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Mobius Final Fantasy – Guard Scorpion Battle Tower and Personal Milestones!

The current Battle Tower event is kind of interesting! Instead of the usual trudge up each floor from 1 to 50, you’re only doing every 10 floors. This lands you at the doorstep of the endless loop section at the top extremely fast. ;__; I guess Square Enix feels like there’s enough long-time active players to justify sending most of them into that dreadful place quickly this time.

Truthfully, I think I SHOULD be among those that can handle a few cycles given that I have been playing the game everyday (at least I could swear I have never missed a single day ^^) since Mobius’ release but I explain my situation further down this post. ^^~

Before we get to that, here are some screenshots. XD

Mobius Final Fantasy - Guard Scorpion Battle Tower Event
Echo is mimicking Gilgamesh. ^^
Mobius Final Fantasy - Guard Scorpion Battle Tower Event
Weird! Encountered this a few times where the enemies would be facing away from Wal.
Mobius Final Fantasy - Guard Scorpion Battle Tower Event
It’s the first day and I’m all done. ^^;

The one-day event clears are a pretty common situation with me. ^^ Story and side chapters take a bit longer due to the sheer amount of areas in some of the maps. For Chapters 3 and 4, I’ve found that my jobs and cards aren’t strong enough to finish them easily. 😡 I even played most of those two on Normal difficulty. Heck, I’m still trying to complete Chapter 4 Part 2 but there are some mean Shadow enemies that are in the way and I’m stuck contemplating which job I should use to tackle them.

I’m considering my Knight of the Round Table but there is a fucking Shadow Knight as an last battle enemy. Actually, I think the accompanying enemy is also a Warrior-type and those assholes have a debuff that can seriously weaken Warrior jobs. >:E I might use my Viking but I need to complete the final Skill Panel first. The problem is that I never really feel like doing those Gigantuar runs much these days.

I actually evolved my Artemis card to 5-star a few days ago so I’ll need to grind for some of the Grudge monsters there. And the faster that card’s ability is maxed out, the better.

Now we can talk about the milestones! :3

Number one:

Mobius Final Fantasy - Bahamut Zero 5-star at max ability level!
Woo! 5-star Bahamut Zero and at max ability level!

This is a card I use religiously with my Knight of the Round Table (a fully upgraded Paladin) so I figure that it’s a good candidate for the max evolution. :3 I only did this today since I had enough Magic Stones to purchase the Light God Rays that conveniently happened to be in the store. Even more convenient was the start of the 20% off sale of store items. With the Stones I saved, I’ll be able to afford the Mobius Gift Box next month immediately after the currently run expires. ^__^

Also! Thanks to Square Enix tossing in awesome gacha bonuses recently where we can get 77 Revival Tickets, I had stocked up over 260 of them. 😀 Burned through a bunch to get Bahamut Zero’s ability to level 10.

All two of my 5-star Moogle Charms are gone and only around 170 Revival Tickets are left now though. Based on the cards that I want to class change — i.e. ones that don’t have common monsters that share their abilities — I won’t have enough to max out abilities for a while. 😦 Well, unless I magically start getting super high ranking spots weekly and in events and that’s not going to happen. 😛

I’ve actually been sitting on a lot of cards when it comes to considering which one to fully develop. :/ There’s so much hesitation and thinking that “Maybe I’ll get a better card in the future.” or “I really want to level up this card since it has a debuff but there are no common monsters that share its ability. Guess I’ll leave it for now.” The problem with this mentality is that I don’t end up doing any class changing so I’m stuck with a bunch of 3-stars and a handful of 4-stars that are being used in battles now and then but have low level abilities. My mage cards suffer the most because I keep waiting for the better card; more specifically, ones with debuffs because the majority of them right now are the normal, no frills cards that have been around since day 1. Unsurprisingly, my luck’s not all that fantastic when it comes to the random card summons. I’ve been wanting a lot of the popular jobs and cards like the Warrior of Light and Knights of the Round but never managed to get them. :\ Even just getting a few more 4-star cards (that aren’t Shift and Force-types for once) would be helpful so I’m not forced to wait for Grow Stars. And since I’m not a pay-player, I’m severely limited with the number of times I can play the gacha.

Perhaps the best thing to do is to pick some cards and stick with them. Make them stronger and then switch over when the more powerful ones come along. No sense in playing the waiting game and let things sit idle. My mage jobs are hurting in the meantime after all. 😦

With that rambling out of the way, it’s onto the second milestone!

Mobius Final Fantasy - Guard Scorpion Battle Tower Event
Finished my first cycle! 😀

Not counting the Battle Tower with the rehashing of old bosses, this is the first time that I completed one cycle of the endless area. ^-^ I’m going to try for another one but I’m uncertain I can do it. ^^ I don’t have any multi-card buffs other than the event ones that are permanently stuck at 3 or 4-star. 😦

My current set-up is 5-star Bahamut Zero, 4-star Siegfried, 5-star Artemis, and the 5-star Hermes card. That and Siegfried are the only two that have all Expand Skills unlocked with their corresponding ability levels. 😡 The latter is also at maximum card level. Everything else is over level 50 though.

I only have Bahamut Zero as my sole debuff (Break Resistance Down) but I’m not sure swapping out Siegfried for another debuff or buff is a good idea since I’d then only be able to rely on one attack card which kind of screws me over a little when facing the Guard Scorpion anyway. :E

See — this is why having cards with multiple buffs is good; 1 card can substitute 2 or 3 cards. 😐 How incredible would it be to have Attack Up, Critical Up, Boost Up, Haste, and Magic Up all going at the same time? *__* Sadly, it’s only a dream for me at the moment. Maybe one day I’ll luck out and draw some coveted card in its 4-star, or even 5-star, glory.

9 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy – Guard Scorpion Battle Tower and Personal Milestones!

  1. Really hard after 30th level… Hate the green dragon that can move twice a turn. And the bunch of soldiers with the same ability

    1. I only managed to get up to 26. 😦 I could probably try for 27 again but the border for next prize level was 29 so I’ll just stay where I am. :3

      1. Yeah, the prize is somewhat good enough too, 10 crystal. But I was hoping skill seed more. Crystal didn’t have any meaning without fulfilling the rest of skill panel. Lol…

  2. Only managed to get 2 rounds of that 5 battles after the main lvl 50 done. It juz gets harder. I don’t even have 5 star card yet lolz. Only killed 20+ bosses as my record. So have to earn a few more bunch of break dmg limit 9999 cards. Anyway, multi players battle up soon. Gonna play that!!

    1. 9999+ HP break and support cards become so important in the tower. :/ I sat on my support cards forever. I finally have upgraded some so I was able to do the endless part of each tower in last month’s repeat bosses event.

      I like how ranking prizes include Revival Tickets now. I hope that trend continues. 😀

  3. Can’t join Multiplay battle, keep getting error code 99999… Wonder does it affect you guys too?

  4. It’s seems fine after an hour, well it’s like another grinding matches for materials to exchange cards, stamps and upgrading items. There’s also weapons to collect though.

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