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Mobius Final Fantasy Global – Multiplayer Announced

Mobius Final Fantasy - Multiplayer announcement via Chinese Square Enix Presents live stream
Multiplayer is coming on September 8th Taiwan Time!

(This was written with the assumption that the English version will get it around the same time as well.)

I don’t have much to say on this other than being a little irked that this is coming out before Chapter 3 and the exploration maps. Farming Skillseeds is like pulling teeth right now. I’m finally getting the x9 bonus multiplier through auto-battle on the PuPu event but I really wish they would have decided to implement the maps that give the daily seed bonuses to ease the grind for everyone especially free-to-play users.

I wonder if they’ll change some of the items that can be exchanged from the multiplayer shop though. In the Japanese version, there’s a lot of multiplayer shop-exclusive items like ability cards and weapons; they can be equipped outside of the multiplayer area, however. But there’s every possibility they’ll expand the line-up to include more things. Can’t really think of what though because everything that comes to mind are items that can be purchased with Magicite and I doubt Square Enix will want to make it easier to get those. 😛

Oh, I do suggest everyone read this primer on multiplayer gameplay. It’s vitally important that players understand the job roles. I don’t think SE would modify the fundamentals: Please excuse the author’s grammatical and spelling mistakes as English is not his first language. However, he is a very experienced player on the Japanese server.

I also wrote about my initial impressions of multiplayer in the Japanese version where I had no idea what the roles were about because I was a goofball and didn’t read up on them first. .__.~

As always, I invite everyone to join us at the Mobius Final Fantasy – (English Community) & Other games Etc~! Lots of discussion for English and Japanese versions of Mobius FF!! 😀


One thought on “Mobius Final Fantasy Global – Multiplayer Announced

  1. Thank you for linking to my game journal. I will try to fix the grammar and it was a quick write up haha

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