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Mobius Final Fantasy – Chapter 5 Element Influence & Other Updates

Okay, I’ll stop making excuses about updating the FAQ. It boils down to me being lazy. I might be better off just writing quick posts about the new additions in each major update at this rate; like what I’m doing now.

The new chapter introduces a battle gimmick known as Element Influence (エレメントインフルエンス, or エレイン for short).

Element Influence
Element Influence

As seen in the image above, there are two element icons on the top left with of the screen with 1 and 2 as well as multipliers next to them. The colour of the multiplier numbers are important.

Here’s the breakdown of the screencap:

  • The 1 and 2 indicate the number of turns before the next element multiplier switches in so in this case, after 1 round of Fire, Earth will come in.
  • If the multiplier colour is blue, then it’s a positive effect meaning attacks that match the element currently active will be strengthened by the amount indicated by the multiplier. If it’s red, then attacks corresponding to the same element will be reduced. Note that Element Influence affects both the player AND enemies. 

Other need-to-knows about the March 31st/April update:

  • New Bard job! – Supporter type with Dark element. It has two sets of elements though. I’ve yet to read up on it so I don’t know if the second set is selectable right away of it’s unlocked after the first evolution. Anyway, its Special Attack gives you Rainbow Elements to use. Super handy!
  • Boost Revival – You can use Revival Tickets to purchase completely maxed out cards from the Revival section of the Store.
  • Special Attack option ON or OFF for Full Auto – Don’t you hate it when Wal uses his Special attack on the lone wimpy enemy while Full Auto is running? Well, you now have the ability to control that! When the button is depressed, it means it’s ON.
  • MAIN and SUB deck information on Help screen while in-battle – When you pause the game while in battle, it always brings up the screen that shows card information such as its ability name, ability description, and any Expand Skills that have been unlocked. It used to be that it only shows info of your current job but now you can switch between both MAIN and SUB by tapping on the left corner where the portraits of the jobs are displayed.
  • Auto sell switch – I wrote about selling cards in the Tips and Tricks section of the FAQ. Originally, you had to select EACH card individually and move the coin slider to the Sell state. Someone at Square Enix realized how tedious and stupid it is and now provides the option to simply tap on the card instead while on the card storage screen. Checkmark the box next to 自動売却簡易設定 at the bottom left to use the setting.
  • Multiplayer tweaks
    • Participants can now indicate if they are ready to continue. (Press 準備OK when you’re all set to fight.)
    • Sticker sets have been expanded to 8 per page. Also, as of last update, you can set unique stickers to each of the job types.
    • When in battle, you can see the decks of other players by pressing the MENU button.
    • Ability to filter by player level when searching for parties to join.
    • Reduction in time for quest time out. I’m not entirely sure if this is in regards to communication time-outs while in-battle or waiting on people to join your party. Whether it is, it’s no longer 5 minutes as it’s been reduced to 3.
    • Cards obtained from Mogy’s Shop can now be purchased with Revival Tickets. As usual, this only applies to cards you have once owned.

For screenshots and original information, please check the official news page:

4 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy – Chapter 5 Element Influence & Other Updates

  1. The EREIN at first is always red. Is there something that can make it change to blue?

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