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Mobius Final Fantasy – Mini Babbles

I would honestly post more about the game on here if the WordPress app wasn’t a pain to deal with. Well, that and I feel like I have more control with the desktop/website version. I also resize images and create galleries and I don’t think the latter is possible with the mobile app. Tumblr is much simpler for image spams and quick updates. Noting that, I’d like to remind folks that my gameplay journals are more up-to-date at

Light and Dark Elements

Light & Dark cards and jobs have been introduced into the game now. Unsure why only the ranger can use the Dark cards though. I actually expected a job to make use of both elements but that’s not the case at the moment. I also anticipate dual-element cards in the future and maybe 6-star cards. :E I wonder how a 6-star would look though? Right now, they keep thickening the borders of cards as they increase in rarity. Does this mean a 6-star would be just be one big border? πŸ˜›

Don’t worry if you haven’t managed to draw the Light or Dark jobs; the 3 beginner jobs can use the once you clear Chapter 4 Part 1. The condition, however, is that you have to complete all skill panels from pages 1 – 7 first as the new jobs only appear on the 7th page.

For once, I actually got each of the new jobs the game introduced. πŸ˜€ Yes, I drew the Paladin, Viking, and Devout (導師) from the gacha. :3 If only I had the same luck with event collaboration jobs. 😦 I couldn’t get Tidus or the Warrior of Light and it looks like I won’t be getting Cloud either. 😐 The only consolation I have is that the Paladin is a tank and I need a strong Warrior job. ^^ Now to get working on upping my Fire and Water cards. I also have a Light warrior-type card but I don’t have the material to class change the Grudge monsters that have the same ability as it so unless I use Revivial Tickets, it’ll be stuck at level 1 for a while.

I’m actually still tying to upgrade the ability of one of my Earth ranger cards though. That’s more of a priority since I use the Dancer as my primary job. Just got it to level 7 today. ^^ All these events cut into card farming though since I only play once or twice a day. XD

FFVII Remake Event: Eclipse Contact

As much as I don’t mind FFVII battle music, hearing it on a constant loop is kind of grating. πŸ˜› It reminds me of those YouTube videos where people upload tunes that have been looped for 10 hours. 9_9

Anyway, this event feels different from the rest as it spans through multiple maps! You start off in Midgar and then travel to each Makou reactor. Once you clear one, you return to the city to remove the lock that barred access to the next area there. The game adds a reactor each week and next week is the final one, I believe.

Each map contains a lot of chests! *__* There are cactuars around too and I believe they always drop their cards so don’t forgot to level up skill seeds!

Also, after clearing a reactor, heading back to Midgar to advance to the next area there will allow for the evolution of Sephiroth’s sword, Masamune, which is a weapon for the Knight class.

The event will finish at the end of January but I wonder if they’ll add more reactors or whether the length is for the benefit of new players? At least it’s my impression that they’re doing stuff for them since they’re touting a starter pack gacha. I guess the dev team anticipated an influx of new users due to the FFVII Remake collaboration.

Hmm. Is it just me or does Wal not look all that great in Cloud’s outfit? ^^

Upcoming Additions & Events

A crossover with FF Record Keeper is slated to happen soon. They’re also adding the co-op function next month! It’ll be in real time which makes sense but co-ordinating parties with players around the world is gonna suck due to time zone differences. :/

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