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Mobius Final Fantasy – Chapter 3 Completed!

It totally went by too quickly this time. I suppose it would have gone at a more leisurely pace had I not used Elixirs. Oh well.

Screenshots galore after the break! :3

7 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy – Chapter 3 Completed!

  1. How do you access chapter 3? I green check mark cleared both chapter 1 and 2 but 3 still isn’t even listed.

  2. Hi
    Can you please explain what to do in chapter 4-2 after chaos is gone?
    I’m kinda stuck :(((

    1. There are no flag icons anywhere? 😦 I don’t recall the map very well but after you reach the teleport stone, you need to return to the Moogle Village (モーグリの里).

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