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The Artists of Mobius Final Fantasy

Before I go further into this entry, I would ask that readers respect these artists and not steal their works to claim as your own and/or to sell them. If sharing or reblogging individual art pieces, I would recommend including a link with them to their gallery and crediting the artist.

And, as a warning, some links found in this post may lead to galleries containing artwork that’s not safe for work!

With that out of the way, we can move on. 😀

I’ve been wanting an art book for the game since its release because I think many of the illustrations are simply gorgeous and need to be seen in higher resolution.

Today, I was randomly browsing Mobius FF sites and came across the illustrator for the Bard job card. As expected, the piece even looks more stunning in a much larger size. *___* Although credited as Lasashido in-game, the artist’s real name is Livia Prima and she also goes by the nickname of Dopaprime.

Along with the Bard, Dopaprime is responsible for the FFVII Shiva (Dark Ranger card), Obelisk (Dark Mage card), Brahma (Light Ranger card), and many others. You can see her beautiful artwork at her DeviantArt site:

Gallery of one of the artists of Mobius Final Fantasy

As for Lasahido, he’s the head illustrator at the company both he and Prima are a part of. However, he’s also done some work in the game as well! Heck, I even screencapped the page below. XD

Knights of the Round illustration by Lius Lasahido
Click the link in the above paragraph to view a larger version at his ArtStation site!

I looked for a few more artists whose works I like and was stunned at how easy it was to find their sites (and how many of them found their way to Pinterest. -_-). Anyway, continue reading for links to more amazing art!

By the way, I’m sorry if I get any of the genders wrong since their profile pages only refer to artist by name. 😐

Bayard Wu is the illustrator for the Dancer job but I can’t seem to find that one. 😦 In the following screencap, you can see the drawing for the Ranger and Berserker jobs as well as the Bahamut Zero ability card plus a few more. You can find his gallery at

ArtStation site for Bayard Wu
Such incredible works!

Next up is Yu Cheng Hong. It seems like many of the job cards — especially the recent ones like the Monk, 仙術士 (not sure what this should be translated as), and the Strategist (軍師) — where done by him which is fine by me since I adore the art. 😀 Check out his DevArt page!

DeviantArt Gallery of Yu Cheng Hong

Instead of highlighting every single artist, here’s a compilation of links to some others that contributed art to the game. Note that not every gallery displays works from Mobius Final Fantasy. Also note that Pixiv requires registration to view full galleries.

Please enjoy this collection of breathtaking talent!

Shuichi Wada –
Buddy Jiang –
ケースワベ –
創-taro –
仙田聡 –
agnidevi –
Mariana Vieira –
すらなき –
斉藤幸延 –
boosoohoo –
塗壁 –
Dalisa –
Nagase –
Rakuen –
森野ヒロ –
hippo –
victor –
vusc –
jugemt –
akio –

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  1. Whoaa nice info! I’ve been looking for this too! Hope they’ll release some art book for mobius

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