain why the Enhanced Boon is important in the Dahaka section.
  • All chocobos, except the Gold Chocobo, drop 2-star cards. They don’t need to be augmented as they already possess “regular” abilities (i.e. not Lesser versions like typical mob cards). Each elemental Chocobo has a card that corresponds to their element; you can get ability cards for Fire, Ice Sword, Windfang, and Earthfang.
  • Gold and Silver Chocobos are rare.
  • The northwest/top left part of the map is the hardest section. As noted in the area information window, Gold and Silver Chocobos have a higher chance of appearing in high difficulty areas so that region is the best bet..

Dahaka Assault

My post about the Japanese version of the event:

Need to knows:

  • This is a dual element boss. The Tower will begin with it using Fire and Water. After 5 floors, it’ll switch to using Wind and Earth. Once you reach floor 30, it will be fixed to Fire and Water. Dahaka continues to change element pairs even in the Phantasmic Coil. :/
    When fighting it, it will most likely change element if you use the opposite one on it. For example, if its current affinity is Wind and you use Earth on it, it may switch to Earth in its next turn.
  • Dahaka will throw multiple debuffs onto Wol during its dual-element attack. You can gain resistance through Tyro or Cait Sith with the Veil Extra Skill. Cait Sith also has Esuna which can remove the most recent debuff. However, Debarrier can only be removed with Barrier.
  • Having the Enhanced Boon Extra Skill unlocked on the Gold Chocobo or Fat Chocobo will not only remove Debarrier but also put up (enhanced) Barrier. At higher floors, especially in the Coil, having enhanced Barrier is a necessity to prevent the boss from inflicting Debarrier. Note that a regular Barrier (re: square icon) will drop if Debarrier is used on Wol..

I just finished my first loop in the Coil and thought I’d share my setups. I’m unsure how far the Tyro and Hades decks will get me. I’m thinking about switching out Hades for Yuna (I don’t have Cait Sith).

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