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Mobius Final Fantasy – 1st Anniversary Celebration!

Mobius Final Fantasy - Echo celebrates the 1st anniversary of Mobius FF

The official anniversary date is June 4th but Square Enix is doing a month-long celebration~! Naturally, there’s a 1st Anniversary map, but the first week is extra special and offers a ton of benefits such as:

  • 2x Fractal cards per day until June 12th (Japan Time). The auto abilities they bestow are pre-determined. You can check the chart on the news page for the full list of abilities:
  • 1x Elixir per day
  • Double stamina recovery when using Elixir or Magic Stones to refill stamina
  • 4x Skill Seed bonus in all side story/Exploration maps
  • Increased chance to obtain Expand Skills
  • 20% increased success rate for fusing cards
  • ALL areas of the Pleiades Lagoon will be open until June 12th (Japan Time)
  • A massive stamina top-off on Mobius Day (June 8th)! Instead of the usual +88, you’ll get +888!

And starting today, players will receive extra login bonuses~!

Mobius Final Fantasy - 1st Anniversary Special Login Bonuses

The Dissidia FF cards that were distributed as login bonuses during the Dissidia FF collaboration event last year makes its return for some reason. ^^ Information about this and lots more under the cut!
The difference this time is that they’re all class changed to 4-star rarity already with maxed out abilities. With the exception of the Cloud card, these cards will also be handed out in 4-day rotations. (Note that you will only get a card once within each 4-day period.) The schedule is as follows:

  1. Onion Knight – June 1st – June 4th
  2. Cecil – June 5th – June 8th
  3. Bartz – June 9th – June 12th
  4. Terra – June 13th – June 16th
  5. Tidus – June 17th – June 20th
  6. Shantotto – June 21st – June 24th
  7. Vaan – June 25th – June 28th

Faithful Mobius Gift Box buyers will also be rewarded! (We’re known as Gift Box VIPs! ^o^/) Depending on the number of times you’ve bought the Box, you will receive certain gift sets!

  1. Purchased 1 time = 36 Revival Tickets
  2. Purchased 3 times = 88 Revival Tickets &  1 Grow Star
  3. Purchased 6 times = 88 Revival Tickets, 1 Grow Star, and 3 5-star Moogle Charms
  4. Purchased 10 times = 88 Revival Tickets, 1 Grow Star, 3 5-star Moogle Charms, and 4 Expalights
  5. Purchased 12 times = Mobius Love sticker

These tier rewards are cumulative meaning that you will receive 3 x 88 REVIVAL TICKETS FOR A TOTAL OF 264 REVIVAL TICKETS if you’ve purchased the Mobius Gift Box 10+ times.

I’ve bought 12 of them since the game started so here’s what my Present Box looked like when I logged in today. ^^;

Mobius Gift Box - 1st Anniversary Present Assault
My Present Box was flooded with 19 items! *___* Square Enix is so generous. ;_;~

It’s important to know that the Mobius Gift Box can only be purchased once every 30 days so unfortunately, players just starting out won’t be able to receive all these incredible rewards. But if you’ve been buying them on and off, you’ll still qualify for some! This means that if you’re sitting at any of the tier borders and are on the fence about getting another Mobius Gift Box, purchase one now since this offer is only good until the end of the month!

Oh yes, that Mobius Love sticker can be used to resurrection in multiplayer battles. It can only be used once per battle, but I’m not familiar with how it works so I’m not sure if you can use it on others or just on yourself. This benefit is available until July 31st (Japan Time).

The 1st Anniversary stamp given out as a login gift also provides the some function in multiplayer battles. However, it can’t be used in conjunction with the Mobius Love one; you can only use either one in a battle. The news page also notes that its usage period differs than the Love sticker but doesn’t state the time span. I assume that it means you can only use the resurrection ability until June 30th (Japan Time).

Final 2 anniversary specials:

  • For everyone buying Magic Stones, they can get a bonus of 100 Stones once per day. A Grow Star will be thrown in as an extra for those willing to spend over 2,300 yen during this month.
  • All previous Echo variants (with the exception of ones obtained from maps) and some other critters are back in the Fairy/Sprite/Familiar Room for purchase.

I’ll do a separate entry for all the game balance adjustments that kicked in with the latest update soon. ^^~ Entry can be found here:

9 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy – 1st Anniversary Celebration!

  1. Hello! How do you buy magic stone in this game? I always get a popup qith two empty fields when I try

  2. Hi I wondering what the 5-star moogle cards are for? Is they have any correlation with card class change?
    And what is the use of the other cards like eggs and something rainbow stone?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello~ The 5-star moogle cards increase the chance of success for card fusions by 1.5x~

      The egg cards all have different uses! I’m going to add that to my FAQ in a bit. ^^

      The Rainbow Jewel (レインボージュエル) cards are for evolving cards obtained from the multiplayer shop.

      1. Hoooo. I see. I have plenty because I don’t know how it works lol. Okay I’m waiting for your new FAQ’s section.

  3. hello , i draw card 6x and got warlock job with completed panels, is that an event or ? any forum to build this job?

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