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Freedom Wars – Suggested Improvements That Should Have Been In the Game From the Start

I’m almost 130 hours in. It’s kind of funny considering I haven’t even finished the story yet. ūüėõ

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about how my experience of the game could have been better had the developer done the following:

  • Smarter Ally AI. For fuck’s sake, don’t keep shooting at an Abductor that has its shields on. Also, don’t stand in front of an Abductor and continue to attack¬†it as it charges toward you. It’s not like there wasn’t enough time to dodge roll or even run out of the way. Finally, revive your fucking Accessories. Having less firepower makes battles more difficult. This isn’t rocket science, you nitwits. Oh, one more: Stop reviving in the vicinity where there’s another Abductor that’s yet to be attacked. Jesus Fucking Christ, why are you so stupid?
    If the dev decided that programming ally AI to be smarter would have diminished the player’s role then they could done something like making it¬†longer for Abductor parts to get destroyed if the player doesn’t help. There are a myriad of ways to have smart computer friends and still ensure¬†an enjoyable and rewarding game. It’s too bad we didn’t get that with Freedom Wars.
  • More Ally Combat Commands. It would have been nice to tell them to focus on a specific parts of an Abductor so while they hack away at one, you can focus on another. You know, like having some proper team work going?
  • A Better Weapons Fusion System. I’ve already mentioned the issues in another post so I won’t regurgitate them here. I can understand that always getting the modules you want could dumb down the difficulty and maybe even the gameplay length of the game, but they still¬†could have done what Warriors Orochi 2 did and let players select what modules they¬†want from all the weapons that they’ve collected.¬†On top of that, slap levels onto modules so you have to increase their strength by fusing the same module multiple times. Lord knows that’s something that could extend gameplay for a good while.
  • Separate the last story mission into the 3 fucking operations that they are. No one in their right mind WANTS to play¬†through everything just to get to the end over and over again.
  • Saving menu options. When I’m requesting for citizen assistance whenever I do stuff at facilities, why do I have to keep manually re-sorting by category every single time?
  • Sub menus like Weapon Type applied to weapons. If Zakka can have that, then the fucking inventory screen should too. Needing to scroll through 150 weapons to find what I need is incredibly stupid. On a similar note, all equipped weapons should always be on the top of the list. I should also be able to sort by Strongest Element Type. For example, if one weapon has¬†20 Fire and 2 Ice, it’ll be placed among¬†the weapons with Fire only. This would really help when it comes to modifying weapons for their elements.
    People might point out that maybe I shouldn’t have 150 weapons. That’s not my problem. The user interface¬†should account for the fact that people could have more than 5 fucking weapons in inventory at any given time; especially since the developer¬†decided the¬†maximum is¬†300. It’s just bad design overall.
    Oh, and being able to sort by module name would have been fantastic as well. This could be achieved by giving the player another window where you select the modules you want to find and the result will show every weapon that has them. How incredible would that have been?

I’ll never understand why anyone would program an inventory menu so that it lists everything in a single column and give users no option to narrow things down¬†or separate them into contextual categories. Were they pressed for memory and/or file size?¬†I think I’ll chalk it up to laziness.

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