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Mobius Final Fantasy – English Gameplay Preview by TheGamersJoint

TheGamersJoint on YouTube has posted gameplay and his own impressions of the upcoming English localized version of the game! I’m so happy to spot the List View option on the menu which means we’re NOT getting the initial Japanese version.

I’ll update this post with some more opinions in a bit since I’ve yet to finish watching it. ^^


  • !!! Double-speed option looks to be available right from the start!? (It’s the little arrow above the cards on the right.)
  • Skill Seed is now one word? :/
  • It kind of bothered me that he kept pronouncing “mobius” as “MOH-bee-us”. ^^; But it seems like most dictionaries indicate there are 2 accepted pronunciations so it boils down to personal preference.
  • I found it interesting he kept referencing Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ. ^^ I’ve played the Japanese version for a while as well and it never occurred to me the combat systems were kind of similar.
  • I expect this to happen a lot in the beginning but renting an attack card you have in your own deck is pointless. (A rental card is the 5th card on the side. It’s always placed on the bottom after a player’s own cards.) The only exception is when it’s of higher rarity. On that note, I recommend that people set support/restoration/pink-bordered cards for others to rent if they have one available. Well, NOT the Yuna card since EVERYONE will have it anyway. XD
  • Disappointed that there was no information about how to trigger and use the Ultimate Skill. I wonder what the translation will be? I referred to it as Special Attack for the longest time and only changed it to Ultimate Skill (or Attack ^^) recently because the voice from the stickers used in Multiplayer refer to it as that.
  • There was nothing about Element Drives either. I really can’t recall the tutorial but I believe those were brought up within the first few battles.
  • I just noticed he showed the cactuar map while explaining how the game features a new story and how to progress through the game. ^^;
  • Looks like Full Auto isn’t going to be available until after chapter 1 is cleared. :s
  • Overall, the video does a good job giving an brief overview.

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