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Mobius Final Fantasy Multiplayer Mode Question

Doing this as a separate post so it’s easy to spot. ^^

Any visitors up for some multiplayer at some point? We just have to think of some platform to easily communicate in. ^^~

I mostly play as a Breaker or Defender since my strongest jobs happen to fall into those categories. I’ve yet to try Rank 3 battles because I figure a cohesive team is really important for those.

If you’re the kind of user that just hurls whatever at the boss and doesn’t pay attention to other players, I ask that you brush up on your job role(s) and learn to be a team player. :/

6 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy Multiplayer Mode Question

    1. I can’t say for sure since every battle I’ve joined were with maxed out jobs so it seems like the cards are what matters most. Mine are mostly 4-star.

  1. Only left with 4-star quest to clear. Time is essence in this 2 boss fight, any delay within decision on moves will make you lose as time runs out (40 mins). I had my 1st try out with the boss left with 80% HP (2nd boss) being time out and lost.

      1. Don’t try 3-star battles without maxing skill panels on whichever role you wanna play as you won’t be able to sustain the damage output by those bosses. Especially 4-star bosses. Whenever I play 3-4 stars bosses, I make sure to get defender, supporter, breaker and attacker as specify roles. And you can long click on players to make sure they have the right element for bosses you going to fight, if not, it’s surely won’t be going well.

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