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Mobius Final Fantasy – A Brief Update About the “Overseas Release”

For users of the Final Fantasy Portal App who regularly check in on the daily news, they would have noticed this back in November at some point of last year:

FF Portal App; Mobius FF International Version a possibility?
Maybe we’ll get the English release next year?

Today, on the 1-year Anniversary of the game, there’s been another update in the Portal!

Final Fantasy Portal App - Mobius FF to be released soon!
Please look forward to it! ^-^

Hopefully, it’ll be some time this year! *___* Now I have to make space on my iPad mini so I can have both versions on it. (The HD install uses about 3 GBs. :/ I would think the English version would be about the same.)

2 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy – A Brief Update About the “Overseas Release”

  1. Oh no…not when my level is already far…hate to play it from zero again…

  2. i would really prefer it, if they do it like granblue fantasy and give us just an english patch…that would be nice

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