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Tiny Farm – The Superstition of the Original Love House

Players who have interacted with other Tiny Farm members via Com2uS/Gamevil’s HIVE community or the unofficial message board at Proboards would have most likely come across the claims that breeding in front of the original Love House — the one with a pair of lovey-dovey cows on the sign — will up the chances of successfully obtaining higher tier or event animals.

Tiny Farm - Original Love House
The Original Love House. Screencap edited from an image from the Tiny Farm Wikia

The origin of this belief comes from the fact that either the Talking Cow or Talking Dairy Cow said something about breeding in front of it will make dreams come true or something. I don’t know the exact words and no one remembers them but they all claim that it was something to that effect. (The dialogue has been removed or changed for some time now.)

I do recall that, for a while (and maybe it’s still going on), the animals DID give legitimate gaming hints such as where to go to find the option to redecorate the map. But those kinds of tips were perceivable and the Love House claim being something that can’t be seen is what makes it dubious.

Why would Com2uS even include such a statement though? Who knows? Maybe there was some context with the another talking cow, kind of like the one that talks about its crush, or perhaps it’s just random fluff like those animals that make fun of other animals. At any rate, if it were true, there’s every chance that Com2uS won’t admit to it since it’ll give players an easier chance to get animals and they don’t want that as they’re trying to make money from impatient users. :E

Proponents of this Original Love House (henceforth OLH) breeding method will tell others that getting event animals without it is much more difficult and some will say that they couldn’t even complete their collections in the past before subscribing placing couples in front of the OLH.

In my experience, the building does not enhance the success rate when it comes to breeding. I did try it for a while but didn’t find that I was getting event animals any faster, and with the exception of 1 or 2 events and events I deliberately choose to ignore, I have gotten every animal in an event collection with or without the OLH simply by breeding the animals as required by event quests.

Oh, but having pairs of animals mating in front of the House doesn’t mean you’ll instantly get the animal you want or need! It could take many tries!

Well, yes, that’s how breeding is supposed to work in the game. It boils down to luck. 😐

Tiny Farm - Snow Animals
I got the Snow Deer and Snow Rabbit not long after the event started; without the Original Love House.
Tiny Farm - Over 12 days left for Snow Animal event
12 days, 19 hours, and 41 minutes left and I already got 2 out of 3 Snow Animals. This is not common though so I lucked out this time. However, it just goes to show that this is possible even without that special building.

The problem is that there’s no quantifiable proof; it “working” for a handful of accounts isn’t enough. Proving it would probably require a simulation of hundreds or thousands of dummy accounts both using and not using the OLH for every single event. But even then, due to the randomness of success, would the statistics from such tests even be enough as proof?

There’s certainly no harm in believing that breeding animals in front of the Original Love House guarantees a good chance that you’ll finish a collection of event animals before the event ends, but, in my opinion, players should think of it only as a good luck charm and not as fact.

Incidentally, I have one of the newer Love Houses in the spot of the original one since I needed something to replace it. :3 The Love House with the cows on the sign has been in the Production Building Storage facility for a few months now.

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