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Mobius Final Fantasy x Final Fantasy X: The Blitzball Kid

This isn’t the first time Mobius FF had a crossover with FFX. Granted, that was just a promotion to accompany the Mobius commercials airing in Japan. This time, we get the chance to draw the all-new Warrior job card, Ace Striker, which has Wal cosplaying as Tidus, as well as cards featuring Yuna, Paine, and Rikku from FFX-2. I would have liked a Lulu or Wakka card but no, only YuRiPa and the Tidus job are a part of this. 😦

Mobius Final Fantasy - FFX Carnival
FFX cards! FFX job! This runs until October 31 Japan Time.

Along with the card draw event, a blitzball familiar will be handed out to everyone that logs in between October 10 and 16. I laughed at the thought of having a blitzball as a familiar and posted about it on Twitter.

Then a friend replied with this:

After receiving the tweet, I gleefully posted the following to Tumblr. XD

The Blitzball kid from FFX Mobius Final Fantasy - Blitzball Familiar Mobius Final Fantasy - Blitzball Familiar in action

Welp, he did it. He became a blitzball. All that hard work paid off. Good job, kid!!

For those that don’t understand the second image: it’s a screenshot of some of the familiars you can use in Mobius Final Fantasy. The blitzball was a login bonus for the FFX collaboration that started on October 10 Japan Time.

Like all familiars, the blitzball floats by Wal’s shoulder at all times. It’ll probably also cast buffs and such to help him but I’ve yet to see that. One thing I DID notice is that the ball has Tidus’ voice. ^^; So I guess it’s not the kid after all. 😦

(Or as @intelligentsea suggested, the kid might just sound like Tidus. XD)

Addendum: I didn’t remember the goofy line from FFX but a friend of mine provided the screencap after I posted the blitzball familiar on Twitter. I just felt the need to point this out and credit him. ^^;

I realize I could have just linked to the Tumblr post itself but I think there’s a much greater chance people visiting this blog will experience the goofiness if I posted it here directly. :3

In case anyone’s wondering about the silly line from FFX, that’s how it was written in the original Japanese dialogue.

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