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Mobius Final Fantasy – September 1st Update Screenshots

It’s just a slew of screenshots for now. I’ll add some text below the gallery tomorrow.

Edit: Commentary has been added.

Additional comments about some screens:

  • Regarding the class change job cards — You DO NOT need to have to have completed all the skill panel pages under Skill Panel 1st before the new ones take effect. Once you draw a duplicate job card, you’ll automatically receive the 2nd group of panels.
  • There seems to be an announcement that clearing this last half of chapter 3 will automatically unlock Skill Panel 2nd for the first three default/basic jobs. But there’s a bit under it stating something like those particular new panels can only go up to page 3? I’m not completely understanding it. 😦
  • For viewing videos, you can choose whether you want to see gameplay from all regions or just the current one. The same option is available for areas (re: nodes) too. Finally, job types and score ranges can also be selected.
  • Full Auto is only available to players that purchase the Mobius Gift Box. You can access it by tapping on the Auto button twice. Like Auto, you can cancel Full Auto by tapping anywhere on the screen.
  • A warning about Full Auto — If you use Attack Mode, the Deathblow attack will automatically be used when it’s available. This means that it could be wasted on enemies that can easily be finished off with a single regular hit. >_>
  • I hope they give us the option to buy less than 11 Elixirs and 11 Phoenix Downs at once. I just want a cheaper option. :\ Right now, they’re 20% off which means full price is 1000 Magic Stones.
  • 実況カメラ and 実況マイク is loosely translated as “live broadcasting camera” and “live broadcasting mic” respectively.

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