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Mobius Final Fantasy – Cactuar Trolls

I’ve been focusing on finishing up Chapter 1 Hard instead of playing multiplayer battles. But even after I complete the map, I may hang back to develop cards so I can better contribute in co-op~! I always feel like my cards are inadequate to really help out. 😦

Right now, I’m doing the extra areas and currently on the mage path. Since my mage cards suck, I’m using Warrior and Ranger jobs to tackle them. The following happened today:

So many cactuars today! And all of them had the same elements as one of my main attack cards!! ARGH!

The problem with the Cloud card in the first screenshot is that it has extremely wimpy Break power. Amazoness isn’t fantastic for breaking either since its main strength is obliterating HP after Break defense goes down. This metal cactuar eventually ran away though. I only got its Break bar down to the halfway mark before that happened. 😛

The last battle was with the cockatrice and that went all right. It still took a while since the Royal Guard isn’t exactly a job with high Attack or Break power. I’m only using it because I’m trying to develop the Expand Skills of the Warrior of Light multiplayer card which is an Earth-type card.

The Pirate King was sent into action in the next area and lo and behold, a cactuar stood in his way. What dreadful luck I have to encounter another bloody little critter that’s resistant to my main attack card. Luckily, the Bahamut card is a Break-type and with the help of some buffs, the Break gauge was reduced to 0 at a decent rate.

A metal cactuar shows up as the following enemy and …. sigh. The game really hates me today. >:E

At last, I make it to the last battle. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to the area information window or else I would have known that this monster was a Water type! It did this attack that instantly destroyed Wal’s HP bar even at full. I opted to continue because I had so many Phoenix Downs anyway and I wanted to keep the cactuar cards I was going to get.

This turned out to be a good decision because the cactuar dropped a 4-star card! I’m collecting them to max out the skill seeds of my 5-star cards. These particular cactuar cards are the only ones that provide a 20% success rate while attempting to get the level 8 skill seed level.


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