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Mobius Final Fantasy – Squall Job Get!

It’s an excuse to do a post! XD

Mobius Final Fantasy - バラムの傭兵 - Mercenary of Balamb
I didn’t bother shrinking the size of this image. Click to see larger version! The illustration is pretty cool. 😀

I’m pretty happy and surprised I drew this job card because I have never managed to get an event-only job before. ^^ Truthfully, I wanted the creepy Tonberry more but this one is pretty awesome! It’s got high attack power, a crazy Critical rating, and is decent in every other category. Only low point I can see is the Break Power.

The Ultimate Attack is super destructive, capable of dishing out MAXIMUM damage (999,999 HP) on a single enemy !

Mobius Final Fantasy - バラムの傭兵 - Mercenary of Balamb
The stats will only get higher as the Dark card levels up too. This is just an example of what they look like with a mix of 4-star and 5-star plus a maxed out Gunblade.

Heck, you can see it in this video I recorded of a set of battles in the Gigantuar area. It turns out this job is a superb choice for the region!

Please excuse my super slow gameplay. I just have a usual habit of madly tapping on the screen when playing manually. It gets to the point that I sometimes use up an entire turn by accident that way. .__.;; Please see the video description on YouTube for more information. 😀

Not shown in the video is the Skill Seed multiplier. It’s a whopping x505! I’m sure it’ll go beyond that with a score of 20 million and above but I’ve yet to reach that. 😡

Mobius FInal Fantasy - Skill Seed Multiplier with Balamb Mercenary Job
This is a screencap from the green Gigantuar area. So many seeds!

4 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy – Squall Job Get!

  1. Wait,, what?! 505 multiplier???
    I’m still stuck on 120-130 by now…but yes I agreed, squall is very destructive, bad at breaking but who need that when the actual attack is already high?

    Sam for me too, this is the first event job that I’ve ever had 😂

    1. Yeah, I was forever glued to my Crimson Lord and only ever managed to get a score of 5 million once with it. 😦 I think the Tonberry and Samurai would work well in this bonus region though since their Ultimates have high attack power as well.

      1. I reach 5 million when I got squall…well I think my card level are still low then 😂😂😂

  2. Also got this card yesterday too.

    This event seems to have decent rates for that job card.

    Been a great month for this and judge card and balamb card.

    The only sad part is it will it harder for me to leave this game for the west. However I don’t know if I will.

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