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Amendments to Mobius Final Fantasy FAQ

I have no idea why I have an aversion to updating the post. I even have a page of things written down that need to be changed or added. I’ll just chalk it up to being hella lazy … although needing to keep scrolling up and down the page and adding new anchor links is really annoying as well.

Anyway, since I should be updating this blog, here are some modifications and additions that Square Enix has done recently (as in, within the past 3 major updates :P). I’ve mentioned some in a previous post but here are screenshot versions. Maybe one day, I’ll add these directly into the FAQ but there are no guarantees because, well, laziness. When I do, I’ll remove this post. ^^;

As usual, feel free to comment, discuss, and ask questions about the game or any Mobius FF posts. ^-^


Other changes:

  • The pages of stamps you can set per job has been expanded from 6 to 8.
  • Deck information of a participant can be viewed by tapping on their icon (in battle, I believe.)
  • Quest searches can be filtered by player level.
  • Various changes to recipies and materials that can be received from battles have been made.
  • 1-star to 3-star quests are in rotation (so you may not see the same bosses every day).

General Tweaks & Additions

Skill Panel Openers
When in the Skill Panel (スキルパネル) screen, you can use items called Skill Panel Openers in place of Skill Seeds to unlock panels. They can be purchased as sets in the shop for 1000 Magic Stones each. Although the cost is the same, the amount of Openers you can obtain per set depends on the type: Bronze Openers come in quantities of 10, Silver Openers come in 5, and Gold Openers come in a set of 2.

Again, depending on the type, these handy items can only be used under certain conditions:

  • Bronze Opener – Used on panels that require up to 5,000 Skill Seeds (i.e. 10 – 4,999).
  • Silver Opener – Used on panels that require up to 50,000 Skill Seeds (i.e. 5,000 – 49,999).
  • Gold Opener – Used on panels that require 50,000 Skill Seeds and up.

Full Auto Ultimate Attack ON/OFF Toggle
Stop Wal from needlessly wasting the Ultimate Attack (必殺技) in battles by leaving the button in the OFF position. When it’s depressed, as seen in the screencap, he will spam the attack whenever it’s ready for use. Please note that Full Auto is only available for players who have purchased the Mobius Gift Box (メビウスギフトボックス). Full Auto is also free for all users on Mini Mobius Days (プチメビウスデー) which occur on the 8th (Japan Time) of every month.

The Ultimate Attack button is in the ON position.
The Ultimate Attack button is in the ON position.

Deck Swapping

Cards Equipped in Sub Decks Can Gain Experience
As the heading reads, cards that are a part of the sub deck receives experience as well! (I’m unsure if you need to use the sub cards in battle to benefit from this. ^^) Sadly, only Skill Seeds from the main deck are considered on the Battle Result screen still.

Card Autosell Function Revised
Someone at Square Enix actually realized how insanely tedious it was to have to pull up the screen for EVERY SINGLE CARD just to “turn on” the Auto Sell switch. This simplified version is what it should have been when they first implemented the option.

Simply tap on the button left button and then tap on the cards you want the game to automatically sell after a battle.
Simply tap on the button left box and then tap on the cards you want the game to automatically sell after a battle.

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