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Mobius Final Fantasy – Battle Tower with Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh has invaded Mobius Final Fantasy!

Mobius Final Fantasy - Gilgamesh!

Yeah, I haven’t been posting much about the game, even on Tumblr, but I’m still playing it everyday! ^^ Still not tired of it, no. XD

I actually don’t really have much to say about this event except that, for once, it’s nice to have an enemy that doesn’t have an elemental weakness. His ability card also has a 100% drop rate!! It may also be my luck but the mini bosses before Gilgamesh tend to drop their material cards. I just wish I didn’t have to keep expanding my card box and storage to accommodate everything. =__=

Oh, Gilgamesh is a bit of an ass; he permanently has an anti-Stop icon meaning that any cards with the Stop (行動停止) ability will be ineffective. Also, early on in the tower, he’ll put up Wall (hexagon icon) and 2 other buffs if his HP falls below the halfway mark. This occurs even if you’re hitting him with a special skill which means it’ll partially nullify your attacks. >:E  Thankfully, Wall drops pretty quickly if you constantly slam the bastard with abilities as it can only negate a fixed amount of damage. Once you get past floor 30, the buffs appear after he receives about 25% of damage to his health bar. If he can’t be defeated after he raises his defenses, Gilgamesh will naturally counterattack. The buffs will disappear after that though.

I would suggest not using abilities when Wall is up and just melee the hell out the enemy. Once you see the icon is gone, start using them again.

I can’t recall off-hand if there are any abilities that undo buffs with a hexagon icon. I’m guessing maxed out auto abilities of a 5-Star Debarrier card could knock out the hexagon Barrier though? Be aware that all of the tower boss’ attacks can inflict a debuff on Wal too. :/

Anyway, there’s an upcoming live stream on Thursday, November 26th at 20:00 Japan Time with news for December’s big update! 😀 I’ll be sure to update the FAQ with the new additions next month. ^-^ In the meantime, take a look at this neat silhouette of Wal and Gilgamesh, and listen to the version of Clash on the Big Bridge that plays during the first half of the tower. XD

Mobius Final Fantasy - Gilgamesh and Wal
Cool art direction. ^^

6 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy – Battle Tower with Gilgamesh

  1. oh my god, just want to say i love yout blog so much i want to cry T^T
    can i contact you if i have something to ask?? T^T

      1. cant get to the last part of ff7 remake content the final passage is blocked and I don’t know why or how to get passed I have 100% clear on stage 2 all 3 parts but can’t get the final sword upgrade

          1. Thx do you know of any other English guides from this game this is the only one I have been able to find?

  2. Skyppai on Tumblr blogs about the game now and then. He’s mostly focus on Dragon Quest X but there are Mobius posts scattered thoughout. ^^

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